Marriages of Mumme Men 1966-1996

 Alfred E. Mumme                   Age: 57
   Wife: Mary E. Zander            Age: 43
   Married Date: 3/7/1980                      Kerr County
 Allen W. Mumme                    Age: 23
   Wife: Marilyn W. Scott          Age: 17
   Married Date: 6/30/1974                     Uvalde County
 Allen W. Mumme                    Age: 41
   Wife: Mary W. Germaine          Age: 42
   Married Date: 7/26/1992                     Uvalde County
 Benjamin K. Mumme                 Age: 21
   Wife: Rhonda K. Myers           Age: 19
   Married Date: 1/5/1980                      Jackson County
 Bruce F. Mumme                    Age: 22
   Wife: Paulette F. Miller        Age: 20
   Married Date: 3/3/1973                      Jim Wells County
 Bryan K. Mumme                    Age: 20
   Wife: Mary K. Boester           Age: 25
   Married Date: 10/15/1995                    Tarrant County
 Charles R. Mumme                  Age: 21
   Wife: Darlene R. Raske          Age: 18
   Married Date: 6/20/1970                     Bexar County
 Charles R. Mumme                  Age: 32
   Wife: Lora R. Hitt              Age: 29
   Married Date: 2/14/1982                     Medina County
 Charles R. Mumme                  Age: 42
   Wife: Alice R. Babbitt          Age: 28
   Married Date: 6/15/1991                     Medina County
 Charles W. Mumme                  Age: 21
   Wife: Donna W. Thomas           Age: 18
   Married Date: 2/4/1984                      Travis County
 Charles W. Mumme                  Age: 32
   Wife: Laura W. Weber            Age: 31
   Married Date: 12/31/1994                    Travis County
 Damon G. Mumme                    Age: 19
   Wife: Cynthia G. Mccarley       Age: 18
   Married Date: 3/31/1974                     Bexar County
 Damon G. Mumme                    Age: 27
   Wife: Cheryl G. Holland         Age: 22
   Married Date: 8/14/1982                     Bexar County
 David E. Mumme                    Age: 22
   Wife: Dena E. Nicholas          Age: 22
   Married Date: 11/6/1971                     Randall County
 David L. Mumme                    Age: 26
   Wife: Kristen L. Bishop         Age: 25
   Married Date: 7/20/1996                     Bexar County
 David R. Mumme                    Age: 25
   Wife: Wendy R. Priebe           Age: 24
   Married Date: 12/28/1985                    Bexar County
 Douglas K. Mumme                  Age: 23
   Wife: Kelly K. Kirkland         Age: 21
   Married Date: 1/5/1991                      Jefferson County
 Frank A. Mumme                    Age: 35
   Wife: Tammy A. Newman           Age: 22
   Married Date: 10/19/1985                    Bexar County
 Franklin A. Mumme                 Age: 19
   Wife: Patricia A. Wallace       Age: 16
   Married Date: 11/26/1969                    Bexar County
 Gerald L. Mumme                   Age: 29
   Wife: Patricia L. Ellis         Age: 24
   Married Date: 12/12/1970                    Harris County
 Hal C. Mumme                      Age: 22
   Wife: June C. Leishman          Age: 20
   Married Date: 11/3/1974                     Erath County
 Harlan B. Mumme Jr                Age: 37
   Wife: Glenda B. Taylor          Age: 30
   Married Date: 3/13/1982                     Bexar County
 Hugo L. Mumme Jr                  Age: 43
   Wife: Joyce L. Giles            Age: 24
   Married Date: 12/24/1976                    Bexar County
 Jimmy A. Mumme                    Age: 27
   Wife: Becky A. Santleben        Age: 26
   Married Date: 10/23/1982                    Medina County
 Joe D. Mumme                      Age: 39
   Wife: Suzanne D. Novak          Age: 25
   Married Date: 8/6/1988                      Harris County
 John A. Mumme                     Age: 73
   Wife: Grace A. Hillebrand       Age: 64
   Married Date: 12/31/1989                    Austin County
 John F. Mumme                     Age: 35
   Wife: Judy F. Cude              Age: 26
   Married Date: 1/24/1981                     Jim Wells County
 John FR. Mumme                    Age: 21
