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Louise DUSSAULT was born about 1825. She died.

Spouse: Germain ISOIRE dit Provençal, III. Germain ISOIRE dit Provençal, III and Louise DUSSAULT were married on January 26, 1847 in Lauzon, Quebec, Canada East.502

Marie Louise DUSSAULT227 was born about 1780. She died. She is reference number 000974-4-1B.

Spouse: André AUBE dit l'Anglais. André AUBE dit l'Anglais and Marie Louise DUSSAULT were married on October 2, 1797 in Lauzon, PQ, Canada.227

Marie-Délia DUSSAULT was born on November 18, 1904 in St-Désiré, Black Lake, PQ, Canada.59 She died. Parents: Onégion DUSSAULT and Marie-Almira CARRIER.

Onégion DUSSAULT was born in 1875 in St-Ferdinand-d'Halifax, PQ, Canada.59 He died. Parents: Louis DUSSAULT Sr. and Marcelline GAGNON.

Spouse: Marie-Almira CARRIER. Onégion DUSSAULT and Marie-Almira CARRIER were married on October 29, 1900 in St-Désiré, Black Lake, PQ, Canada.59 Children were: Marie-Délia DUSSAULT.

Onésime DUSSAULT was born in 1877.59 He died. Parents: Louis DUSSAULT Sr. and Marcelline GAGNON.

Marguerite DUSSON was born about 1656. She died on July 20, 1731.1975 She was buried on July 21, 1731 in St-Pierre-de-Sorel, Québec, New France. She has Ancestral File Number 2501.

Spouse: Jean GUILLOT-LAVALLÉE dit Petit-Jean, Sr.. Jean GUILLOT-LAVALLÉE dit Petit-Jean, Sr. and Marguerite DUSSON were married before December 31, 1671.24 Children were: Jeanne Anne LAVALLÉE, Jean LAVALLÉE Jr., Françoise LAVALLÉE, Catherine LAVALLÉE, Pierre Noel LAVALLÉE.

Spouse: Charles VANET dit LeParisien. Charles VANET dit LeParisien and Marguerite DUSSON were married in 1696.41

Charles DUTAUT was born on December 15, 1641 in La-Rochelle, Charente Maritime, Kingdom of France.82 He was baptized on December 22, 1641 in La-Rochelle, Temple, Charente Maritime, Kingdom of France. He died on June 12, 1717 in Champlain, Quebec, New France.82 He was buried on June 13, 1717 in Champlain, Quebec, New France.

Spouse: Jeanne RIVARD. Charles DUTAUT and Jeanne RIVARD were married about 1680.

Napoleon DUTIL was born about 1870. He died.

Spouse: Marie BROCHU. Napoleon DUTIL and Marie BROCHU were married on April 15, 1901 in St-Georges, Beauce, PQ, Canada.406

Rosalie DUTIL was born about 1865 in Quebec, Canada East.124 She died.

Spouse: Napoleon GOSSELIN. Napoleon GOSSELIN and Rosalie DUTIL were married on October 26, 1897 in St-Neree, PQ, Canada.124 Children were: Gerald GOSSELIN.

Conrad DUTREMBLE was born about 1905. He died.

Spouse: Amanda NIQUETTE. Conrad DUTREMBLE and Amanda NIQUETTE were married on January 31, 1938 in St-Pierre, Sorel, Richelieu, PQ, Canada.1139

Nina Martha DUTTON was born on April 5, 1876 in Vacaville, Solano County, CA.108 She lived at 304 Foothill Blvd. in Oakland, CA between 1920 and 1930. She died on May 9, 1930 in Oakland, CA.108 She was buried on May 12, 1930 in Oakland, CA.108

Spouse: Everett Morgan WILLIAMS. Everett Morgan WILLIAMS and Nina Martha DUTTON were married on September 22, 1901 in Vacaville, Solano County, CA.625

Anne Marie DUVAL406 was born about 1915. She died.

Spouse: Adrien CLOUTIER. Adrien CLOUTIER and Anne Marie DUVAL were married about 1935.

Francoise DUVAL was born in 1647.1094 She died. She has Ancestral File Number 5657. She has Ancestral File Number A2839. Parents: Jean DUVAL and Jacqueline DION.

