Ludwig Heinrich Gottfried Mumme

Ludwig Heinrich Gottfried Mumme

April 15, 1809 - May 26, 1905

     Ludwig was one of five children of Heinrich Wilhelm Christian Mumme and Johanne Christiane Elizabeth Gehrbrect of Braunschweig, Germany.

     Ludwig Mumme and his wife Marie, nee Wagner, left their home in Braunschweig, Germany after deciding there would be more peace and freedom in America. In Germany, only the rich were allowed to hunt the game in the woods and they had heard that in America anyone could hunt and fish as he pleased. Ludwig's brother, Fredrich (Fritz) had already emigrated to Texas a few years earlier.

      With their sons, Ludwig and Ferdinand, they left Bremen, Germany on Sep 29, 1849. After being on the seas for seven weeks and three days, in a sailing ship, they landed at Galveston, Texas in December of 1849.

     The Mumme family soon settled at Vandenburg, Medina County, Texas. Here, Ludwig bought 200 acres of land, at 50 cents an acre, together with a stock of horses and cattle. So they began life in the new land. It is sad that Ludwig was also a good blacksmith.

     Ludwig and his family lived in a big rock house built from stones taken from surrounding hills. These stones are still in a pile where the home once stood.

     Ludwig and his family were charter members of the New Fountain Methodist Church, founded October 10, 1858.

     Marie Mumme died June 6, 1872, and a year later Ludwig married Christina Albrecht. The story is told that Christina could not speak German and Ludwig could not speak English.

     About five years before Ludwig's death, he lived with his son, Carl Theodore. In 1902, Carl Theodore died, and then Ludwig lived for a short time with his son, Ferdinand. Ferdinand, being a minister, moved from place to place, and because of Ludwig's age, he was placed in the Catholic Old Folk's Home in San Antonio, Texas. He stayed there seven months, dying at the age of 96.

Ludwig Mumme and Magdalene Wagner had four children:

Carl Ludwig Theodor Mumme (1838-1902)
Heinrich Carl Ferdinand Mumme (1840-1922)
Marie Magdalene Louise Mumme (1841-?)
Sophie Dorothea Amalie Mumme (1844-1846)

     We have no information on either Marie or Sophie. Sophie died before the family left for America. Marie would have been eight when the family left for America.

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