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Sieur Pierre Francois Marie RUELLAN de Gallinee was born on October 3, 1656 in Parame, Illes-et-Villaine, Brittany, Kingdom of France.124 He died on May 17, 1735 in Parame, Illes-et-Villaine, Brittany, Kingdom of France.124 He was a Parliament Lawyer.

Spouse: Therese Pelagie LEROUX. Sieur Pierre Francois Marie RUELLAN de Gallinee and Therese Pelagie LEROUX were married about 1690.

Clément RUELLE was born in 1653 in St-Paul, Paris, Kingdom of France.304 He died on December 11, 1709 in St-Laurent, Ile d'Orleans, Montmorency, Quebec, New France.304 He was buried on December 13, 1709 in St-Laurent, Ile d'Orleans, PQ, Canada.

Spouse: Marguerite LECLERC dit LeBouteleux. Clément RUELLE and Marguerite LECLERC dit LeBouteleux were married on November 22, 1677 in Ste-Famille, Île-d'Orléans, Montmorency, Québec, New France.10,3096 Children were: Henri RUEL, Ignace RUEL Sr..

Marie-Desiree RUEST was born about 1780. She died.

Spouse: Jacques PARENT Jr.. Jacques PARENT Jr. and Marie-Desiree RUEST were married on January 19, 1802 in Rimouski, Quebec, Lower Canada.62

Jedidah RUSS was born on June 22, 1769 in Canterbury, Windham County, Connecticut Colony.215 He died on November 6, 1819 in Onondaga County, NY.215 Probably Pompey.

Spouse: Phebe HERBERT. Jedidah RUSS and Phebe HERBERT were married on December 24, 1795 in Dalton, MA.2563

Sibyl RUSS was born on December 28, 1774 in Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut Colony.2564 She died on April 2, 1860 in Canaan, Columbia County, NY. She was buried after April 2, 1860 in Queechy Methodist Church Cemetery, Canaan, Columbia County, NY.2630 She was a School Teacher, Wool Spinner and Weaver. Was a school teacher before her health failed. It was then that their ten boys helped her. She was adept at spinning and weaving and bleaching and dying. She made the boys "spool and wind her quills" and they did much of the housework so she could earn more than fifty cents a day weaving. She was able to earn more than two hundred dollars a year in this manner. The preacher's allowance was eighty dollars a year and expanses. His wife was also allowed the eighty dollars. Each child under seven, sixteen dollars, and from seven to fourteen years the children were allowed twenty-four dollars for the year. It was the rule of discipline in those days to give account of all presents received or the preacher could not claim any public collections. ("Religious History" Sponsored By: Mr.& Mrs. Gene Francis Kuster) In 1856, was living with her daughter Harriet (Mrs. Hatch). Her son William wrote of her at that time; "She is eighty-two years old, and very smart at that; indeed what could you expect of a woman who had a Methodist preacher for her husband in the early part of the present century - without means, saving only the allowance then made to them, of $40.00 a year - he devoted to his calling and she to her family - eight boys? I can tell you she had to keep us at work at any and every sort of profitable business. Her undivided attentions and skill in managing affairs enabled father to continue in the service of the church till old age prompted him to quit. The history of heroic women becomes a notable subject when wars or some other exciting subject is the topic, but when it comes to the sobering realities of life, when the tale is of how a noble-minded (not strong-minded)woman has to battle with the hardships and privations connected with a scanty purse and eight lubberly, hungry boys, and she do it manfully, energetically, and successfully, the pen of praise is silent and she is left to enjoy the truth of the twenty-eighth verse of the last chapter of Proverbs." (Copied as written by Augustis George Hibbard Page 135) From: "Genealogy of the Hibbard Family Who Are Descendants of Robert Hibbard" Augustine George Hibbard (Woodstock, Connecticut) 1901. She was Methodist.