Spouse: Pierre COURAULT Jr.. Pierre COURAULT Jr. and Francoise DUVAL were married on November 16, 1671 in Québec City, Québec, New France.1081 Children were: Louis COULON Sr., Marie COURAULT.

Jean DUVAL1261 was born about 1620 in The Kingdom of France. He died. He has Ancestral File Number 11314.

Spouse: Jacqueline DION. Jean DUVAL and Jacqueline DION were married about 1645. Children were: Francoise DUVAL.

Jean DUVAL was born about 1695. He died.

Spouse: Marie Anne FORTIN. Jean DUVAL and Marie Anne FORTIN were married in 1729.909

Laurent DUVAL406 was born about 1910. He died.

Spouse: Anna Marie CLOUTIER. Laurent DUVAL and Anna Marie CLOUTIER were married about 1935.

Joseph DUVALAER Sr. was born about 1630. He died on March 4, 1720.124

Spouse: Claude LEROY. Joseph DUVALAER Sr. and Claude LEROY were married about 1655. Children were: Joseph DUVALAER Jr..

Joseph DUVALAER Jr. was born about 1657. He died on January 12, 1747 in St-Malo, Ille-et-Vilaine, Brittany, Bretagne, Kingdom of France.124 Parents: Joseph DUVALAER Sr. and Claude LEROY.

Spouse: Francoise HANRY. Joseph DUVALAER Jr. and Francoise HANRY were married about 1680.

John DYER was born about 1545. He died.

Spouse: Edith HIBBARD. John DYER and Edith HIBBARD were married on February 11, 1570 in St. Thomas Church, Salisbury, Wiltshire, Kingdom of England.1976

Nelson J. DYER Sr. was born about 1880. He died. Parents: Napoléon J. DIONNE-DYER and Mary Joan MCCAIN dit McCloud.

Spouse: Elizabeth M. BRESNAHAN. Nelson J. DYER Sr. and Elizabeth M. BRESNAHAN were married on June 8, 1904 in St. Joseph, Laconia, NH.1186,1187 Children were: Nelson J. DYER Jr..

Nelson J. DYER Jr. was born about 1910. He died. Parents: Nelson J. DYER Sr. and Elizabeth M. BRESNAHAN.

Spouse: Etta A. SWITZER. Nelson J. DYER Jr. and Etta A. SWITZER were married on October 21, 1933 in St. Joseph, Laconia, NH.1186,1187 Children were: Living.

Norah Margaret DYER was born on January 12, 1915 in Sutton, PQ, Canada.1977 She died on September 19, 1997 in Lloydminster, SK, Canada.1977 She was buried in Grace Church Cemetery, Sutton, PQ, Canada.

Spouse: Frank Eugene REID. Frank Eugene REID and Norah Margaret DYER were married on April 9, 1938 in Grace Anglican Church, Sutton, PQ, Canada.1977 Children were: Living, Living.

Dag DYGGVASSON62 was born about 403 in Sweden. He died. He has Ancestral File Number 101,447,984,403,709,952. Parents: Dyggvi DOMARSSON and (Domarsson).

Spouse: (Dyggvasson). Dag DYGGVASSON and (Dyggvasson) were married about 422 in Sweden. Children were: Agni DAGSSON.

Wilma Jean EADS was born on June 28, 1934 in Moss, TN.1978 She died on March 31, 1969 in Newhall, CA.359 Died in an auto accident on Highway 99. She was buried in Hillcrest Memorial Park, Bakersfield, CA. Sunrise Section, #3404.

Spouse: . Eugene Albert PAGE and Wilma Jean EADS were married on June 12, 1954 in San Fernando, CA.359 They were divorced in 1969. Children were: Living, Living, Living.

Thomas EATON was born about 1770. He died.

Spouse: Anna HIBBARD. Thomas EATON and Anna HIBBARD were married about 1795.

Catherine EDELINE was born about 1678. She died on April 26, 1715 in Montréal, Québec, New France.1779 She has Ancestral File Number 1167. Parents: Charles EDELINE and Jeanne BRACONNIER.