   Wife: Virginia FR. Knolle       Age: 22
   Married Date: 10/22/1966                    Travis County
 Johnny W. Mumme                   Age: 22
   Wife: Sendi W. Sexton           Age: 21
   Married Date: 7/24/1993                     Brazoria County
 Joseph C. Mumme                   Age: 21
   Wife: Cheryl C. Davis           Age: 20
   Married Date: 9/12/1987                     Bexar County
 Konrad W. Mumme                   Age: 17
   Wife: Deborah W. Potter         Age: 20
   Married Date: 5/17/1974                     Wichita County
 Konrad W. Mumme                   Age: 19
   Wife: Tammy W. Geissler         Age: 18
   Married Date: 7/2/1976                      Cooke County
 Konrad W. Mumme                   Age: 24
   Wife: Leslie W. Littrell        Age: 23
   Married Date: 1/22/1982                     Cooke County
 Lance S. Mumme                    Age: 19
   Wife: Karen S. Platt            Age: 17
   Married Date: 3/9/1978                      Bexar County
 Lance S. Mumme                    Age: 24
   Wife: Tammy S. Bass             Age: 19
   Married Date: 8/12/1983                     Bexar County
 Larry G. Mumme                    Age: 25
   Wife: Sandra G. Kopplin         Age: 24
   Married Date: 6/22/1974                     Bexar County
 Larry G. Mumme                    Age: 30
   Wife: Billie G. Price           Age: 30
   Married Date: 8/4/1979                      Bexar County
 Larry GE. Mumme                   Age: 19
   Wife: Sandra GE. Kopplin        Age: 18
   Married Date: 8/16/1968                     Bexar County
 Leroy C. Mumme                    Age: 57
   Wife: Vernell C. Ottmers        Age: 41
   Married Date: 8/1/1969                      Bexar County
 Michael D. Mumme                  Age: 21
   Wife: Julie D. Rhoads           Age: 19
   Married Date: 7/28/1972                     Cooke County
 Montie J. Mumme                   Age: 21
   Wife: Teresa J. Rodriguez       Age: 16
   Married Date: 9/28/1985                     Medina County
 Norman C. Mumme Jr                Age: 52
   Wife: Patsy C. Edge             Age: 46
   Married Date: 2/6/1993                      Bexar County
 Otto J. Mumme Jr                  Age: 36
   Wife: Jackie J. Stone           Age: 30
   Married Date: 5/16/1987                     Bell County
 Patrick G. Mumme                  Age: 22
   Wife: Margie G. Smothers        Age: 19
   Married Date: 10/2/1971                     Bexar County
 Randall P. Mumme                  Age: 24
   Wife: Kathryn P. Gregurek       Age: 18
   Married Date: 1/19/1974                     Calhoun County
 Randall P. Mumme                  Age: 30
   Wife: Lynne P. Randle           Age: 24
   Married Date: 8/11/1979                     Harris County
 Randy H. Mumme                    Age: 22
   Wife: Mary H. Gilbert           Age: 19
   Married Date: 4/11/1969                     Jim Wells County
 Randy H. Mumme                    Age: 27
   Wife: Shirley H. Wright         Age: 29
   Married Date: 8/17/1974                     Jim Wells County
 Raymond R. Mumme                  Age: 61
   Wife: Alice R. Geuea            Age: 61
   Married Date: 9/27/1974                     Guadalupe County
 Richard C. Mumme                  Age: 45
   Wife: Kellie C. Kelly           Age: 42
   Married Date: 6/27/1985                     Tarrant County
 Richard H. Mumme                  Age: 24
   Wife: Kimberly H. Miller        Age: 27
   Married Date: 4/20/1996                     Atascosa County
 Robert C. Mumme                   Age: 26
   Wife: Nancy C. Haile            Age: 24
   Married Date: 11/17/1979                    Bexar County
 Robert R. Mumme                   Age: 20
   Wife: Debra R. Fullen           Age: 19
   Married Date: 3/22/1973                     Aransas County
 Roger D. Mumme                    Age: 24
   Wife: Patricia D. Hawk          Age: 23
   Married Date: 11/3/1979                     Bexar County
 Ronald A. Mumme                   Age: 24
   Wife: Kathryn A. Aaron          Age: 26
   Married Date: 6/29/1989                     Nueces County
