Albert Chisum
Albert Jessy Chisum
Albert is a decendant of William and Mary Chisum. Albert and Goldie (wife) have been collecting genealogy notes and searching for documents.  Please visit with them if you have any questions at:
 [email protected] .

Albert Marion Chisum and Caroline Freeman Chisum

#1. James Allen Chisum b. 7/1920 marr Tennie Mae Watts (had 2 children)
#2. Alma Estie Chisum marr Jim Watts (had 13 children)
#3. Gertie Jane Chisum marr Homer Smith (had 4 children)
        marr 2nd Ralph Shaw
#4. Gracie Joetta Chisum marr Connie Shamblin (had 10 kids)
        marr 2nd Ernie Hatfield
#5 Gene Franklin Chisum (twin) marr Pat Shoop (had 1 child)
#6 Albert Jessy Chisum JR (twin) marr Goldie Menees (had 1 son)
#7 Leona Fay Chisum marr Bob L Robertson (had 2 children)
    *Fay is also doing genealogy for the family.

Albert Marion is the son of Thomas C(M) Chisum and Alabama Mae Reeves; who was the son of William and Mary Chisum.  , My father told a story, that his father Thomas Marion told him, the story is: that William was in the civil war, on the Confederate side.  And on the day the war ended, that they were firing a cannon ball to surrender; and William tried to stop it with his foot.  The cannon ball knocked him down, he had a bottle of acid (to take fur off hides) in his pocket, and it broke and spilled on his chest, eating into his flesh and he died  in a year or less.  This would have been around 1866-67.  We think Thomas was born 1859 and would have been 7 or 8 years old.   It is our belief that Benamin and Polly from Izard Co., ARk in 1850 and 1860 census is the father of Thomas.  We would like to here from decendants of this line.

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