Spouse: Bertrand DEBLUCHE dit Laserre. Bertrand DEBLUCHE dit Laserre and Catherine EDELINE were married on July 24, 1697 in Boucherville, Quebec, New France.1779 Children were: Marie DEBLUCHE dit Laserre.

Charles EDELINE was born about 1638. Calculated from age at death. He died on October 27, 1711 in Montréal, Québec, New France.1167 He has Ancestral File Number 2334. Parents: David EDELINE and Noelle LAMBERT.

Spouse: Jeanne BRACONNIER. Charles EDELINE and Jeanne BRACONNIER were married on October 16, 1675 in Boucherville, Quebec, New France.1167 Children were: Catherine EDELINE.

David EDELINE1167 was born about 1605. He died. He has Ancestral File Number 4668. He lived in France.

Spouse: Noelle LAMBERT. David EDELINE and Noelle LAMBERT were married about 1630. Children were: Charles EDELINE.

Guillaume EDELINE10 was born about 1680. He died. He is reference number 003880-12A.

Spouse: Marguerite CHABOT. Guillaume EDELINE and Marguerite CHABOT were married on April 18, 1698.10 They had their marriage annulled.

Ethel EDGREN was born on May 16, 1902.1979 She died on September 13, 1979.1979

Spouse: Earl Joseph LAFRENIERE. Earl Joseph LAFRENIERE and Ethel EDGREN were married on July 2, 1928.1979 Children were: Richard Earl LAFRENIERE, Living, James Edward LAFRENIERE, Living, Living, Living.

Nancy Erma EDMISTON was born on July 26, 1937 in California.108 She died on September 18, 1989 in Visalia, Tulare County, CA.108 Died of cancer. She was buried on September 19, 1989 in Exeter, Tulare County, CA.108 She was Christian. Koinonia Christina Fellowship Church in Hanford and the First Presbyterian Church.

Spouse: John Wesley SHACKELFORD. John Wesley SHACKELFORD and Nancy Erma EDMISTON were married about 1955. Children were: Living, Living, Living.

Photo Alice Frederica EDMONSTONE was born on October 14, 1869 in Dunreath, Strathblane, Stirling, Scotland, U.K. of Great Britain and Ireland.1670 She died on September 11, 1947 in Villa Dell' Ombrellino, Florence, Italy.1670 She was buried in Protestant Cemetery, I Allori, Florence , Italy. Even early on, Alice Keppel had a reputation for adultery, and it was rumoured that her eldest daughter was not fathered by her husband George, but in fact was the daughter of the future Lord Grimthorpe, one of her lovers. Pretty, articulate, and discreet, Keppel quickly climbed the society ladder through affairs with prominent men of the day. Known as a very attractive woman, her extra-marital affairs were usually initiated by her desire to gain a better social status. She became so successful as a courtesan that it has eclipsed any accomplishments of her husband George. Most of her affairs were with his full knowledge, and Edward VII even visited her house on a regular basis, her husband conveniently leaving during the visits. Although it might sound unusual by today's standards, extra marital affairs were quite common and even accepted in wealthy circles of that time. It was not unusual for both the husband and the wife to take a lover, or lovers, as long as they were semi-discreet in their encounters. It was (if not acceptable) common for well-to-do women of the time to act as courtesans for the benefit of their husband's career, or their own social status.In 1898, Keppel met the future Edward VII, then the 56-year old heir to the throne. It was not long before Keppel became one of Edward's many mistresses, despite a twenty-eight year age difference. Their relationship would last until Edward's death in 1910. Edward took other mistresses, such as actresses Lillie Langtry and Sarah Bernhardt, and socialites Jennie Jerome (mother of Winston Churchill ) and Daisy Greville, Countess o f Warwick (Frances Brooke). His last two mistresses, conte mporary with one another and both beginning between 1898 and 1900, were Alice Keppel and a wealthy daughter of a Stock Exchange member, Agnes Keyser. Keyser was the more acceptable of the two in royal circles, due to her discretion and respect for the monarchy, but mostly due to the fact that she herself was not married. A humanitarian, Keyser's charity to found a hospital for military officers in partnership with her sister was supported by Edward VII. However, it was Keppel who was more well-known. "Alice Keppel was a fantastic help to Edward VII, more help than his wife Queen Alexandra could have ever have been", wrote Christopher Wilson, who has done extensive writings on Keppel's great-granddaughter, Camilla Parker Bowles. Keppel was one of the few people in his circle who was able to defuse Edward VII's cantankerous mood swings. Aristocratic and royal approval of Keppel was mixed. Extra-marital relationships with both spouses being aware were not uncommon in the period, with either one or both the wife and husband having discreet lovers. Edward's wife Alexandra of Denmark was on good enough terms with Keppel to send her a consoling letter when her husband was stricken by typhoid and to permit her at Edward's side when the King was on his deathbed. However, she reportedly merely tolerated Keppel, and did not like her. Alexandra, on the contrary , thoroughly did enjoy the company of Edward's former mistress Jennie Jerome, finding her pleasant and appealing. She also was said to be quite fond of Agnes Keyser, with whom Edward was involved until his death. However she resented Keppel who, although somewhat discreet, would still show up at functions to which Alexandra was accompanying Edward VII, which irritated the queen. High-ranking aristocrats such as the Duke of Norfolk the Duke of Portland and the Marquess of Salisbury were decidedly cool towards the King's mistress.