 Ronald A. Mumme                   Age: 31
   Wife: Christina A. Dearing      Age: 25
   Married Date: 10/28/1995                    Comal County
 Ronald E. Mumme                   Age: 43
   Wife: Suzanne E. Vrana          Age: 38
   Married Date: 6/19/1987                     Bexar County
 Ronald E. Mumme                   Age: 47
   Wife: Earline E. Ball           Age: 47
   Married Date: 11/17/1990                    Bexar County
 Roy H. Mumme                      Age: 24
   Wife: Tina H. Weynand           Age: 23
   Married Date: 6/22/1985                     Medina County
 Scott A. Mumme                    Age: 19
   Wife: Melissa A. Smith          Age: 20
   Married Date: 12/31/1993                    Uvalde County
 Shawn M. Mumme                    Age: 19
   Wife: Misty M. Guerrero         Age: 17
   Married Date: 5/20/1995                     Bexar County
 Sherman J. Mumme                  Age: 30
   Wife: Theresa J. Kruse          Age: 27
   Married Date: 5/27/1985                     Uvalde County
 Teddy H. Mumme                    Age: 23
   Wife: Dianna H. Drury           Age: 22
   Married Date: 5/30/1969                     Calhoun County
 Troy L. Mumme                     Age: 24
   Wife: Kellye L. Hatcher         Age: 20
   Married Date: 6/20/1987                     Jefferson County
 William J. Mumme                  Age: 27
   Wife: Deborah J. Cade           Age: 25
   Married Date: 12/28/1973                    Lubbock County
 William T. Mumme                  Age: 31
   Wife: Carrie T. Stalter         Age: 22
   Married Date: 5/15/1981                     Nueces County
 William T. Mumme                  Age: 38
   Wife: Susan T. Popelka          Age: 30
   Married Date: 4/7/1988                      Bexar County
Marriages of Mumme Women:

 Agatha C. Mumme                   Age: 20
   Husb: Dale C. Snyder Jr         Age: 24
   Married Date: 8/3/1968                      Jim Wells County
 Annette E. Mumme                  Age: 18
   Husb: John E. Billings          Age: 18
   Married Date: 6/14/1980                     Medina County
 Barbara S. Mumme                  Age: 21
   Husb: William S. Bailey         Age: 22
   Married Date: 10/4/1975                     Fort County
 Bernadette A. Mumme               Age: 19
   Husb: Nelson A. Miles           Age: 34
   Married Date: 6/4/1988                      Bexar County
 Carol S. Mumme                    Age: 20
   Husb: Douglas S. Roszhart       Age: 22
   Married Date: 6/18/1983                     Gregg County
 Cheryl E. Mumme                   Age: 20
   Husb: Jeffrey E. Flynn          Age: 24
   Married Date: 9/10/1994                     Bexar County
 Chrie D. Mumme                    Age: 20
   Husb: Jeffrey D. Jeter          Age: 22
   Married Date: 4/16/1983                     Tom Green County
 Chrie A. Mumme                    Age: 32
   Husb: Richard A. Mccue          Age: 36
   Married Date: 9/29/1995                     Dallas County
 Cindy T. Mumme                    Age: 29
   Husb: Jihad T. Helou            Age: 32
   Married Date: 5/9/1986                      Bexar County
 Deborah M. Mumme                  Age: 23
   Husb: Danny M. Holt             Age: 24
   Married Date: 7/30/1977                     Jackson County
 Deborah M. Mumme                  Age: 32
   Husb: Richard M. Mcelreath      Age: 31
   Married Date: 5/22/1986                     Marion County
 Debra S. Mumme                    Age: 25
   Husb: Patrick S. Diver          Age: 25
   Married Date: 5/4/1996                      Bexar County
 Delisa A. Mumme                   Age: 26
   Husb: Robert A. Fredrickso      Age: 32
   Married Date: 3/9/1985                      Nueces County
 Delisa G. Mumme                   Age: 19
   Husb: John G. Ruschhaupt        Age: 19
   Married Date: 6/25/1978                     San Patricio County
 Dena D. Mumme                     Age: 26
   Husb: Jerry D. Branson          Age: 21
   Married Date: 9/3/1980                      Coryell County
 Dena M. Mumme                     Age: 37
