Hans Heinrich Lotschar

Hans Heinrich Lotschar

1665 - 1747

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A sect among the Swiss Anabaptists seceded from the church of Zurich, for a time called Swiss Brethren, later became known as Mennonites. It was to this group that Hans Heinrich Lotschar belonged -- possibly related to the Anabaptist Lotscher Family of Latterbach and Erlenbach. Born in Simmenthal, Bern Switzerland; Hans moved to Masmunster in Alsace, later settling in Kurbornchesof Germany where he lived the remainder of his life as a tenant farmer.

Hans Heinrich LOTSCHAR b. Between 1670 - 1675, Simmenthal Bern, Switzerland, m.[1] Maria Margaretha [unknown], m.[2] Anna Maria [unknown], d. Abt 1759 Kuhbomcheshof, Germany. Hans died Abt 1747 Kuhbomcheshof, Germany.

Children by Maria Margaretha [unknown]:
  1. John Franz LATSCHAR b. Bet 1686 - 1704, d. 6 Feb 1787 Hereford Township, Berks County PA.
  2. Lorenz LATTSCHAR b. Abt 1706 Masmunster, Germany.
  3. Anna Katharine LATTSCHAR b. Abt 1708, m. Konrad HERZOG, d. Kalseralautern, Germany. Anna died Kalseralautem, Germany.

Children by Anna Maria [unknown]:
  1. Joseph LATTSCHAR b. Abt 1710, m. Anna Elisabeth BERG Abt 1740 in Erpoizhelm, Germany
  2. Johann Thomas LATTSCHAR b. Abt 1712, d. Obermehilgen, Germany.
  3. David LATTSCHAR b. Abt 1714.
  4. Heinrich LATTSCHAR b. Abt 1716.
  5. Anna Elisabeth LATTSCHAR b. Abt 1718, m.[1] Johannes LEDERMANN Bfr 1740, d. Porrbach Germany, m.[2] Christof FRITZ Bfr 1747. Anna died 4 Sep 1779 Porrbac, Germany.
  6. Peter Joseph (Johannes) LATTSCHAR
  7. John Jakob LATTSCHAR b. Abt 1724.
  8. Anna Maria LATTSCHAR b. Abt 1726, m. Johannes HERSTEIN Bfr 1747, b. County Frankenthal Battenberg Germany.
  9. Gertraud LATTSCHAR b. Abt 1728, m. Andres BERG, b. Erpolzheim Germany.
  10. Peter LATTSCHAR b. Bet 1730 - 1738, d. Abt 1794 Enkenbach Germany.