Spouse: Reverend Billy HIBBARD. Reverend Billy HIBBARD and Sibyl RUSS were married on January 10, 1791 in Peru, Berkshire County, MA.2628 Children were: John HIBBARD, Dr. William H. HIBBARD, Reverend Wesley HIBBARD, Asbury HIBBARD, Dr. Rufus Fuller HIBBARD, Timothy R. HIBBARD, David R. HIBBARD M.D., Freeborn Garretson HIBBARD D.D., Harriet D. HIBBARD.

Ebenezer RUSSELL924 was born about 1685. He died.

Spouse: Deborah HIBBARD. Ebenezer RUSSELL and Deborah HIBBARD were married about 1710. Children were: Ellis RUSSELL.

Lieutenant Edwin Fairman RUSSELL was born on July 15, 1914 in Elizabeth, NJ.100 He graduated from Princeton University in 1937 in Princeton, NJ. He served in the military before 1941 in The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Royal Navy. Having previously enlisted in the Royal Navy Voluntary Reserve, he was summoned to active duty by the British government. He was among a small group of Americans who served with the Royal Navy prior to America's entry into World War II, though he eventually joined the staff of Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower. In 2001 he attended a ceremony at the Royal Navy College in Greenwich, England, for the dedication of a plaque honoring those Americans like him who had served in the Royal Navy during World War II. He was the only American who was healthy enough to attend the ceremony. About 1945 he was an Associate Publisher in Newark, NJ. The Star-Ledger. Joined The Newark Ledger, one of the Star-Ledger's predecessor newspapers, in 1935. In 1940, he was among those sued by the German-American Bund Auxiliary Inc. for libel after the publication in The Newark Ledger of an article charging that the group was involved with the National-Socialist Party in Germany and operated training camps for Nazi sympathizers in this country. The lawsuit was dismissed after the plaintiffs failed to appear in court. After 1947 he was a Newspaper Publisher in Harrisburg, PA. The Harrisburg Patriot-News. The Patriot and The Evening News, purchased for $2.5 million. He subsequently bought another area paper, The Harrisburg Telegraph. Eventually, the papers were combined into The Patriot News. Chairman of The Patriot-News Company until his death. About 1965 he was a Magazine Publisher. Vogue magazine, Condé Nast Publications Inc. He died on December 22, 2001 in Hobe Sound, FL.3911 Served in 1952 as chairman of the Pennsylvania Citizens-for-Eisenhower committee, the year Mr. Eisenhower won the presidency.

Spouse: . Lieutenant Edwin Fairman RUSSELL and Cynthia CARY were married in 1976.100

Ellis RUSSELL924 was born about 1721. He died. Parents: Ebenezer RUSSELL and Deborah HIBBARD.

Spouse: Jane Catherine WOLCOTT. Ellis RUSSELL and Jane Catherine WOLCOTT were married about 1745. Children were: Oliver RUSSELL, Mary RUSSELL.

Joan RUSSELL1252 was born about 1380. She died.

Spouse: Thomas QUATREMAIN Jr.. Thomas QUATREMAIN Jr. and Joan RUSSELL were married about 1400. Children were: Maud QUATREMAIN.

Mary RUSSELL924 was born about 1755. She died. Parents: Ellis RUSSELL and Jane Catherine WOLCOTT.

Spouse: David C. WARNER. David C. WARNER and Mary RUSSELL were married about 1775. Children were: Luther WARNER.

Nancy RUSSELL924 was born about 1784. She died. Parents: Oliver RUSSELL and Nancy NEWTON.

Spouse: Robert BERRY Sr.. Robert BERRY Sr. and Nancy RUSSELL were married about 1805. Children were: Robert BERRY Jr..

Oliver RUSSELL924 was born about 1751. He died. Parents: Ellis RUSSELL and Jane Catherine WOLCOTT.

Spouse: Nancy NEWTON. Oliver RUSSELL and Nancy NEWTON were married about 1775. Children were: Nancy RUSSELL.

Anthony RUSSO124 was born about 1910. He died.

Spouse: Evelyn KARE. Anthony RUSSO and Evelyn KARE were married about 1935. Children were: Living, Living, Living, Living, Living.