   Husb: James M. January          Age: 45
   Married Date: 4/15/1991                     Mc Lennan County
 Dena J. Mumme                     Age: 40
   Husb: Hank J. Lee               Age: 30
   Married Date: 1/7/1994                      Lampasas County
 Dena W. Mumme                     Age: 17
   Husb: David W. Miller           Age: 20
   Married Date: 3/3/1971                      Bell County
 Dena E. Mumme                     Age: 22
   Husb: Jerry E. Sistrunk         Age: 22
   Married Date: 5/5/1976                      Sherman County
 Dena E. Mumme                     Age: 37
   Husb: Charles E. Vernon         Age: 52
   Married Date: 8/25/1991                     Bell County
 Denise C. Mumme                   Age: 18
   Husb: Michael C. Roman          Age: 18
   Married Date: 7/9/1988                      Denton County
 Diana B. Mumme                    Age: 21
   Husb: Russell B. Meyer          Age: 20
   Married Date: 5/19/1979                     Lubbock County
 Diane R. Mumme                    Age: 34
   Husb: Douglas R. Cross          Age: 32
   Married Date: 6/30/1990                     San Patricio County
 Diane M. Mumme                    Age: 26
   Husb: Rory M. Oneil             Age: 25
   Married Date: 6/12/1982                     Travis County
 Diane S. Mumme                    Age: 21
   Husb: Franklin S. Spears Jr     Age: 24
   Married Date: 8/13/1977                     Bexar County
 Donna L. Mumme                    Age: 23
   Husb: Danial L. Gibson          Age: 30
   Married Date: 12/23/1977                    San Patricio County
 Donna L. Mumme                    Age: 37
   Husb: Barry L. Terpsjing        Age: 45
   Married Date: 12/13/1991                    Nueces County
 Dorothy P. Mumme                  Age: 21
   Husb: David P. Worthingto       Age: 24
   Married Date: 3/19/1978                     Harris County
 Edith M. Mumme                    Age: 48
   Husb: Anthony M. Haass          Age: 48
   Married Date: 3/31/1984                     Medina County
 Edith W. Mumme                    Age: 43
   Husb: Harold W. Kaster          Age: 46
   Married Date: 8/3/1979                      Bexar County
 Elsie E. Mumme                    Age: 38
   Husb: Clayton E. Ottmers        Age: 43
   Married Date: 7/2/1966                      Bexar County
 Elsie J. Mumme                    Age: 50
   Husb: Melvin J. Tabor           Age: 59
   Married Date: 12/9/1978                     Bexar County
 Florence J. Mumme                 Age: 42
   Husb: Edward J. Strelzick       Age: 50
   Married Date: 3/28/1969                     Kendall County
 Frances G. Mumme                  Age: 19
   Husb: Farivorz G. Mojaver       Age: 22
   Married Date: 11/3/1966                     Travis County
 Gladys A. Mumme                   Age: 65
   Husb: Thomas A. Milam           Age: 71
   Married Date: 10/1/1982                     Bexar County
 Irene J. Mumme                    Age: 52
   Husb: Leonard J. Katzfey        Age: 53
   Married Date: 2/15/1969                     Live Oak County
 Jane J. Mumme                     Age: 21
   Husb: Clarence J. Wheeler Ii    Age: 27
   Married Date: 3/1/1975                      Harris County
 Jerlean D. Mumme                  Age: 49
   Husb: Marvin D. Johnson         Age: 46
   Married Date: 11/13/1993                    Harris County
 Johnnie W. Mumme                  Age: 43
   Husb: Joseph W. Bowker          Age: 45
   Married Date:                               Bell County
 Johnnie D. Mumme                  Age: 29
   Husb: John D. Dunn              Age: 47
   Married Date: 11/13/1978                    Bell County
 Johnnie P. Mumme                  Age: 36
   Husb: Jay P. Sherwood S         Age: 32
   Married Date: 9/21/1985                     Mc Lennan County
 Kay E. Mumme                      Age: 37
   Husb: Aubrey E. Irby Jr         Age: 38
   Married Date: 8/20/1988                     Smith County
 Kay D. Mumme                      Age: 21
   Husb: Wilbur D. Shieldes        Age: 22
