Indian Woman
Dacca Polo 1890
Calcutta Post Office

Family History

Genealogy is a fast growing and popular hobby around the world. Records are being released on various family history websites on a daily basis. What might have been almost impossible to find on-line five years ago, is a lot more accessible.

If you are just starting out and have a general interest, try the Latter Day Saints website

If you have an interest in Indian related family history, take a look at

There are plenty of other websites that can help you, take a look at my Links page for further details and ideas.

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A great source of information can be newspapers.  A number of subscription websites have newspapers and publications as part of the membership but here are a couple of links that are free to view that may well help you.

Hong Kong old newspapers

Australian Digital

Remember, even if the newspaper isn't from your home town or even country, do remember that many events were picked up and recorded in other newspapers. I have found a number of interesting facts regarding India and Asia in the UK and US online publications.

Recent Updates

The whole website is a recent update with many new additions, particularly on the various graves listing pages, browse through the graves and memorial links above or use the search box below.

Memorials are being added all the time, such as the Armenian graves at Surat, now completed. To compliment this page there is also a separate Surat page to highlight the UNESCO World Heritage week in November 2012 where the Surat Science Museum chose to show these historically important graves in an exhibition.

Photographs of the Armenian graves in Agra will be coming soon

Armenians in India - Behind the Scenes, Forgotten History

My new BLOG contains highlights of the more obscure and interesting biographical stories I research - take a look




Your website and in particular the tombstones in India have allowed me to find several of my own ancestors that I simply wouldn't have been able to do without your help. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to the Armenian families that were once so numerous in India. CB, Kent, UK.

This is a site that has grown from a simple listing of all the CHATER's found through birth, marriage and death records at the British Library, to a comprehensive website specialising in Armenian family history in India.

I strongly recommend you independently verify any of the information you are interested in from this website.

Privacy Filtering has been used to protect the living. However, if you find yourself on this site and wish to be removed, please email me immediately.

Future Additions

Arratoon Catchick v Isaac Malchus document sampleIn addition to the comprehensive list of tombs and monuments in India as well as historical information regarding the Armenians in India that are currently available here, I will also be displaying some of my personal collection of Indian Armenian ephemera, an example is shown here.