Johannes Emil Mumme

Johannes Emil Mumme

(1840 - 1917)

Johannes Emil Mumme known in Australia as John Emil or Emil, was born in Ottendorf, Germany on December 4, 1840, son of Friderich Wilhelm Sr. and Maria Bassmann (Bahtmann).

He arrived Australia in 11th September 1857 aboard "Peter Godeffroy" which left Hamburg, Germany in May 1857. The family was listed to disembark in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia but they actually disembarked in Adelaide, South Australia.

Family lore state that The Mumme family had won the Irish lottery and his father, Friderich Wilhelm Sr. decided the family would come to Australia.

Johannes married Lydia Featherstone 23.5.1863. at St. Judes Church. Brighton, South Australia. Lydia was the third daughter of Michael Featherstone of Brighton, South Australia. Johannes and Lydia had 9 children from this marriage. (Five were born in Australia and four were born during a sixteen years in Germany and England.)

The Five children born in Australia were:

  1. Hubert Michael Mumme married Emily Sarah Stephens 1891-Vic, Aust
  2. Lucy Basmann Mumme married Robert Drury 1892, Victoria, Australia
  3. Annie Charlotte Mumme married Richard Joyce 1900, Victoria, Aust.
  4. Evelyn Lydia Mumme married Stanley Victor Featherstone 1897,NSW,Aust
  5. Violet Louise Mumme married Arthur Edwin Feathersone 1896,Vic,Aust.
John Emil,Lydia and the above five children went to Germany & England for 16 years from 1872 until 1888.

Four more sons were born during their sojurn in Germany:

  1. William Emil Mumme AKA Emil William Mumme born 1876 marr.Beryl Mathews 1914
  2. Reginald Arthur Featherstone Mumme born 1879 marr.Ethel Ross 1907,Vic, Aust
  3. Emil Mumme born c1873 - died b 1888 in Germany or England
  4. Reginald Emil born c1874 - died Nov 5 1874 in Hobe Luft, Hamburg, Germany
The Mumme family returned to Australia on December 24, 1888 from the Port of London, England on the ship "Massilia". The eldest son Hubert Michael Mumme returned to Victoria, Australia 6 years before the rest of the family on April 1882 aboard the "Cuzco". He was 18 years old and it was thought that he was sent back to Australia to avoid Military Duty in Germany.

Lydia died in 1896 in Essendon, Victoria, Australia.

John Emil Mumme married again in 1898, in North Carlton, Victoria, Australia to Violet May Keam nee Millist. No children were born from this marriage.

John was naturalised as an Australian on May 12, 1913, and died four years later on May 12, 1917 and is buried Brighton Cemetery, South Caulfield, Victoria, Australia.

John's widow, Violet, remarried March 15, 1929 to Wilhelm Martin Roger in Victoria, and she died in 1955 in Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia