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Mumme History - Page 2

The first mention of a Mumme after the Dark Ages is of Christian Mumme. In 1492, Christian Mumme, a brewer at Braunschweig, Germany concocted a thickish, hopped barley beer. It later became a popular beer in London. This beer was found to be good on land and sea journeys, providing needed nourishment and preventing illnesses.

The prescription for beer of 600 years ago still holds good today, and the alcohol free beer is recommended by dealers as a tonic and for health purposes. We, today, know it was the vitamins and fermentation of this brew which gave it its effectiveness.

A Mumme brewery still exists in Braunschweig, Germany today. There is a website which provides recipes which call for Mumme Beer.

One such recipe, in German, is shown below:


Zutaten: 1 l Mumme, l Wasser, ¬ l Stroh-Rum, 6 El. Zucker, abgeriebene Schale einer Zitrone, Saft einer Zitrone. Zubereitung: Die Mumme mit dem Wasser, dem Stroh-Rum, dem Zucker und der Zitronenschale in einem Topf erhitzen. Den Rand der Groggl„ser mit dem Zitronensaft bestreichen und mit einem Zuckerrand versehen. Den Grog heiss einfllen und ebenso servieren.

Impressum, Apotheke-Braunschweig

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