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Edward O'DWYER Jr. was born in 1923 in Fall River, MA.124 He died on March 31, 1925 in Fall River, MA.124 Parents: Edward O'DWYER Sr. and Eva Marie LEVESQUE.

Irene Blanche O'DWYER was born on June 21, 1929 in Fall River, MA.124 She died on May 22, 1989 in Fall River, MA.124 Parents: Edward O'DWYER Sr. and Eva Marie LEVESQUE.

Spouse: James LEARY. James LEARY and Irene Blanche O'DWYER were married in 1948 in Fall River, MA.124 Children were: Living, Living, Living.

John O'DWYER was born on February 7, 1927 in Fall River, MA.124 He died on February 14, 1935 in Fall River, MA.124 Parents: Edward O'DWYER Sr. and Eva Marie LEVESQUE.

Thomas Michael O'HALLORAN was born in 1914.369 He died in 1975.369 He was buried in St. Mary's Cemetery, Campbellford, ON, Canada. He lived in Campbellford, Seymour, ON, Canada.

Spouse: Mary Magdalene FORESTELL. Thomas Michael O'HALLORAN and Mary Magdalene FORESTELL were married about 1940. Children were: Living, Living.

Mary Jane O'RAY was born on November 24, 1856 in Ontario, Canada West.2104 She died.

Spouse: William John FORESTELL. William John FORESTELL and Mary Jane O'RAY were married on September 17, 1888.2109 Children were: Mary Z. FORESTELL, Ann Matilda FORESTELL, Joseph FORESTELL, Sr. Florence FORESTELL.

Hendrick OBEY417 was born about 1655. He died. He has Ancestral File Number 1968. Possible parents of Andre Aube.

Spouse: Aeltje CLAES. Hendrick OBEY and Aeltje CLAES were married about 1680. Children were: André AUBE dit l'Anglais, Sr..

Bernard ODON Sr.458 was born about 1670. He died. He has Ancestral File Number 544.

Spouse: Therese FORTIER de La Rochelle. Bernard ODON Sr. and Therese FORTIER de La Rochelle were married about 1695. Children were: Bernard AUDON dit Rochefort, Jr..

Marie OEULLET was born about 1810. She died.

Spouse: Antoine LAGACE. Antoine LAGACE and Marie OEULLET were married on June 30, 1830 in St-Basile, Madawaska, New Brunswick, Lower Canada.953

Duchess Bonne OF BOHEMIA of Normandy was born on May 20, 1315.3529 She died on September 11, 1349.3529

Spouse: King Jean II VALOIS le Bon. King Jean II VALOIS le Bon and Duchess Bonne OF BOHEMIA of Normandy were married on July 28, 1332 in Notre-Dame de Melun, Melun, France.3529 Children were: King Charles V VALOIS of France.

Queen OF GESHUR was born about 1100 BC. She died.

Spouse: Talmai King of Geshur. Talmai King of Geshur and Queen OF GESHUR were married about 1080 BC. Children were: Maachah of Geshur.

Count Ebles OF ROUCY I, of Reims was born about 995. He died on May 11, 1033.123 He lived in Roucy, Ainse, Kingdom of France.

Spouse: Countess Beatrix of Haineault. Count Ebles OF ROUCY I, of Reims and Countess Beatrix of Haineault were married about 1020. Children were: Alice of Roucy.

Halfdan OLAFSSON White Leg268 was born about 691 in Romerike, Norway. He died in Sweden. He has Ancestral File Number 6191893579328. Parents: Olaf INGJALDSSON Tree-Hewer and Solveig HALFDANSDOTTIR.

Spouse: Asa EYSTEINSDOTTIR. Halfdan OLAFSSON White Leg and Asa EYSTEINSDOTTIR were married about 708 in Sweden. Children were: Eystein HALFDANSSON.

Rognvald OLAFSSON of Agder, The Glorious was born about 780 in Kingdom of Jutland, Norway. He died in 850.62 He has Ancestral File Number 193496674354. Parents: King Olaf II GUDRODSSON of Jutland and Vestfold and Queen of Jutland and Vestfold.

Spouse: Tora SIGURDSDOTTIR. Rognvald OLAFSSON of Agder, The Glorious and Tora SIGURDSDOTTIR were married about 797. Children were: Countess Aseda ROGNVALDSDOTTIR of Oppland.

