Armenian + Other Graves In Hong Kong

Some graves and inscriptions at the former Protestant Cemetery in Hong Kong (now known as the Hong Kong Cemetery) and the Parsee Cemetery

Photos taken by Liz Chater May 2005 and 2006. 

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Alice Ho Kai

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In loving memory of Alice. The dearly loved wife of Ho Kai. Eldest daughter of the late John Walkden Esq., of Lemrener Lane and Blackheath. Born in London February 3rd 1852. Died Hong Kong China June 8th 1884.

Kai Ho Kai

In loving memory of Sir Kai Ho Kai K.T., C.M.G., M.B., C.M. Aberdeen M.R.C.S. England. Barrister-at-Law, member of Lincoln's Inn, unofficial member of Legislative Council Hong Kong 1890-1914.
[Chinese script]
4th son of the late Rev. Ho Tsun Shin
Born 21st March 1859. Died 21st July 1914

Apcar G. Apcar

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Apcar G. Apcar. Born at Isphan 30th December 1858. Died 16th September 1890

Arratoon (Toony)

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In ever affectionate and loving memory of Arratoon (Toony)

Avietick Lazar Agabeg

Sacred to the memory of Avietick Lazar Agabeg Esquiare. Born at Calcutta 5th January 1827. Died at Hongkong 12th June 1876. Aged fifty years. Was a resident of Canton and Hongkong of twenty seven years as a merchant and agent. Kind and charitable. There Is Rest In Heaven.

Mary Manuk

Mary Manuk

In loving memory of Mary Manuk. Born 7th November 1888. Died 27th October 1942. Rest in Peace

Gregorius George Catchick

Sacred to the memory of Gregorius George Catchick. Born in Julfa 16th March 1882.
Died in Hongkong 25th January 1911

 Sir H.N. Mody*

Sacred to the memory of Sir Hormusjee Naorojee Mody Kt.
Born at Bombay 12th October 1838
Died at Hong Kong 16th June 1911
Aged 73 years.

He made Hongkong his home for 50 years. During which period he did much for the benefit of the Colony and finally founded the Hongkong University.

"Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works"
*This grave is in the Parsee cemetery

Tigran Matthews Gregory

In loving memory of Tigran Matthews Gregory. Beloved husband of Phyllis Irene Gregory. Born 9th November 1879
Died 16th March 1962
Ever In My Thoughts.

Ripsima Jordan

Infant daughter of Paul and Helen Jordan
Born 14th August 1895
Died 10th October 1895
Thy Will Be Done

Matilda and Granville Sharpe

Beneath this stone are deposited after cremation the remains of Matilda Lincolne SHARPE who died full of love to everyone 22 August 1893 aged 61
Of her husband
Granville Sharpe who died at Norwich England 16th August 1899 aged 75 both residents of this Colony since 1858

Theophilus Gee Linstead

In memoriam
Theophilus Gee Linstead fell asleep 20th April 1881
never ???? content also his wife

Ripsima M.V. Apcar

Ripsima M.V. Apcar
Born at Calcutta 12th March 1891 died 27th May 1903
12 years 2 months and 15 days
[remainder is illegible]

Margaret Mak Sau Ying

Sacred to the memory of Margaret Mak Sau Ying dearly beloved wife of Sir Robert Ho Tung
Born 18.5.1865
Died 7.2.1944

Sir Robert Ho Tung

Sacred to the everlasting memory of Sir Robert Ho Tung K.B.E., LL.D., JP
Born 22.12.1862
Died 26.4.1956

Phineas Ryrie

Sacred to the memory of Phineas Ryrie who died on the 22nd February 1892 aged 63. He was for over 40 years a resident of Canton and Hong Kong and for 16 years a member of the Legislative Council of this Colony

Ripsime Homy Gregory

In loving memory of my beloved wife Ripsime Homy Gregory. Born 9th December 1891. Died 14th November 1930.
Her life was one of kindly deeds, her loving smile brought cheer, she gave a helping hand to all, we hold her memory dear.

Robert Gordon Shewan

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In loving memory of Robert Gordon Shewan merchant for fifty two years in Hongkong where he died on the 14th February 1934.
Peace Peace! He is not dead he doth not sleep.

Robert Kenneth Laing

In loving memory of our dear father Robert Kenneth Laing born 9th August 1876 died 28th February 1949. Erected by his children.

Sophie Manuk

Sacred to the memory of Sophie Manuk born 4th October 1859 died 30th January 1919. [Armenian writing]
Rest In Peace.

Harold Seth

In loving memory of Harold Seth
Born 18th February 1881
Died 21st January 1939
A great soul passes

Galstaun Edgar

Sacred to the memory of Galstaun Edgar.
Founder and Senior Partner of the firm of Messrs. Edgar & Co. Singapore & Java, Merchants.
Born at Julpha 29th June 1841.
Died at Hongkong
30th January 1887.
Aged 45 years.
"For as in Adam all die. Even so in Christ small all be made Alive"

Katherine Seth

In memory of Katherine Seth. Born 12th Dec 1852 died 11th April 1922

Peter Aviet Seth + son Aviet Peter Seth

In memory of Peter Aviet Seth. Died 6th Sept. 1886 aged 75 years. And of his son Aviet Peter Seth died between Hongkong & Shanghai and buried at sea on 13th October 1889 aged 48 years.

Seth Aviet Seth

Sacred to the memory of Seth Aviet Seth who was one of the earliest merchants of Singapore. He came to China in 1845. Born in Madras and died at Hong Kong on 11th February 1875 aged 65 years.

Be ye also ready: for in such as hour as ye think not the son of man cometh
St. Matthew XXIV. 44.

Paul Jordan

Sacred to the memory of Paul Jordan.
Born 10th December 1851
Died 9th February 1901
An affectionate and devoted husband and father.

Joseph Theophilus Chater

Joseph Theophilus Chater
Born 31st August 1851
Died 21st October 1886
Thy Will Be Done

John Theophilus Bagram

Sacred to the everlasting memory of my dearly loved husband
JohnTheophilus Bagram
who fell asleep on April 24th 1947, aged 60years. "Thou Art With Me".

Sir Catchick Paul Chater + Lady Maria Christine Chater

In loving memory of Sir Catchick Paul Chater Kt. C.M.G., LL.D. Born 8th September 1846 died 27th May 1926

And also of his beloved wife Lady Maria Christine Chater
Born 6th May 1879
Died 11 March 1935
"In God's Keeping"