FAQ for the Mumme Site

FAQ for the Mumme Site

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Question No. 1:

My family has a copy of Mrs. L.W. Mumme's book. How can I find my family in the on-line book?

Answer No. 1:

There are several ways of finding your page.
  1. Locate the Index or Table of Contents for the site. Then find the Book Index on the right hand side of the Table of Contents. The index gives some of the primary page numbers, grouped by the head of the clans. For instance, if Ferdinand is your ancestor, select his name on the book index and it will take you to Page F1, the first page for Ferdinand Mumme.

    Once you reach his page, you can simply go to the bottom of each page and click the arrow to go to the next page, etc. until you find your family.

  2. Another method is to use the URL for direct addressing. For instance, the main URL for the Mumme Site is:

    If you know your family's page number from the book, add it after the chousmith tag. For example, if your page number is F-15:


    A page number such as F5 would be listed as pagef05.htm, etc, since all page numbers used in the on-line version are double digited. I have tried to retain all of Mrs. L.W. Mumme's original page numbers, although some may have additions such as page06a.htm, page06b.htm, etc. All entries should be made in lower case.

    Some day after the book is updated, we may furnish a full index to it.