Cecile OLIVIER407 was born about 1605. She died. She has Ancestral File Number 4185.

Spouse: Jacques ASSELIN Sr.. Jacques ASSELIN Sr. and Cecile OLIVIER were married about 1625. Children were: Jacques ASSELIN Jr..

Jean OLIVIER3530 was born about 1610 in The Kingdom of France. He died in The Kingdom of France. He has Ancestral File Number 8014. He lived in Ville de Caudebec, Rouen, Kingdom of France.

Spouse: Louise PREVOST. Jean OLIVIER and Louise PREVOST were married before 1637 in Rouen, Normandie, Kingdom of France. Children were: Madeleine OLIVIER.

Josette OLIVIER1622 was born about 1855. She died.

Spouse: Adolphe CORMIER. Adolphe CORMIER and Josette OLIVIER were married about 1875. Children were: Anna CORMIER.

Madeleine OLIVIER was born about 1637 in Rouen, Normandie, Kingdom of France.1954,3531 She died on April 21, 1690 in St-Laurent, Ile d'Orleans, Montmorency, Quebec, New France.10 She was buried on April 22, 1690 in St-Laurent, Ile d'Orleans, PQ, Canada. She emigrated from France. She has Ancestral File Number 4007. Parents: Jean OLIVIER and Louise PREVOST.

Spouse: Thomas ROUSSEAU. Thomas ROUSSEAU and Madeleine OLIVIER were married on October 5, 1667 in Sud, Quebec, New France.1023 Children were: Anne Catherine ROUSSEAU, Marguerite ROUSSEAU, Antoine ROUSSEAU Sr., Louise ROUSSEAU.

Orvilla Mary OLSEN was born on April 20, 1906 in Marinette, WI.589 She died on January 19, 1976 in Manchester, NH.589 She was buried on January 22, 1976 in St. Augustin, Manchester, NH.

Spouse: Gerard Placide LABRIE. Gerard Placide LABRIE and Orvilla Mary OLSEN were married on October 20, 1939 in St. Anne's Church, Manchester, NH.589 Children were: Living, LABRIE, Anthony George LABRIE.

OLSON was born about 1910. He died.

Spouse: Mildred INGALLS. OLSON and Mildred INGALLS were married about 1990.

William Andrew OPEL was born about 1925. He died.

Spouse: . William Andrew OPEL and Nina Ule EMERSON were married on June 9, 1951 in Cambridge, MA.1038 Children were: Living, Living, Living.

Gertrude ORCUTT was born on September 2, 1869 in Hampshire, MA.215 She died on December 11, 1964 in New Britain, CT.215

Spouse: Sidney Bartlett HIBBARD. Sidney Bartlett HIBBARD and Gertrude ORCUTT were married on October 11, 1893.215 Children were: Robert Harvey HIBBARD.

John ORMSBY Jr.646 was born about 1760. He died. Volume 2, p.231.

Spouse: Lydia READ. John ORMSBY Jr. and Lydia READ were married on October 28, 1784 in Windham, CT.646 Volume 2, p.231.

Mary ORSONI was born in 1912 in Michigan.121 She died.

Spouse: Ernest GENDRON. Ernest GENDRON and Mary ORSONI were married on June 19, 1941 in Crystal Falls, MI.481

James OSBORN509 was born about 1765. He lived in Cape Cod, MA before 1790. He died.

Spouse: Hannah HIBBARD. James OSBORN and Hannah HIBBARD were married about 1790.

Jane Marie OSBORN was born on August 26, 1821 in Tiffin, Seneca County, OH.215 She died on April 25, 1907 in Waverly, Bremer County, IA.215

Spouse: Charles Henry HIBBARD Sr.. Charles Henry HIBBARD Sr. and Jane Marie OSBORN were married on October 5, 1843.2639 Children were: James M. HIBBARD, Charles E. HIBBARD, Mary Lizzie HIBBARD, Emma Victoria HIBBARD, Charles Henry HIBBARD Jr.

Bessie OSBORNE was born in 1910.301 She died in 1966.301 She was buried in Sacred Heart of Mary Cemetery, Madoc, Hastings, ON, Canada.

Spouse: Thomas Onesime FORESTELL. Thomas Onesime FORESTELL and Bessie OSBORNE were married about 1935. Children were: Living.

Honorious OTIS124 was born about 1895. He died.

