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Welcome to my Genealogy Web site! I am currently building the site, so be patient with me as I expand it.

Dad's side family names include but not limited too.. Mietzner, Adams,

Mom's side family names include but not limited too... Sanderson, Berry

Husbands Dad's Side family names include, But not limited too.... Clifton, VanDyke

Husband Mother's Side family names include, But not limited too... Hopkins, Unruh

I have been researching since about age 16, in the dinosaurs era, before computers & internet. I just loved visiting the National Archives in S.Calif & the next best resource was LDS libraries.

My mother took over the research when I started to work full time & she retired. She did a tremendous job on her side of the family, as well as my fathers side.

My Mom passed away in 2001 & my Dad generously (think it was cleaning house more then anything LOL) gave me all of my mom books & research. This really left me overwhelmed with too much data ( hard to believe huh?) I have been slowly trying to combine her info with mine to make one set of completed information. On top of this, what info I had in Legacy Family tree was lost in my old computer, so it really is a fresh start for me.

My mother was able to secure our places in First Family of Ohio & the DAR (Daughter of the American Revolution). Though I have never follow up & put my applications in, it is on my to do list.

I am excited about this web site & hope to be able to fill it with good reference info as well as build a true family history with documentation...

More coming soon... Cheryl

Here are some of my favorite websites:

Great software for Genealogy (http://.legacyfamilytree.com/Index.asp?mid=15LB0Ci)
great site to ask anything about Genealogy (http://.cyndislist.com)

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