The Diary of Turner Branham is in the possession of Ordie Ray Branham.
When I transcribed the Diary I did not include any of the personal information Mr. T. Branham had written about his family.

Info in () provided by Maggie Oliver.

BILL ROWE died May 4 1943 on Tuesday after Easter Sunday.
(My Gr-Gr Grandfather, William H. Rowe)

JIM ROWE's baby was buried July 4 1943 on Sunday.

7th day Oct ELL ROBINSON received a message Stan Robinson was dead 1943 killed in action.

ANDERSON ADKINS shot and killed 1 man and 3 women 11 day of February 1945 on Sunday Eve 3 was buried on Wed 14th St Valentines Day Verna Long wife of Orbin Long. She was the mother of 5 children.

MR. KENDRICK was buried Aug 7th 1945.
(This was my Great Grandfather, William Drayton Kendrick)

FRANK KENDRICK's baby died Aug 8 or Aug 21 1945.
(This is my Grand Father, the baby was Nadene Kendrick)

HASTEN ROWE died Dec 20 1945 buried Dec 24th.
(s/o William and Sarah Bell Ramsey Rowe, buried in the Mary Yates Cemetery)

CHRIS ADKINS killed by ______ Woods July 28 on Saturday 1946 on Wolfpit.
(s/o Hugh and Francis Burgess Adkins, my great uncle)

DEWEY COLEMAN killed his self Sep 14 1946.

GHOMER PRATER got killed Sep 15 1946 on Sunday in Germany.
(World War II)

TILDA JOHNSON died Jun 5 1947 on Sunday.

LEONARD BRANHAM died Jun 11 1947 on Thursday.

WINRIGHT ADKINS died Aug 2nd 1947 on Saturday.

MARY YATES died 2 o'clock Saturday Nov 2 in hospital 1947.
(d/o Jasper Blair and Victoria Hopkins Blair, w/o Alfred Justice and Booker Yates, buried in an unmarked grave in the Mary Yates Cemetery)

HARMON ROBINSON died Dec 24 1947 at John Robinsons on Greasy Creek.

PARK ADKINS died Nov 17 1948 on Sunday buried on Wed.

AUNT BECCA COLEMAN died Nov 24 1948 on Wednesday.

DINK ROBINSON died 7th day Dec on Tuesday 1948 buried on Friday at the Jerry Hopkins Cemetery.
(Headstone reads Dink Riley)

GRANT ADKINS died Dec 24 1948.

WILL ROBINSON died Feb 11 on Saturday 1950 at Wheelright Kentucky brought to Joe Halls and was buried on the Robinson Graveyard.

LUN HOPKINS died at his home Mar 16 1950 at 20 minutes after 8 o'clock was buried on Tuesday 21.

GEORGE BRANHAM died in the court house at Pikeville Apr 21 1950 at 4:20 pm, knocked in the head, fractured skull son of Lisha Branham.

ROY CONWAY was shot and killed at his home 29th day of July 1950. Sheriff of Pike County, 40 years old.

MATT JONES killed Dec 9 1950 car wreck.

PEANUT died Feb 19 1951.

JOE HALL died Dec 2 1951 on Sunday in the evening.

RHODA HANNER died Dec 7 1951 sick about 13 years died Friday night about 1 o'clock.

ROY (RAY?) BENTLEYS baby died Jan 1 1952

MAXIE RILEY died May 2 1953 on Saturday.

MALISS PRATER died Sep 16 1953 on Tuesday at Harvey Damrons she lived to be 99 years old.
(She was my gr-gr grandmother, w/o Daniel Jackson Prater).

MARY JANE PRATER died 8 day of July 1954.
(This was my gr Grandmother)

NANCY WILLIAMS died July 16 1954.

JIM DAMRON got killed 20th day of Nov 1955 on Sunday.

JIM ROWE joined church Jan 6 1956 was Baptised.

MOSE ADKINS died Oct 14 1956 on Sunday.

ANCE HOPKINS died Sep 16 on Friday about 6 or 7 o'clock at Basil Hopkins.

JIM ROWE had a heart attack was to the Methodist hospital in ambulence.

CLANTON DEROSIT got hurt Dec 6 at Road Creek Thursday morning he died about 7 o'clock in the moening, 19 years old buried on Monday the 12th.

RUBY HOPKINS died Dec 31 left 1 child.