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My father was Cherokee County NC bred, born and raised. He was one of the first Brasstown Carvers at the John C. Campbell Folk School. In light of this heritage, I have developed a deep love for the history, folklore and people of Cherokee County.

I would like to share the results of my research on Cherokee County and it's residents, as well as maybe come across some new cousins. Maybe I will find someone who can help me break down my brickwalls in Cherokee County, or help someone else break theirs.

A litte note on spelling. My maiden name is BEAVER. This name is very common in Cherokee County, both with and without an S on the end. There seems to be no rhyme or reason in the use of or dropping of this S. It even varies among brothers. So for simplicity sake, I have arbitrarily decided to keep my original spelling of BEAVER.

I would like to thank Rose BIRDWELL and Nikki NEBLETT for generously giving me their permission to use the hundreds of photos they have taken of the cemeteries in Cherokee County.

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