The Australian Mummes

     Joachim Friedrich Mumme and Anna Margaretha Meier were married in Ottendorf, Germany on June 10, 1779. 

It was previously thought that Johann Frederick Mumme & Johanna Wilhelmina Kunstein were the parents of Friedrich Wilhelm (William) Mumme but this has been proved as incorrect. (Please refer to Glenda Mumme for further information)

Joachim and Anna Margaretha Meier had nine children:

8 Names not yet known and

  • Fredrich Wilhelm (William) Mumme, Sr.

         All of the Australian Mummes are descended from Friedrich Wilhelm Mumme, Sr. and his wife Marie Ilhabe (Elizabeth) Bassman (Bahtmann). Fredrich and Marie had a total of thirteen children. Five of the children died in Germany before 1857 and all of the other children came to Australia with their parents.

     The Mummes sailed from Germany to Australia on the "Peter Godeffroy" in 1857. They were listed to disembark in Melbourne, but landed in Adelaide instead.

    Friedrich and Marie Mumme had thirteen children:

    Marie Mumme born 8 Dec 1833 and died before 1857

    Heinrich Gustav Mumme (1836-1893) married Emily nee Clisby
    Friedrich Wilhelm (William) Mumme, Jr. (26.7.1837 - 1921) did not marry
    Charles (Carl) Edmund Mumme (1839-1919) married 1) Mary Maud nee McLaughlin 2) Marie Annie Holland nee Ludiwigs
    Johannes Emil Mumme (1840-1916) - Victorian Mumme's Line married Lydia nee Feathestone
    Helene Auguste Mumme (1843-1926) married 1)Johannes Carl Friedrich Brandenburg 2)Otto Charles Emil Junge

    Hermann Adolph Mumme (13.7.1843, Ottendorf, Germany - died before 1857)

    Rudolf Julius Mumme (1845 Hamburg, Germany - died before 1857)

    Johannes Theodor Mumme (14.6.1846 Ottendorf, Germany - died before 1857)

    Ernst Rudolph Mumme (13.3.1849 Ottendorf, Germany - died before 1857)
    Albert Henry Mumme (1851-1920) married Sarah James nee Warren
    Ida Henriette Mumme (13.10.1852-1923) married Eugen Victor Ottoman Muecke
    Carl August Mumme (1855-1911) married Fanny nee Leader

    Source:Glenda Mumme- Australia- who has been researching the Mumme name since 1970.
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