Richard Phillips

Richard Phillips

1638 - 1695

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Ricerd Phellipes was born either in England or possibly aboard ship en route to America in 1638. He grew up as a farmer raising sheep and spinning the wool into yarn on the family spinning wheel. This was a period of relative calm in the colony; by now most of the Native American population had been ravaged by smallpox1. Following the Pequot battles of 1643, the English maintained the peace with the Indians for nearly forty years thanks in part to their old allies, Massasoit's Wampanaog and the Narragansett led by Canonicus. When these two chiefs died however, the total subjugation of the local tribes brought an end to the Indian problem. In 1656 Richard wed Mary PACKARD -- her family arriving from Wymondham, Norfolkshire aboard the Diligent in August of 1638. Like his father before him, Richard Phillips was a civic minded individual; he was elected Town Constable, was made Freeman of the Massachusetts Bay Colony charter, appointed Clerk of the Market, and became Sergeant as a Selectman of the Town, later acquiring the title of Ensign -- a designation he carried to the end of his life.

Richard PHILLIPS, son of Nicholas PHILLIPS and Elizabeth JUSSON, b. 22 Nov. 1638 England (?), m.[1] Mary PACKARD Abt 1656, b. Abt 1636 Dedham or Wymondham, Norfolkshire, Eng., (daughter of Samuel PACKARD and Elizabeth STREAM) d. AFT 1670 Weymouth, MA. m. [2] Elizabeth (EDSON) KINGMAN Aft 1690, b. Abt 1643 Salem, MA (widow of John KINGMAN of Weymouth and daughter of Deacon Samuel EDSON and Susannah ORCUTT) d. Aft 1695. Richard died Abt Oct 1695, Weymouth Norfolk, MA at the age of 56.

    Children by Elizabeth PACKARD:

  1. Mary (twin) b. 6 Dec 1657, Weymouth Norfolk MA, d. Abt 1657 Weymouth, MA.
  2. [son (twin)] b. 7 Dec 1657 Weymouth Norfolk MA, d. Abt 1657 Weymouth, MA.
  3. Caleb PHILLIPS b. 27 Oct 1659 Weymouth Norfolk MA, m. Elizabeth POLLY 16 Oc. 1681 in Roxbury MA, b. 14 Apr 1657, Woburn Middlesex MA, d. Abt 1718. Caleb died Bfr 1695.
  4. Mary PHILLIPS b. 26 May 1660 Weymouth MA, d. Abt 1660 Weymouth, MA.
  5. Mary PHILLIPS b. 24 May 1661 Weymouth Norfolk MA, m.[1] Jonas HUMPHREY Abt 1683, b. Abt 1655, MA, d. 1689, m.[2] Peter NEWCOMB Aft 1689, b. Abt 1661. Mary died May 1738 Braintree, MA.
  6. Joshua PHILLIPS b. 1 Mar 1662 Weymouth Norfolk MA, m. Amy DRAKE Abt 1686 b. 3 Feb 1666 Weymouth, (daughter of Thomas DRAKE and Jane HOLBROOK) d. Aft 1695. Joshua died Jan 1692.
  7. Nicholas PHILLIPS b. 13 Mar 1664 Weymouth Norfolk, MA, m.[1] Mary RANDALL Abt 1688, b. 31 May 1668 Weymouth, (daughter of John RANDALL and Mercy ALDRICH) d. 11 Feb. 1749 Weymouth MA, m.[2] Amy [unknown] Abt 1686. Nicholas died 11 Mar 1751 Weymouth, MA.
  8. Elizabeth PHILLIPS b. 27 Nov 1665 Weymouth Norfolk, MA.
  9. Richard PHILLIPS b. 20 Oct 1667 Weymouth Norfolk, MA, d. Bfr Oct 1695.
  10. Samuel PHILLIPS b. 7 May 1670 Weymouth Norfolk, MA.
  11. John PHILLIPS

1 Before 1492 there were 25 million Indians living in Central America alone. By 1579 there were fewer than 2 million remaining.