Spouse: Marie LAMBERT. Honorious OTIS and Marie LAMBERT were married about 1920.

Lorraine Edith OTIS was born on January 3, 1893 in Staples, MN.288 She died.

Spouse: Walter Osa VAN ATTA. Walter Osa VAN ATTA and Lorraine Edith OTIS were married about 1915 in Eugene, OR. Children were: Betty Jean VAN ATTA, Living.

Photo Selma OTT was born on July 17, 1885 in Thorn, Germany.3532 She lived in Claremont, NH in 1963. She lived at 11 Curtis St. in Claremont, NH before 1977. She lived at Sullivan County Nursing Home in Unity, NH about 1977. She died on April 30, 1983 in Unity, NH.3533 She was buried in Union Cemetery, Claremont, NH. Section E, #54. She was Episcopalian in New Hampshire. Union Episcopal Church.

Children were: Douglas Edward PAGE.

Spouse: Edward J. PAGE. Edward J. PAGE and Selma OTT were married on December 9, 1909 in Newport, NH.858 Children were: Douglas Edward PAGE.

Adils OTTARSSON62 was born about 572. He died. He was buried in King's Mound, Old Uppsala. He has Ancestral File Number 396,281,189,076,992. He was also known as (Athils). Parents: Ottar EGILSSON and (Egilsson).

Spouse: Ysra HELGASDOTTIR. Adils OTTARSSON and Ysra HELGASDOTTIR were married about 592. Children were: Eystein ADILSSON.

Paul OUDAN was born about 1645. He died.

Spouse: Marie MORIN. Paul OUDAN and Marie MORIN were married before 1665.10

Agathe OUELLET372 was born about 1765. She died. She has Ancestral File Number 147.

Spouse: Joseph CARPENTIER. Joseph CARPENTIER and Agathe OUELLET were married about 1785. Children were: Marie Josephte CARPENTIER.

Alexis OUELLET was born about 1835. He died.

Spouse: Delphine ROBINSON. Alexis OUELLET and Delphine ROBINSON were married on July 30, 1860 in Roxton Falls, Shefford, Quebec, Canada East.380

Cécille OUELLET was born in 1706.3534 She died. Parents: Mathurin Rene OUELLET II and Marie Angelique LEBEL.

Spouse: Jean Baptiste MICHAUD II. Jean Baptiste MICHAUD II and Cécille OUELLET were married about 1728 in Kamouraska, Quebec, New France.353 Children were: Marie Catherine MICHAUD.

Grégoire OUELLET was born about 1720. He died.

Spouse: Marguerite Josette EMOND. Grégoire OUELLET and Marguerite Josette EMOND were married on November 22, 1751 in Riviere-Ouelle, Kamouraska, Quebec, New France.1648

Joseph OUELLET was born about 1700. He died.

Spouse: Marie Madeleine MICHAUD. Joseph OUELLET and Marie Madeleine MICHAUD were married in 1725.353

Léa OUELLET was born about 1830. She died.

Spouse: Georges DANJOU. Georges DANJOU and Léa OUELLET were married on September 7, 1875 in Riviere-Ouelle, Kamouraska, PQ, Canada.124

Marguerite OUELLET was born about 1695. She died. Parents: Mathurin Rene OUELLET II and Marie Angelique LEBEL.

Spouse: Joseph MICHAUD Sr.. Joseph MICHAUD Sr. and Marguerite OUELLET were married about February 1717 in Kamouraska, Quebec, New France. Children were: Marie Judith MICHAUD, Marie Louise MICHAUD.

Marie Anne OUELLET was born on October 18, 1770 in Kamouraska, Quebec, British Territory.1115 She died on September 19, 1805 in Kamouraska, Quebec, Lower Canada.1115

Spouse: Marc Antoine SOUCY. Marc Antoine SOUCY and Marie Anne OUELLET were married on October 22, 1792 in Kamouraska, Quebec, Lower Canada.1115 Children were: Desanges SOUCY.

Mathurin Rene OUELLET II10 was born in 1669.735 He died.

Spouse: Marie Angelique LEBEL. Mathurin Rene OUELLET II and Marie Angelique LEBEL were married on January 8, 1691 in Riviere-Ouelle, Kamouraska, Quebec, New France.10 Children were: Marguerite OUELLET, Cécille OUELLET.

