Armenian Graves in Calcutta Colootollah

Some Armenian Church inscriptions for Colootollah between 1804 and 1863 extracted from Bengal Past and Present.
Serial No. Year of death Surname Tomb or monument to the memory of Inscription
386 8 Sep 1804 Aslan Daniel Aslan This is the tomb of DANIEL, son of Aslan from Tiflis, who departed this life at Calcutta on the 18th day of Nadar in the year 1804 A.D., aged 65 years.
387 15 Aug 1815 Paul Jacob Paul Here lieth the body of MR. JACOB PAUL, died on the 15th August 1815 A.D.
388 18 Sep 1818 Paul Paul J. Paul Here lieth the body of MR. PAUL J. PAUL, died on the 18th September 1818 A.D.
389 1 Feb 1863 Landrick Margaret Landrick Sacred to the memory of MRS MARGARET LANDRICK, who departed this life on the 1st February 1863, aged 100 years.