A Hollow Family's History

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A Hollow Family's History

The Hollow-Judd Family

Caroline Elizabeth Judd and Robert Keith Hollow and their attendants on their wedding day, October 18, 1941 at the Catholic Cathedral, Bendigo, Victoria.

From left Robert Keith Hollow, Caroline Elizabeth Judd, Gwenneth Bassett, Colin Charles Hollow.

The Hollow Family History

The first Hollow of my family was Joseph Hollow, born 1817, in Redruth, Cornwall. He arrived in Victoria in 1854 and went to the gold mining district of Beechworth. His eldest son, also Joseph joined him in 1857.

Ten years later his wife and the rest of his family (five children) arrived from Redruth. Joseph and his family settled in a gold mining town, El Dorado, not far from Beechworth. Joseph Hollow was my great great Grandfather.

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More Hollow history

The Hollow One-name Study researches all references to the surnames Hollow, Holla and Hallo. The names have been shown to be of Cornish origin

A combination of traditional family history research and DNA investigation point to the name going back to one person who lived in Madron (near Penzance), Cornwall in the late fourteenth or or early fifteenth century. There are people with the surnames Hollow and Hallo who do not have a Cornish origin but they are nowhere near the numbers that are of Cornish origin. The name Holla has pretty much died out. Most families converted their name to Hollow in the eighteenth century.

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