A Hollow Family's History

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A Hollow Family's History

The Judd-Downie Family

Dorothy May Downie and Kevin Joseph Judd on their engagement circa 1914

The maternal half of my family were the Judds. My father married Caroline Elizabeth Judd the daughter of this couple. Kevin Joseph Judd and Dorothy May Downie (Dolly) were married in the Methodist Church, Neilborough, Victoria on August 5, 1914.

The Judd Downie Family History

These families began in Australia with the following people.

Kevin Judd, born 1859 in County Wicklow, Ireland; he arrived with his mother Elizabeth Dillon, born c1832, in Melbourne, Victoria in 1862. Kevin Judd was the father of my grandfather, Kevin Joseph Judd.

Henry Downie, was born c1827 in London. His arrival date in Australia is unknown but he and his wife Bridget Newell arrived by ship in Sydney from Tasmania in 1855. Henry Downie was the grandfather of Dorothy May Downie, my grandmother.

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