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Thank you for looking at my family, hopefully you will benefit by what you find.

This is a compilation of my father's ancestors and the related families of England, NZ and USA. And a list of certifications and research and reminiscences by myself and others that I have borrowed from. It's by no means complete as it will never be totally finished. If you find something that needs changing or correcting please give me a andquot;heads upandquot; and I'll get it done.

My father had a fairly interesting beginning, of which I do not know nearly enough of. He traveled around the world (mostly on a sailing ship) at a young age and ended up in Alaska where I was able to pick him back up after his leaving England. His leaving would make a story in itself, sorry, I know nothing.

My brothers and I never thought to ask questions while he was still around so this part of him is lost to us. I didn't start wondering about him till after my stint in the Navy and by that time it was too late. One of his favorite sayings was a quote from some poet or author, andquot;Youth is wasted on young peopleandquot; seems to hold true here.

Special thanks go to Roger Thompson of Australia, who made most of the names and families of NZ, Australia and England possible. I am grateful for all the help given me and with thier diligent research on their own families.

Wes Cherry
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