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James "Jim" Mumme

James Mumme's grandmother was a Wiederrecht whose family is well documented. James' father was Horace Mumme and Horace's father was Ernest Mumme. In the past, James has indicated that his grandparents immigrated from Germany around 1850 to Iowa to escape the turmoil of the revolution going on in the Hannover/Braunschweig area.

It is very interesting to note the 1850 date of immigration. This was the same time period - within a few years - when the Texas Branch of Mummes and the Australian Branch of Mummes emigrated to their new home countries from Germany. This does not prove a direct connection, but it increases the probability of a closeness of the family.

James Mumme was born May 17, 1926 in Quincy, Illinois to Horace and Minnie Eva Wiederrecht Mumme. The family moved to Wapello, Louisa County, Iowa when he was five years old (1931), and then moved to Arizona when he was 17 (1943) for his mother's health.

He served 2 years in the Navy as a radioman on the USS Nassau, CVE (escort carrier), etc.

After the service, he attended college and was ordained as a Methodist Minister. He has started 7 churches and refers to himself as a church planter. He has planted churches in Bolivia, Mexico and Chad as well as the ones in Arizona. He is currently planting a church in Arizona City, Arizona as well as serving as president of the Eloi Bible Institute.

James married Vida Robison and they have six children:

Stephen Paul Mumme
Lois Elaine Mumme Makahilahila
Debbie Jean Mumme Scales
Philip Bryan Mumme
Teri Mumme
Cheryl Mumme

Stephen Paul Mumme is a Professor of Political Science at Colorado State University at Fort Collins, Colorado. He has published a number of documents and is highly respected in academic circles. He is married to Valerie Assetto, who also is a Professor of Political Science at Colorado State University. Stephen and Valerie have one daughter, Marika.

Lois Elaine Mumme Makahilahila is an Administrative Assistant for a company in Dallas, Texas which specializes in retirement funds. She has two sons, Kimo and Keoki, and a daughter, Tiana Malia.

Debbie Jean Mumme Scales is married to Patrick Scales and lives in Dallas, Texas where she is a recruiter in the Human Resources Department for Perot Systems, Dallas, Texas (Remember Ross Perot?)

Philip Bryan Mumme works for the Casa Grande Union High School as a computer tech support person. He married Debbie Lawson, who is an accountant with Casa Grande Dispatch Newspaper in Casa Grande, Arizona. They have a son, Michael and a daughter, Heather.

Cheryl Mumme is a Junior High School Teacher in Bakersfield, California. She married Scott (last name is unknown), and they have two children, Trevor and Kelsey Ann.

Jim has a sister, Ramona Ann Mumme Flick who lives in Phoenix, Arizona. She is married to Tom Flick. She is retired.

He also has a brother, Lyndel Mumme who is retired and who lives in Phoenix.

As indicated previously, Jim is starting a church in Arizona City, Arizona and continues to serve as President of the Eloy Bible Institute. In addition, he is an active writer. His "Religion in Life" columns appear in the Casa Grande Dispatch, Eloy Enterprise, AZ City Independent, and a chaplaincy article in the Casa Grande Regional Medical Center's house organ called The Pulse.

With Jim, the Mumme Family has several members who have served God in a pastoral capacity. Ferdinand was an ordained Methodist minister, and Carl Theodore Mumme served a number of churches in the New Braunfels and Seguin areas of Texas. We are immensely proud of them!


Toltec Evangelical Methodist Church, Eloy, Arizona
Eloi Bible Institute

Eloi Bible Institute
4210 N. Francisco Drive
Toltec/Eloy, Arizona 85231
(520) 466-3804

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