Beth Ann RUVO was born on April 8, 1970 in Stoneham, MA.3679 She died on April 24, 1970 in Boston, MA.1180 Died of Meningomyelocele and Sepsis. She was buried in Wildwood Cemetery, Wilmington, MA. Parents: Living and Living.

Ann RYAN2184 was born about 1875. She died.

Spouse: Tobias FORESTAL. Tobias FORESTAL and Ann RYAN were married about 1925.2103

Mary Agnes RYAN was born in 1906.301 She died in 1985.301 She was buried in Sacred Heart of Mary Cemetery, Madoc, Hastings, ON, Canada.

Spouse: Wilfred Aloysius FORESTELL. Wilfred Aloysius FORESTELL and Mary Agnes RYAN were married on September 2, 1931.536

Susannah SABIN was born about 1695. She died on February 3, 1735.877 She was buried in Old Litchfield Cemetery, Windham, CT.

Spouse: William DURKE. William DURKE and Susannah SABIN were married about 1715.

Cora SABORA was born in 1880 in Canada.2034 She died.

Spouse: Archie GENDRON. Children were: Guy Francis GENDRON, Adeline GENDRON, Herman P. GENDRON, Joseph GENDRON, Oscar GENDRON, Ione GENDRON, Clarence GENDRON, Clarine GENDRON, Flossie GENDRON, Marie GENDRON, Edward GENDRON, Living.

Raymond X. SABOURIN was born in 1929.3912 He died in 1987.343 He is reference number 000063-B7-1-1A.

Spouse: . Raymond X. SABOURIN and Clarice F. FARLAND were married about 1947. Children were: Living.

Jeanne SADDE was born in 1604 in The Kingdom of France.11 She died. She has Ancestral File Number A1473.

Spouse: Charles VALIN. Charles VALIN and Jeanne SADDE were married about 1635 in The Kingdom of France.1100 Mariage year assumed. Children were: Nicolas VALIN.

Emilienne SAINT ONGE was born on April 30, 1898 in St-Gabriel-de-Brandon, Berthier, PQ, Canada.397 She died.

Spouse: Lucien MORIN. Lucien MORIN and Emilienne SAINT ONGE were married on June 8, 1931 in St-Gabriel-de-Brandon, Berthier, PQ, Canada.397

Jeanne SAINT-PERE was born in February 1627 in St-Jean-d'Angely, Char Maritime, Kingdom of France.82 She died before November 1669.2447 She has Ancestral File Number 2313. Parents: Etienne ST-PERE and Marie Madeleine COUTEAU.

Spouse: Pierre GUILLET dit Lajeunesse. Pierre GUILLET dit Lajeunesse and Jeanne SAINT-PERE were married in 1648 in St-Maurice, Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, New France.82 Children were: Madeleine GUILLET, Jeanne GUILLET, Marie Catherine GUILLET, Louis GUILLET dit Saint-Mars, Sr., Marie GUILLET.

Al SAKUTA121 was born about 1905. He died.

Spouse: Dorothy GENDRON.

Marie SALÉ was born about 1585 in La Ventrouze, Mortagne, Perche, Kingdom of France. She died in La Ventrouze, Mortagne, Perche, Kingdom of France.110 She has Ancestral File Number 23123.

Spouse: Jean-Claude LANDRY. Jean-Claude LANDRY and Marie SALÉ were married about 1605 in La Ventrouze, Mortagne, Perche, Kingdom of France. Children were: Antoinette LANDRY.

Marie SALE82 was born about 1610. She died. She has Ancestral File Number 14173.

Spouse: (). () And Marie SALE were married about 1630. Children were: Rene LANDRY.

Marie SALLE82 was born about 1605. She died. She has Ancestral File Number 13939.

Spouse: Martin AUCOIN. Martin AUCOIN and Marie SALLE were married about 1625. Children were: Jeanne AUCOIN.

David SALOIS was born about 1860. He died.

Spouse: Emilie NIQUETTE. David SALOIS and Emilie NIQUETTE were married on February 9, 1886 in St-David, Yamaska, PQ, Canada.321

Joseph SALOIS Jr. was born about 1795. He died.

