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A word of warning. All data on this site is a compilation of many researchers efforts. Not all the data is documented or referenced so it would benefit your research to verify this data before accepting it's authenticity.

Charles Earl Cummins, who started this list, left this world 27 Sep, 2007. He will be greatly missed by his many cousins and genealogy friends. You can still continue to research this family at the new Charlies List Google Group at

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Some quick FAQs to help you use the archives.

What was Charlie's List? It was a mailing list dedicated to those descendants of Cummins, Cummings, and Comyns families. It was a gathering place for both experienced researchers and those just starting out on the path to finding their ancestors.

What is this site for? This site is a place to examine and search through all the previous mailings. There is a search engine to help in locating information.

What isn't this site for? This site is not the list itself. You cannot post to the list or make any querys here.

How do I join Charlie's List? You don't. Charlie has gone on to a better place and the list no longer exists except in these archives. You can however request to join the new Google Group dedicated to for the Cummin(g)s/Comyn's Family at

How do I contact a person on the list? The e-mail address in the archives is usually included as part of the message. If it does not have an I.S.P. on the end ("@" followed by an internet address), just add "". For example: if you saw in a message "From: FTht98" the sender was actually "". It would be a lot of work to go through the lists and make all the e-mail addresses, "e-mail ready" so for now you will just have to cut and paste. In the future we might add a seperate page that lists all the names and addresses of the list recipients. Be aware that email addresses may not be valid for some of the older posts. Recently and in response to many adressing harvesting spam bots, all of the addresses containing and "@" has been replaced with a graphic representation "". This means you will have to manually type the address instead of using copy and paste. Remember that these archives contain many email addresses that no longer exist.

SEARCH ENGINE Try and keep the search to given names or locations because if you use the surname Cummins, Cummings, or Comyns, the search will return every page on the site. After clicking on a result, you will have to use your browsers search tool to search the page manually. This search only gives you the resulting page and a reference to the results on the page. It will not take you to the keyword on the page itself, just to the page. After going to that page, use your browsers search capability to find the information on the page.

PicoSearch boards (formerly Rootsweb's GenConnect)

Though not an endorsment of, the following boards may have data that Comyns, Cummin(g)s researchers might find useful in furthering their quest for ancestors. Unlike this list, the boards are specific to one spelling although it is obvious many are the same family and cross postings are common (no pun intended). The Cummins and Cummins boards are the most frequently used. If you click on these links you will open up a new window and be taken to that board.

Mailing Lists for Cummin(g)s, Comyns research

Here is a list of other mailing lists dedicated to the research of the Cummin(g)s, Comyns and other closely related families.

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