Spouse: Lt-Col Hon. George KEPPEL M.V.O.. Lt-Col Hon. George KEPPEL M.V.O. and Alice Frederica EDMONSTONE were married on June 1, 1891.1670 They were divorced between 1900 and 1947. Children were: Violet KEPPEL, Sonia Rosemary KEPPEL O.B.E..

Monique EDOUIN was born about 1760. She died. Parents: Francois HEDOUIN Jr. and Marie Anne LEMOINE.

Spouse: Joseph LAVOIE Jr.. Joseph LAVOIE Jr. and Monique EDOUIN were married on July 18, 1785 in St-Jean-l'Acadie, Quebec, British Territory.333 Children were: Marie Claire LAVOIE.

Photo Mayor Charles Lewis EDWARDS was born on March 1, 1905 in Pasadena, CA.484 He was a Boy Scout in 1918 in Pasadena, CA. Drove a flower-bedecked car for the American Red Cross in the Tournament of Roses Parade. He graduated from the California College of Mortuary Science about 1935 in California. About 1940 he was a Mortician in Pasadena, CA. Over 50 years. Served two terms as President of the the California State Board of Funeral Directors and Embalmers. About 1950 he was a Planning Commissioner in Pasadena, CA. 5 years. Elected to the Board of City Directors for 12 years. He was elected as Mayor between 1962 and 1963 in Pasadena, CA. As mayor, rode in the Tournement of Roses Parade in 1962 and 1963. He died on March 9, 1999 in Pasadena, CA.1980 He was also known as Mayor C. Lewis Edwards. President of the Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, CA in 1969.

Spouse: Gladdis Maude DOERSCHLAG. Mayor Charles Lewis EDWARDS and Gladdis Maude DOERSCHLAG were married on August 8, 1944 in Pasadena, CA.359

Edward EDWARDS1252 was born about 1555. He died. Parents: Peter EDWARDS and Susanna SAMWELL.

Spouse: Ursula COLES. Edward EDWARDS and Ursula COLES were married about 1580. Children were: Margaret EDWARDS.

Margaret EDWARDS1252 was born about 1585. She died. Parents: Edward EDWARDS and Ursula COLES.

Spouse: Henry FREEMAN. Henry FREEMAN and Margaret EDWARDS were married about 1605. Children were: Alice FREEMAN.

Marie-Anne EDWARDS59 was born about 1895. She died.

Spouse: Louis-Alexandre SOSHEA. Louis-Alexandre SOSHEA and Marie-Anne EDWARDS were married about 1915. Children were: Elizabeth-Jeanne SOSHEA.

Peter EDWARDS1252 was born about 1525. He died.

Spouse: Susanna SAMWELL. Peter EDWARDS and Susanna SAMWELL were married about 1550. Children were: Edward EDWARDS.

Ottar EGILSSON62 was born about 551 in Sweden. He died. He has Ancestral File Number 792,562,378,153,984. Parents: Egis AUNSSON and (Aunsson).