Spouse: Julie BERNIER. Joseph SALOIS Jr. and Julie BERNIER were married on February 26, 1816.915

Emily SALSBURY was born in January 1850 in Missouri.93 She died.

Spouse: Thomas Francis STANLEY. Thomas Francis STANLEY and Emily SALSBURY were married on January 11, 1872 in Jackson County, MO.3913 Children were: Robert M. STANLEY, Ethel STANLEY, Maude STANLEY, William D. STANLEY, Mary Ada STANLEY.

Ronald Edward SAMPSON was born on July 15, 1933 in Springfield, MA.628 He lived at 341 Hampden St. in Chicopee, MA before 1936. He died on May 10, 1936 in Chicopee, MA.390 Died of Congenital Heart Disease. He was buried in Calvary Cemetery, Chicopee, MA. Parents: William Henry SAMPSON and Florence Helen PAGE.

Photo William Henry SAMPSON was born on July 20, 1895 in Palmer, MA.3220 He lived in Chicopee, MA before 1957. He lived at 14 Brandon Rd. in East Hartford, CT between 1958 and 1963. Before 1959 he was an Inspector in East Hartford, CT. Pratt & Whitney Division, United Aircraft Corporation. He died on December 27, 1963 in East Hartford, CT.2883 He was buried in Calvary Cemetery, Chicopee, MA. He was Roman Catholic in Chicopee, MA. Assumption Church. Member, League of the Sacred Heart. Chicopee Council 69, Knights of Columbus.

Spouse: Florence Helen PAGE. William Henry SAMPSON and Florence Helen PAGE were married on October 20, 1931 in Assumption Blessed Virgin Mary Church, Chicopee, MA.390 Children were: Ronald Edward SAMPSON, Living.

Amarylis SAMSON was born about 1845. She died.

Spouse: Alfred ROY. Alfred ROY and Amarylis SAMSON were married on April 16, 1877 in St-Charles, PQ, Canada.124

Flavie SAMSON was born about 1855. She died.

Spouse: Louis ROY. Louis ROY and Flavie SAMSON were married in 1872.3893

Jean Baptiste SAMSON10 was born about 1685. He died. He is reference number 001962-3A.

Spouse: Marie Charlotte LECOURS. Jean Baptiste SAMSON and Marie Charlotte LECOURS were married in 1706.10

Spouse: Elisabeth LECOURS. Jean Baptiste SAMSON and Elisabeth LECOURS were married in 1719.10

Marie SAMSON was born about 1835. She died.

Spouse: Francois Xavier CÔTÉ. Francois Xavier CÔTÉ and Marie SAMSON were married on August 3, 1857 in St-Isidore, Quebec, Canada East.453

Rosario SAMSON was born on January 8, 1885 in St-Joseph-de-Levy, PQ, Canada.124 He died.

Spouse: Exilia LEVESQUE. Rosario SAMSON and Exilia LEVESQUE were married on December 6, 1904 in St. Anne's Church, Fall River, MA.124

Wilhemine SAMSON was born about 1858. She died.

Spouse: Joseph GAGNÉ Jr.. Joseph GAGNÉ Jr. and Wilhemine SAMSON were married on January 11, 1876 in St-Pierre, Bellechasse, PQ, Canada.2221

Richard SAMWELL1252 was born about 1500. He died.

Spouse: Amy GIFFARD. Richard SAMWELL and Amy GIFFARD were married about 1525. Children were: Susanna SAMWELL.

Susanna SAMWELL1252 was born about 1530. She died. Parents: Richard SAMWELL and Amy GIFFARD.

Spouse: Peter EDWARDS. Peter EDWARDS and Susanna SAMWELL were married about 1550. Children were: Edward EDWARDS.

Anna SAMZ was born about 1875. She died.

Spouse: Joseph NIQUETTE Jr.. Joseph NIQUETTE Jr. and Anna SAMZ were married about 1896 in Wisconsin.232 Children were: Dortha NIQUETTE, Callis NIQUETTE, Mildred NIQUETTE, Clarence NIQUETTE.

