Albert Henry Mumme

Albert Henry Mumme

June 24, 1851 - June 9, 1920

Father: Friedrich Wilhelm Mumme (Christened Jul 17 1801 - 28 July 1874)
Mother: Marie Ilhabe (Elisabeth) Bahtmann (1812 - 9.5.1904 )

Birth	24 Jun 1851	Hamburg, Germany
Death	9 Jun 1920 (age 68)Henley Beach, South Australia


Sarah James Warren
Birth  30 Mar 1856       Adelaide, South Australia
Died   17 May 1936       North Unley, South Australia
Marriage   27 Dec 1879 (age 28)    Kent Town, South Australia


Henry Warren (Harry) Mumme (29 Jan 1881 - 26 Sep 1956)
Horace Gladstone Mumme (1 Mar 1882 - 2 May 1935)
Leslie Gawler Mumme (26 Dec 1883 - 23 Nov 1887)

Albert arrived in Adelaide with his family on "Peter Godeffroy" in 1857.
They were listed to disembark in Melbourne, but landed in Adelaide instead.
Albert married Sarah Warren on 27th December, 1879 in Kent Town, S.A.
The Warren name went on to be immortalised by subsequent generations in
the naming of children.

Albert and Sarah had three children:  Henry (Harry) Warren MUMME,
Horace Gladstone Mumme and Leslie Gawler Mumme who died aged 3yrs and 11mths
on 23rd November, 1887.  Horace and Leslie were born in Gladstone and
Gawler respectively. Harry married Muriel Clarissa Lois Swan at Christ
Church in Adelaide and had five children:

Walter Alexander
Helen Elizabeth
Leonard Warren
Peggy Lois
Mary Hay

Leonard Warren was first reported as a prisoner-of-war in Borneo in 1941,
after having joined the AIF in 1940.  He was subsequently reported dead
as a POW on 2nd March, 1945. Two years later to the day, Walter's wife
Lorna gave birth to their only son, their third child, and named him
Leonard Warren in his memory.

Marriage: Married in the Wesleyan Church in Kent.

1. Glenda Mumme- Australia-
2.  Fay Mumme nee Diete.  Descendants of Albert Henry Mumme (1851-1920).

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