Carl Hinrich Andreas Mumme

Carl Hinrich Andreas Mumme

(Aug 7, 1870 - Nov 14, 1946)

Carl Hinrich and Margaret Mumme

      Apparently Carl was a widower when he married Margaret, and his first wife's name was Rita and she died giving birth to their daughter, who survived.

      I have searched the N.Z. Marriage & Birth records from 1887-1897 and there is no record of his marriage to Rita or a child, so presumably this happened in Germany. Margaret didn't find out this information until after his death!

      On the 7th April, 1896, he became a naturalized New Zealander, but this did not help him when World War I was declared in 1914. At the time they were living at The Ridgeway, Wellington, in a home overlooking the harbor.

      When war was declared, he was arrested at his work place and was imprisoned on Somes Island, Wellington, for about 4 years, when the war ended. He had committed no crime, but at that time all Germans in N.Z. were imprisoned. My Great Grandmother was not told of his arrest and had no idea what had happened to him for 2 days. She had 5 children to support, the youngest, Great Uncle Des, only about 2 months old, and no husband to provide an income. Their two story house had a newly installed light that was connected by two switches, one on each floor and the children played with the switches, turning them off and on. Neighbors saw these lights flashing on and off and thought the Mumme's were signaling to a German submarine in the Harbor and so called the Police!

      Carl Hinrich died at 111 The Ridgeway, Wellington on 14 November 1945, aged 75, and the Death Certificate states the cause as Cardiac Failure, Uremia for 3 months, Prostate Obstruction and Urosepsis for 2 years. His occupation was a builder and he was cremated at Karori.

Source(s): Lorna Fay Howarth Wuthrich