Joachim F. C. Mumme was born 19 Jun 1816 in Prussia, Germany. He died 2 Apr 1903 in Flint River township, Iowa.

Joachim and Anna's tombstone reads: Vater Und Mutter. Joachim & his family emigrated from Saxion Germany to America in 1865.

Anna Maria Mumme

Joachim Mumme married Anna Maria Dorothy Mosel (born c1826, Prussia) and had the following children: (8 children were born in Germany and 2 in Iowa.)

1. Joachim Andres Mumme was born 14 Sep 1845 in Prussia, Germany. He died 02 Apr 1903 in Flint Township, Iowa. Married Hannah, born c1857 Saxony (Kingdom State) Germany

2. Maria Mumme Born c1849 in Prussia, Germany died 1874, USA

3. Heinrich (Henry) Mumme was born 1852 in Prussia, Germany

4. Johannes (John) Mumme born c1857, Prussian Germany

5. Fred Mumme born c1859 Prussia, Germany

6. Dorothea Oge Mumme born c1860, Prussia, Germany

7. Sophia Mumme c1861, Prussia Germany, died 1899

8. Ernest Gottlieb Mumme was born 1 June 1865 in Prussia, Germany. He was 6 months old when his parents went to America. He died 1942 in Prairie Grove Iowa. (There was a rumour that he was born on the ship when he came over, but old censes list that he was born in Germany.)

9. Christlieb J. Mumme was born 1868 in Des Moines County, Iowa. He died 1952.

10. Anna Mumme was born 1871 in Des Moines County, Iowa.

Second Generation

Ernest & Emily Mumme

5.Ernest Gottlieb Mumme b1 June 1865, died 1942 Prairie Grove, Iowa married Martha Emily Judd.

Martha Emily (parents were Elijah Judd and Mary Hannah Brown) was born 17 Jul 1870 in Des Moines Co., Iowa. She died 1 Mar 1944 in Iowa.

Ernest Gottlieb Mumme and Martha Emily Judd had the following children:

1. Horace Elijah Mumme was born 15 Jun 1898 in Burlington, Iowa.

2. Charles Henry Mumme was born 21 November 1900 in Burlington, Iowa. He died 19 Nov 1968 in Burlington, Iowa.

3. Clara May Mumme was born 8 Jan 1894. She died 22 Jul 1993.

4.. Edward Ernest Mumme was born 8 Jul 1896 in Des Moines, Co., Iowa. He died 26 Jan 1966 in Burlington, Iowa.

5. Oscar Mumme was born 9 Aug 1904. He died Jan 1965 in Phoenix, Arizona.

6. Milton Mumme was born 10 Apr 1907.

7. Florence Ann Mumme

8. Gertrude Ellen Mumme was born 29 Dec 1910. She died 15 Mar 2005.

9. Gladys E. Mumme was born 1915.

Third Generation

2) CHARLES HENRY MUMME born 21 November 1900 in Burlington, Iowa and died 19 Nov 1968 in Burlington, Iowa from a stroke.

He married Irma Marie Simmons on 10 Feb 1924 in Danville, Des Moines County, Iowa.

Irma Marie (parents were Perry Daniel Simmons and Emma Zella Summers) she was born 19 Feb 1906 in New London, Iowa. She died 11 Nov 1954 in Burlington, Iowa from a shot of penicillin in a doctor's office given to her by a nurse by mistake).

Charles Henry Mumme and Irma Marie Simmons had the following children:

2a) Perry Ernest Mumme married Dorothy Darlene Vogt 4 Aug 1945. They live in Sun City, Arizona

2b) Thelma Noreen Mumme married Robert Everett Bowers on 13 June 1945. They live in Glendale, Arizona.

2c) Waunita Jean Mumme was born 15 July 1929 in Morningson, Lousia County, Iowa. She married Hoyt Crawford Irwin on 1 June 1947. She died 5 May 2004 in Iowa, City, Iowa. Hoyt lives in West Burlington, Iowa. They have two children and one grandson.

2d) Charles Henry Jr. Mumme was born in Morningson, Iowa. He died in Morningson, Iowa. Charles Henry Jr. was born with the cord wrapped around his neck, he is buried beside his parents.

2e) Emma June Mumme married Loren Raymond Heckenberg on 8 Sep 1951. They live in Phoenix, Arizona. They have four children, two boys and two girls and four grandchildren.

2f) Clarence Dwight Mumme married Judy Waunita Moffet who was born 16 Mar 1943 and died 23 Dec 1992. They had two girls and 3 grandchildren, After Judy died Clarence married Lena and they live in New Mexico.

2g) Stanley Roger Mumme married Barbara Jean Brown on 17 Aug 1963. They have two children, a boy and a girl and one grandchild. Stanley and Barbara live in Missouri.

3) CLARA MAY MUMME married Harry Andrews and had only one child

4) EDWARD ERNEST MUMME married Mae Anna Christina Westerbeck b. 8 Jan 1898.

      4a. Roy Albert Mumme B 14 Nov 1919. Married Doris Ileen Finke B. 2 Sep 1920.

      4b Carl Edward Mumme married Arlene Margaret Johnston

5) OSCAR MUMME married Naomi. Had only one child

     5a Lawrence Mumme

6) MILTON MUMME married Eunice, their children are:

      6a. Joyce Mumme

      6b. Baby Mumme died at birth

8) GLADYS E MUMME married Paul Beach. Their children are:

      8a. Gary Beach

      8b. Paul Beach

Fourth Generation

2b. Thelma Noreen Mumme married Robert Bowers their children were:

      1. Donald Robert Bowers

      2. Sandra Jean Bledsoe nee Bowers

4a. Roy Albert Mumme B 14 Nov 1919. Married Doris Ileen Finke B. 2 Sep 1920. Their children are:

      4aa.Patricia Ann Mumme, she married James Louis Keller, their child is Michael James Keller

      4ab Diane Sue Mumme married David Leroy Stansbury

4b. Carl Edward Mumme married Arlene Margaret Johnston. Their children are:

      4ba. Joe Duane Mumme

      4bb. Peggy Lee Mumme

Information above was supplied by Sandra Jean Bowers who is married and has two children and five grandchildren