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This page contains links to information about the descendents of Joseph Marie and Sarah Genoways.

Joseph Marie Ginouves were found in Toulon!

The birth/baptism records for Joseph Marie were found in Toulon.Click here to view the images!

Other information on Jospeh Marie and the family

  • With 12 children and the family moving from NY->CT->OH, it was difficult to keep up with who was where and at what time when researching. Therefore, we have constucted a timeline for the family.

  • We have gathered many notes about the Genoway(s) children, their spouses and their locations: Joseph Marie Genoways Family notes

  • A descendent of Joseph Marie Genoways wrote a letter about visiting Joseph's grave in Brown County, Ohio. While some of the information in this letter is wrong, it is one of the only early documents about the family: Charlie VanLandingham's letter

  • Our current family tree and information about our reunions are located at Steve Genoway's Genoway family site

  • How did Joseph Marie Genoways spell his name in France? Well, here's a few possbilities for Genoway(s) Name Variations.

  • Here is a photo of one of Joseph and Sarah's children, Ruth Ann Genoways

  • While we no longer believe any of our relatives are buried here, here is the information about the Indian Cemetery of Brown County, Ohio

    Contributions and/or corrections to any of the information I have provided are always welcome!

    Last updated: 9/21/2008