The Canadian Mummes

The Canadian Mummes


Kay Yamanaka & Juergen Mumme                Mark Mumme, RDT

      We have been fortunate to have Mark Mumme of British Columbia to participate in the MyFamily site. He owns a dental lab in Canada Falcon Dental. He is the President. Mark lived in Germany for a while with his parents. His mother, Ursula lives in Germany. Kay Yamanaka, his sister, also lives in Canada. His sister, Tanyana lives in Germany. Mark's father, Juergen Mumme, died July 2001.

      Juergen Mumme has provided the following information on his family:

      Our line of ancestors goes back with a family crest to a Reiner Mumme who wasa recorded member of the "Deutsch Orden." And he was a "Vogt" (Govenor) at Jerwen (a town). He died in 1330. The Mumme line is related to Christian Mumme who founded the Mumme Brewery in Braunschweig, Germany in 1492. The brewery still exists and makes Braunschweiger Mumme Beer.

      The complete research was done by Fritz Mumme, a brother to Juergen's father, Heinrich Mumme around 1935. All of his records were lost when his house burned down about 1950.

      Their descendancy chart is as follows:

1. August Mumme
      Born: 1870  - Braunschweig, Germany

   1-A.  Heinrich Mumme
            Born: 1905 - Duesseldorf, Germany

         1-B.  Juergen Mumme
                  Born: 1932 - Duesseldorf, Germany
                  Died: 2001 - Germany
               1-C.  Mark Mumme
                        Born: 1959 - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

The Quebec Mumme Family

Reinhard Karl Mumme of Bois-Des-Filion, Quebec, Canada has provided the following information on his family:

"My name is Reinhard Karl Mumme, son of Reinhard Kurt Mumme and Viviane Whitford.

"I have 2 sisters (Brigitte and Karina Mumme), one half-sister (Melina Whitford-Menard) and one half-brother (Kurt Mumme). Brigitte has one biological daughter (Alexandra-Faith) and 4 adopted kids (Santiago, Clementina, Daniella & Angela. Karina has one daughter (Maegan.)

"My oma is Nora Haman-Mumme. I am the first male born in the "new" country (Utica, NY.), but have been living here in Quebec for the larger part of my life (D.O.B. April 1969). My father's sister (Editha Mumme) lives in Nova Scotia with her hubby (Martin Reinbold) who have several children of their own: Heidi, Mike, Alex, Elizabeth, Martin, Jr. (Heidi has 2 sons.)

"My father is an engineer and has remarried..So has my mother. As for myself, I'm a special FX consultant and Master Pyrotechnician. I operate my own business (Prod. Deadline Pyrologix, Inc.) and have recently celebrated my 10th year anniversary in the business.

"I live in the Southern part of Quebec (North of Laval) and would very much like to hear from other proud "Mumme" members.

"Mes salutations les plus distinques!"

Reinhard Karl Mumme
[email protected]
Tel. 514.81.POWER

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