Harriet A. SANBORN was born about 1810. She died after 1878.1227

Spouse: Elisha FARNHAM. Elisha FARNHAM and Harriet A. SANBORN were married on January 30, 1850.1227

Annie SANDFORD was born in May 1859.1279 She died on August 16, 1900 in Hastings County, ON, Canada.3914

Spouse: Charles Francis FORESTELL. Charles Francis FORESTELL and Annie SANDFORD were married about 1880. Children were: William John FORESTELL, Mary Nina Maud FORESTELL, James Francis FORESTELL, Charles Arnold FORESTELL, Annie Matilda FORESTELL, Henrietta Margaret Madoline FORESTELL, Samuel Tobias FORESTELL.

Adelaide SANSCHAGRIN was born about 1820. She died.

Spouse: Charles BROCHU Jr.. Charles BROCHU Jr. and Adelaide SANSCHAGRIN were married on July 6, 1841 in St-Isidore-de-Dorchester, Quebec, Canada East.406 Children were: Maxime BROCHU, Francois BROCHU, Leandre BROCHU.

Barbe SANSCHAGRIN227 was born about 1785. She died. She is reference number 000984-3-1B.

Spouse: François AUBE dit l'Anglais, Jr.. François AUBE dit l'Anglais, Jr. and Barbe SANSCHAGRIN were married on August 1, 1820 in St-Vallier, Bellechasse, PQ, Canada.227

Jean Roby SANSCHAGRIN was born about 1730 in Fromental, Limoges, Poitou, Kingdom of France.1373 Birth year assumed. He died. He served in the military. Soldier in regiment Berry, compagnie Coste.

Spouse: Marie Jeanne PACQUET. Jean Roby SANSCHAGRIN and Marie Jeanne PACQUET were married about 1755.

Amelia SANSOUCI522 was born about 1815. She died.

Spouse: Jean Baptiste MESSIER Jr.. Jean Baptiste MESSIER Jr. and Amelia SANSOUCI were married about 1836. Children were: Prospere MESSIER.

Guillaume SANSOUCY dit Gems was born in 1683 in The Kingdom of England.2871 He was baptized on January 6, 1698 in Montréal, Québec, New France. He died on September 2, 1722 in St-Leonard, Quebec, New France.2871 He has Ancestral File Number A706. He was also known as William James. He was also known as Jacques Langnois. Parents: Nicholas JAMES and Christine NORTH.

Spouse: Catherine LIMOUSIN dit Langlois. Guillaume SANSOUCY dit Gems and Catherine LIMOUSIN dit Langlois were married on February 5, 1703 in Montréal, Québec, New France.2872 Children were: Marie Catherine JAMES dit Sansoucy, Jean JAMES, Pierre JAMES dit Sansoucy, Marie Anne JAMES dit Jacques San Soucy, Marguerite GEMS dit Sansoucy, Jacques JAMES dit Sansoucy, Elisabeth JAMES, Joseph JAMES.

Dieudonne SANVILLE295 was born about 1830. He died.

Spouse: Elise SYLVESTRE dit Beausoleil. Dieudonne SANVILLE and Elise SYLVESTRE dit Beausoleil were married about 1855.

Francoise SARBACAN was born about 1635 in The Kingdom of France. She died before 1699 in Provence, Kingdom of France.10 She has Ancestral File Number 3841.

Spouse: Blaise ISOIR dit Provençal. Blaise ISOIR dit Provençal and Francoise SARBACAN were married about 1660 in The Kingdom of France. Children were: Antoine ISOIR dit Provençal, Sr..

Rose SARETTE was born on January 2, 1898 in Rockingham, Exeter, NH.304 She died.

Spouse: Joseph Elzear LABRIE Sr.. Joseph Elzear LABRIE Sr. and Rose SARETTE were married on October 2, 1922 in Manchester, NH.304 Children were: Living, Living, Living, Living.

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