Sophie OUELLET was born about 1820. She died. She was Roman Catholic.

Spouse: Paul CLOUTIER Sr.. Paul CLOUTIER Sr. and Sophie OUELLET were married on October 4, 1842 in St-Francois, Beauce, Quebec, Canada East.1580 Children were: David Octave CLOUTIER, Caroline CLOUTIER, Paul CLOUTIER Jr., Jean CLOUTIER, Marie-Henriette CLOUTIER, Edmond CLOUTIER, Pierre CLOUTIER.

Sophie OUELLET was born on January 5, 1898 in Luceville, Rimouski, PQ, Canada.3535 She was christened about February 1898 in St-Luce, Rimouski, PQ, Canada. She died on January 29, 1979 in St. Albert, AB, Canada.3535 She was buried in St. Albert Catholic Cemetery, St. Albert, AB, Canada.

Spouse: Pierre-Emile PARENT Sr.. Pierre-Emile PARENT Sr. and Sophie OUELLET were married on July 27, 1915 in St-Luce, Rimouski, PQ, Canada.3535 Children were: Sophreni PARENT, Margeurite PARENT, Marie-Anne PARENT, Living, Louis Joseph PARENT, Living.

Charline OUELLETTE was born on October 14, 1857.124 She died on December 30, 1926 in Pain Court, Dover, Kent, ON, Canada.124

Spouse: Thomas ROY. Thomas ROY and Charline OUELLETTE were married about 1884. Children were: Leo ROY, Andre ROY, Mary-Bridgette ROY, Theodore-Donat ROY, Jacob ROY, Francis ROY, Adolphe ROY, Napoleon ROY.

Francoise OUELLETTE was born about 1670. She died.

Spouse: Andre MIGNIER dit Lagace, II. Andre MIGNIER dit Lagace, II and Francoise OUELLETTE were married on May 31, 1701 in Riviere Ouelle, Kamourska, Quebec, New France.953 Children were: Andre Mignier LAGACE III.

Mathilda Odilam OUIMETTE was born on August 26, 1888 in Chicopee, MA.390 She died on April 9, 1932 in Chicopee, MA.390 She was buried in Calvary Cemetery, Chicopee, MA.

Spouse: Ozias Cyrille MARCIL. Ozias Cyrille MARCIL and Mathilda Odilam OUIMETTE were married on August 26, 1913 in Assumption Blessed Virgin Mary Church, Chicopee, MA.390 Children were: MARCIL, Ernest David MARCIL, Alfred Ozias MARCIL, Living, Robert Joseph MARCIL, Living.

Marie OUVARD-LAPERRIERE was born about 1810. She died.

Spouse: Pierre DIONNE Jr.. Pierre DIONNE Jr. and Marie OUVARD-LAPERRIERE were married on September 29, 1828 in St-Leon, Maskinonge, Quebec, Lower Canada.968 Children were: Pierre DIONNE III.

Renee OUVRARD was born about 1580 in Dompierre-Sur-Mer, Lardilliere, Char Maritime, Kingdom of France. She died after January 21, 1628/29.375 She has Ancestral File Number 8685.

Spouse: Antoine ARCHAMBAULT. Antoine ARCHAMBAULT and Renee OUVRARD were married about 1600 in The Kingdom of France.375 Marriage year assumed. Children were: Jacques ARCHAMBAULT.

Mary OWEN was born about 1860. She died on October 22, 1937.93 She lived at 324 Arguello Blvd. in San Francisco, CA.

Spouse: Alfred BOOTHE. Alfred BOOTHE and Mary OWEN were married on December 12, 1888 in Napa, CA.625 Children were: Russell BOOTHE, Geraldine BOOTHE.

Bernice OWENS was born on February 12, 1885 in St. Louis, MO.100 She died. She is reference number 007968-5-1-1-1-7-2->.

Spouse: Lockwood Anderson BARR. Lockwood Anderson BARR and Bernice OWENS were married on October 9, 1912 in Kansas City, KS.100 Children were: Lockwood Chappell BARR, Living.

Marie Jeanne PACQUET289 was born before April 1733. She died. Parents: Jean-Baptiste PAQUET dit Lavallee, Sr. and Anne BILODEAU.

Spouse: Jean Roby SANSCHAGRIN. Jean Roby SANSCHAGRIN and Marie Jeanne PACQUET were married about 1755.

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