Spouse: (Egilsson). Ottar EGILSSON and (Egilsson) were married about 570 in Sweden. Children were: Adils OTTARSSON.

Mary ELICE646 was born about 1725. She died. Volume 1, p.263.

Spouse: David READ. David READ and Mary ELICE were married on December 28, 1746 in Windham, Connecticut Colony.646 Volume 1, p.263. Children were: Thomas READ, Abner READ, Mary READ, Eunice READ, Tryphena READ, Lydia READ, Josiah READ, Eliphalet READ, Lydia READ.

François ÉLIE10 was born about 1665. He died. He is reference number 003896-1A.

Spouse: Françoise BIDET dit Desroussels. François ÉLIE and Françoise BIDET dit Desroussels were married in 1692.10

Jacques ELIE dit Breton was born in 1681.82 He died.

Spouse: Louise CASSE. Jacques ELIE dit Breton and Louise CASSE were married on September 3, 1715 in Beaumont, Bellechasse, Québec, New France.82

Pierre ELIE was born about 1680. He died.

Spouse: Marie Roslie PEPIN. Pierre ELIE and Marie Roslie PEPIN were married in 1700.10

Thérèse ÉLIE was born about 1700. She died.

Spouse: Jean Baptiste BISSONNET. Jean Baptiste BISSONNET and Thérèse ÉLIE were married in 1726.514

Ralph Waldo ELLEDGE was born on January 17, 1898 in Illinois.391 In 1925 he was an Automobile Salesman. He died on February 2, 1973 in El Monte, CA.359 He was cremated.

Spouse: Fay Nina DOERSCHLAG. Ralph Waldo ELLEDGE and Fay Nina DOERSCHLAG were married on January 17, 1925 in Pasadena, CA.359 They were divorced in February 1934 in Los Angeles County, CA.

Herbert Alvin ELLIOT was born on December 10, 1894 in Lunenburg, VT.1981 In 1921 he was a Brakeman. B & M Railroad. In 1957 he was an Insurance Agent. He died on September 28, 1976 in Newport, VT.1982 He was buried in Pine Grove Cemetery, Newport, VT. Was Director of the Welcome O. Brown Cemetery Association in Barton, VT. He was member of Orleans Lodge, No. 55, Free & Accepted Masons, and the American Legion Post #75 of Barton, VT.

Spouse: Ara Jane REID. Herbert Alvin ELLIOT and Ara Jane REID were married on November 3, 1920 in Newport, VT.1982 Children were: Living, Living.

Eliza Mary ELLIOTT was born on June 12, 1822 in St-Gabriel-de-Brandon, Berthier, Québec, Lower Canada.1521 She was baptized on August 11, 1822 in Quebec, Lower Canada. She died. Parents: Simon ELLIOTT and Mary PAGE.

Simon ELLIOTT was born on October 10, 1793 in Lavaltire, Quebec, Lower Canada.1983 He was baptized about 1794 in Lavaltire, Quebec, Lower Canada. In 1822 he was a Laborer in Maskinonge, PQ, Canada. Before 1865 he was a Farmer. He died on January 30, 1865 in St-Gabriel-de-Brandon, Berthier, Québec, Canada East.1544 He was buried on February 1, 1865 in Old English Cemetery, Lac Maskinonge, PQ, Canada. He was Anglican in Riviere-du-Loup (later Louiseville), Quebec, Lower Canada.1521

Spouse: Mary PAGE. Children were: Eliza Mary ELLIOTT.

Louisa Anna ELLIS was born on July 4, 1848 in Mills County, IA.1984,1985 She died on November 4, 1949 in New York City, NY.1986,1987 She was buried after November 4, 1949 in Suisun Valley, CA.1987

Spouse: Thomas Stuart WILLIAMS. Thomas Stuart WILLIAMS and Louisa Anna ELLIS were married on November 27, 1873 in Vacaville, Solano County, CA.1988 Children were: Jesseye WILLIAMS.

Sarah ELLSWORTH was born in 1690.213 She died in 1767.213

Spouse: George HIBBERT. George HIBBERT and Sarah ELLSWORTH were married in 1709.213

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