Ernest Mumme Family

Ernest Mumme's Family

1. Ernest Mumme
      Born: 1 June 1865- Prussia, Germany
      Died: 1942 - Buried Prairie Grove, Iowa
   M. Martha Emily Judd (parents Elijah Judd and Mary Hannah Brown)
      Born: 17 Jul 1870- DesMoines Co., Iowa
      Died: 1 March 1944 - Buried Praire Grove, Iowa

   1-A.  Edward Ernest Mumme
            Born: 8 July 1896 - Des Moines, Co., Iowa
            Died: 26 Jan 1966 - Burlington, Iowa 

         1-B.  Roy Mumme - was a farmer near Burlington, Iowa. Deceased

         2-B.  Carl Mumme - was a farmer near Burlington. Deceased

   2-A.  Horace Elijah Mumme
            Born: Jun 15, 1898 - Burlington, Iowa
            Died: Oct 27, 1963
            Marr: May 1924
         Minnie Eva Wiederrecht
            Born: Feb 14, 1891
            Died: Mar 14, 1974

Note: The Wiederrecht family genealogy can be found at the Wiederrecht Family site.

         1-B.  Gene Mumme
                  Born: 1925
                  Died: 1925 (Died at birth) )
         2-B.  Joan Mumme                      ) Twins
                  Born: 1925                  )
                  Died: 1925 (Died at birth) )

         3-B.  James Mumme - Methodist Minister - Eloy, Arizona
               Vida Robison

               1-C.  Stephen Paul Mumme - Professor of Political Science
                                          Colorado State University at
                                          Fort Collins, Colorado.
                     Valerie Assetto    - Also Professor of Political

                     1-E.  Marika Mumme
               2-C.  Lois Elaine Mumme  - Administrative Assistant for a
                                          Company in Dallas, TX

                        1-E.  Kimo Makahilahila

                        2-E.  Keoki Makahilahila

                        3-E.  Tiana Malia Makahilahila

               3-C.  Debbie Jean Mumme  - Recruiter in Human Resources Dept.
                                          for Perot Systems, Dallas, TX
                     Patrick Scales     - Executive for Boy Scouts of America

               4-C.  Philip Bryan Mumme - works for Casa Grande Union High
                                          School as a computer tech support
                     Debbie Lawson      - Accountant with Casa Grande Dispatch
                                          Newspaper - Casa Grande, AZ

                     1-E.  Michael Mumme

                     2-E.  Heather Mumme

               5-C.  Teri Mumme - Seattle Public TV - Seattle, WA.

               6-C.  Cheryl Mumme   - Junior High School Teacher, Bakersfield,
                     Scott ?        - Also school teacher

                        1-E.  Trevor ?

                        2-E.  Kelsey Ann ?

         4-B.  Ramona Ann Mumme - Lives in Phoenix, Arizona - retired
                  Marr: Jun 20, 1964
               Tom Flick

         5-B.  Lyndel Mumme - Lives in Phoenix, Arizona - retired

   3-A.  Milton Mumme

         1-B.  Joyce Mumme -  lives near Burlington, Iowa - retired postal
                  Marr:       worker.

   4-A.  Charles Henry Mumme - He had five children.
            Born: 21 Nov 1900 - Burlington, Iowa
            Died: 19 Nov 1968 - Burlington, Iowa
            Marr: 10 Feb 1924 - Danville, Des Moines County, Iowa
         M. Irma Marie Simmons 
             Born 19 Feb 1906 - New London, Iowa
             Died 11 Nov 1954 - Burlington, Iowa
            1-B.  Perry Ernest Mumme, Sr.-He was a Whol Plumbing Manager-                                            in Phoenix

                  1-C.  Perry Mumme, Jr. (Management High Tech Co)

                  2-C.  David Mumme      (VP High Tech Co)

            2-B.  Thelma Noreen Mumme - Lives in Phoenix
                  M. Robert Bowers

                  1-C Donald Robert Bowers
                  2-C Sandra Jean Bowers
                  M ? Bledsoe
            3-B.  Waunita Jean Mumme
                   Born: 15 Jul 1929 - Morningson, Louisa Co., Iowa
                   Died:  5 May 2004 - Iowa City, Iowa 
            4-B.  Charles Henry Jr Mumme
                   Born: Morningson, Iowa
                   Died: Morningson, Iowa (died at birth)
                   Buried: with parents          

            5-B.  Emma June Mumme

            6-B   Clarence Mumme - Lives in Iowa

            7-B   Stanley Roger Mumme 

   5-A.  Oscar Mumme
            Born: 9 August 1904
            Died: Jan 1965- Phoenix, Arizona

         1-B.  Lawrence Mumme -  Lived in Phoenix for a while.
                                 House painter by trade.  Moved to Calif.

   6-A.  Clara May Mumme - lived in West Burlington, Iowa
            Born: 8 Jan 1894
            Died: 22 Jul 1993

         1-B.  Dale - a son

         2-B.  Unknown daughter

   7-A.  Florence Ann Mumme - She lived in New London, Iowa and had children.

   8-A.  Gertrude Ellen Mumme lived in Mt. Pleasant, SC near Charleston
            Born: 29 Dec 1910
            Died: 15 Mar 2005
         Bernard Watson

         1-B.  David Watson - Lives in Lexington, NC and is a salesman for an Atlanta based distributor of fluid connectors

    They had one son.

   9-A.  Gladys E Mumme - They were farmers and lived near Burlington.
           Born: 1915
           married :Paul
            They had no children 

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