Iowa Mumme Families - Bud's Family - Chapter 1

Bud Gueldenhaar's Family

      One Mumme family lived around Prairie Grove, Iowa and several members are buried in the Prairie Grove Cemetery. Bud Gueldenhaar is a descendant of the family and has provided us with 3 photos of headstones in the cemetary.

Anna Maria Mumme            Lidia and Christian Mumme                           Ernest and Emily Mumme
Bud's Family:

   1-A.  Joachim F C Mumme
            Born: 19 Jun 1816 - Prussia, Germany
            Died:  2 Apr 1903 - Flint Township, Iowa

         Anna Marie Dorothy (Da)Mosel
            Born: Dec 30, 1827
            Died: Feb 10, 1911 -   Buried Prairie Grove, Iowa

         9-B.  Christlieb (Christian) J. Mumme
                  Born: 1868 - Des Moines County, Iowa
                  Died: 1952 - Buried Prairie Grove, Iowa
               Lidia M.
                  Born: 1872
                  Died: 1945 -   Buried Prairie Grove, Iowa

               1-C.  Marie Mumme
                     Walter Gueldenhaar

                     1-E.  Bud Gueldenhaar - British Columbia.

         1-B    Joachim Andres Mumme
                   Born: 14 Sep 1865 - Prussia, Germany
                   Died:  2 Apr 1903 - Flint Township, Iowa

         2-B    Maria Mumme
                   Died: 1874

         3-B    Henry Mumme
                   Born: 1852 - Prussia, Germany

         4-B   John Mumme

         5-B   Fred Mumme
         6-B    Dorothea Oge Mumme
         7-B    Sophia Mumme
                   Died: 1899 

         8-B   Ernest Gottlieb Mumme
                   Born: 1 Jun 1865 - Prussia, Germany
                   Died:       1942 - Prairie Grove, Iowa
                   Marr: Martha Emily Judd
                         Born: 17 Jul 1870 - Des Moines County, Iowa
                         Died:  1 Mar 1944 - Iowa 
               (Refer to Ernest Family)      
        10-B    Anna Mumme
                   Born: 1871 - Des Moines County, Iowa


Bud Gueldenhaar has been retired for about four years after working in the Funeral Supply business for about 45 years. He and Joyce have two daughters, one in Washington state and the other one lives in Anchorage, Alaska. They each have two children - a boy and a girl. The oldest daughter's children are both married, and have two children.

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