Armenian and Other Graves in the UK

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Kensal Green Cemetery
Hampstead Cemetery

Agacy Montague Arathoon + Catchick Wise Arathoon

Sacred ??? to the memory of Agacy Montague Arathoon, only son of C.W. Arathoon of the Middle Temple born April 1871 died 30 July 1889. Also Catchick Wise Arathoon father of the above. Barrister-at-Law of the Middle Temple who died 11 November 1907 aged 62 years. Rest in the Lord.

Gregory Paul Jordan

The monument on the grave of Dr. Gregory Paul Jordan and behind his grave is that of his brother, Vardon Jordan Jordan.

The inscription on Gregory Paul Jordan's grave is only just legible but dirty. 

In loving memory of Gregory Paul Jordan LL.D.
of Hong Kong
who passed away on December 4th 1921

His Word Is His Bond.

Liz Chater's comment: However, at the time I visited I found the grave to be doubled up with another monument on top belonging to Mary Teresa Kennedy.  I enquired with the cemetery superintendent who told me that it was only a temporary arrangement whilst they interred some remains in her grave. Gregory Jordan's grave will soon be returned to normal.

In the register, which is held at the cemetery office the entry for Gregory Jordan states "This grave is not to be re-opened see "important letters".  Jordan 24.2.1923".  However, there were no documents attached to the register entry so I don't know what was in the "important letters".

Sophie Agnes Jordan + John Gregory Jordan

In loving memory of Sophie Agnes wife of
 John Gregory Jordan Lt. Col. I.M.S.
 died 5th September 1919
 In her 47th year
 Until the day break and the shadows flee away.

And of John Gregory Jordan
Lt. Col. I.M.S. Retd.
who died 5th October 1938 aged 78 years

Charles May

Charles son of the above John May
Chief Magistrate of Police, Colonial Treasurer, and for 34 years in H.M. Civil Service in Hong Kong, China
Died on his homeward passage 25 April 1879 aged 61
Buried at sea

Jesus + Mercy
Sacred to the memory of
John May
died 23 October 1855. Aged 88.
Much Respected.

Phillis Eliza May
Wife of the above
Who passed into rest 10 May 1897

Much beloved and keeply mourned
"In Thee O Lord have I trusted"

Daughter of the above
. & P. May
Wife of Robert Cumming of Chiswick
Died 5 November 1892

Eliza Amelia May
Daughter of the above John May
Died 2 August 1866

Son of the above John and Phillis Eliza May
Who died in America, and is there interred.
Deeply Mourned.

"God is Love". "Faith, Hope, Love. These three; but the greatest of these is Love"

Jannette Elizabeth
Daughter of the above John and Phillis Eliza May
Died January 7 1907
Much beloved and deeply mourned
"She hat done what she could"

Paul Arratoon Apcar

In loving memory of
Paul Arratoon Apcar
Who died June 2 1877. Aged 26 years
"Thy Will Be Done"

Sophie Peters, Nerses Peters, Edward George Peters

 Forever in our hearts

[next line illegible]
Sophia Peters
Died ?? September 1927 aged 46

Also our dearest father
Nerses Peters
Died 18 January 1934 aged 58

Also Edward George Peters
Died 13 September 1964
[remainder is illegible]

Vardon Jordan Jordan

Vardon Jordan Jordan
 Who passed peacefully into rest
 December 29th 1919
 Born October 9th 1853

"Darling Father how we loved you
How we would have kept you here
but our Heavenly Father wished you
in His presence to appear
where we hope some day to meet you
when our days on earth are fled
and in joy in heaven to greet you
where no parting tear is shed"

On the stone lying on its side in the top picture it says
In ever
fond and loving
memory of
our beloved father

Hampstead Cemetery

Marjory Gunn

Sacred to the beloved memory of our precious mother Marjory Gunn
Born 14th May 1810. Died 8th October 1898. Father in Thy gracious keeping. Leave we now Thy servant sleeping. Erected by "my own dear boy Willy."

William Ewen Bull Gunn + Sophie Matilda Gunn

In ever loving memory of my dearly beloved husband William Ewen Bull Gunn.
Born 20th June 1846, died 16 September 1911.
God takes our loved ones from our home but leaves them in our hearts.

Also Sophie Matilda Gunn.
Born 3rd July 1849 Died 4th February 1926.
On wings of love to heaven her spirit fled. We loved her living and we mourn her dead.