Anna Luella Reading

Anna Luella Reading

1873 - 1969

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Anna Luella came as a young girl with her parents among the very first settlers to what is now Oklahoma City. Arriving by covered wagon, they found nothing more than a tent city. The organ they brought with them was the only one for miles and was used for years in the Methodist Church. The city grew rapidly -- 10,000 settlers arriving in one day in 1889. James Reading established a tailor shop in which his daughter Anna worked. When she became a Seventh Day Adventist, she saved her money to attend school at Keene, Texas1 where she met Harry Phillips.

Anna Luella READING, oldest daughter of James READING and Emma GREENWAY, b. 24 May 1873 Marietta, OH, m. Harry Atkinson PHILLIPS 12 Jun 1901 in Oklahoma City OK, b. 16 Oct 1871 Republic County, Kansas (son of Orson Decatur PHILLIPS and Elizabeth ATKINSON) d. 28 Jul 1951 Rulison, CO. Anna died 16 Aug 1969 Paradise, CA at the age of 96.

  1. Virgie Lee PHILLIPS b. 12 May 1902 Lawton OK, d. 12 May 1902 Lawton, OK.
  2. Marjory Elizabeth PHILLIPS
  3. Paul Decatur PHILLIPS b. 29 Feb 1908 Lawton, OK.
  4. Nellie Maurine PHILLIPS b. 10 Dec 1910 Lawton, OK, d. 12 Sep 1961 Loma Linda, CA.
  5. Kenneth James PHILLIPS b. 29 Sep 1913 Lawton, OK.
  6. Mabel Virginia PHILLIPS b. 11 Sep 1917 Jarosa CO, m. Edward Wesley KOENIG 13 Mar 1945 in Denver CO, b. 7 Oct 1915 Heaton, ND.

1 It is interesting to note that it was in Keene, Texas that Anna Luella must have surely attended church with Mattie Huddleston in 1901.