   Married Date: 7/1/1972                      Calhoun County
 Linda J. Mumme                    Age: 19
   Husb: Daniel J. Roeder          Age: 18
   Married Date: 5/11/1974                     Kerr County
 Margie L. Mumme                   Age: 27
   Husb: Sidney L. Ravkind         Age: 38
   Married Date: 1/14/1975                     Harris County
 Margot L. Mumme                   Age: 30
   Husb: David L. Cornelius        Age: 30
   Married Date: 1/8/1982                      Jim Wells County
 Margot B. Mumme                   Age: 19
   Husb: Belo B. Wright            Age: 19
   Married Date: 7/31/1970                     Nueces County
 Marlana . Mumme                   Age: 21
   Husb: Gerardo . Perez           Age: 25
   Married Date: 5/6/1994                      Bexar County
 Martha H. Mumme                   Age: 26
   Husb: Douglas H. Morey          Age: 26
   Married Date: 10/22/1977                    Harris County
 Melanie D. Mumme                  Age: 34
   Husb: Robert D. Green           Age: 33
   Married Date: 2/22/1983                     Jim Wells County
 Michelle E. Mumme                 Age: 22
   Husb: Barrett E. Gingery        Age: 25
   Married Date: 5/21/1990                     Harris County
 Nancy S. Mumme                    Age: 35
   Husb: Juan S. Carrizales        Age: 39
   Married Date: 8/21/1993                     Harris County
 Pamela D. Mumme                   Age: 27
   Husb: Ricky D. Temple           Age: 28
   Married Date: 4/3/1982                      Nueces County

 Pana   Mumme                      Age: 27
   Husb: Nirun . Boonchay          Age: 24
   Married Date: 1/6/1981                      Travis County
 Pana A. Mumme                     Age: 18
   Husb: Jerry A. Deal             Age: 19
   Married Date: 8/6/1971                      Bexar County
 Patricia E. Mumme                 Age: 29
   Husb: Craig E. Ditsch           Age: 28
   Married Date: 8/4/1974                      Medina County
 Patricia   Mumme                  Age: 23
   Husb: Victor   Neill            Age: 25
   Married Date: 1/20/1966                     Bexar County
 Pearl P. Mumme                    Age: 66
   Husb: Monroe P. Hayden          Age: 64
   Married Date: 7/25/1981                     Bexar County
 Peggy D. Mumme                    Age: 27
   Husb: Lyman D. Adair            Age: 26
   Married Date: 5/24/1980                     Victoria County
 Peggy W. Mumme                    Age: 21
   Husb: Geroge W. Gaston          Age: 32
   Married Date: 8/8/1969                      Fort Bend County
 Peggy R. Mumme                    Age: 18
   Husb: Philip R. Manning         Age: 20
   Married Date: 7/2/1971                      Calhoun County
 Rita M. Mumme                     Age: 23
   Husb: Frederick M. Bovee Sr     Age: 35
   Married Date: 6/2/1979                      Bosque County
 Rita L. Mumme                     Age: 15
   Husb: Ronald L. Branum          Age: 21
   Married Date: 4/3/1971                      Bell County
 Rita A. Mumme                     Age: 15
   Husb: John A. Cicolella         Age: 19
   Married Date: 6/1/1971                      Coryell County
 Rita R. Mumme                     Age: 16
   Husb: Jerry R. Davis            Age: 25
   Married Date: 10/14/1971                    Bell County
 Rita . Mumme                      Age: 31
   Husb: Gary . Moon               Age: 54
   Married Date: 1/12/1987                     Mc Lennan County
 Rita . Mumme                      Age: 35
   Husb: Gary . Moon               Age: 58
   Married Date: 6/17/1991                     Mc Lennan County
 Rita G. Mumme                     Age: 38
   Husb: Dale G. Thomas            Age: 36
   Married Date: 1/11/1994                     Mc Lennan County
 Robin L. Mumme                    Age: 31
   Husb: William L. Clayton        Age: 47
   Married Date: 6/8/1984                      Harris County
 Robin E. Mumme                    Age: 34
   Husb: Wayne E. Ellis            Age: 42
   Married Date: 12/25/1987                    Brazos County
 Ruth A. Mumme                     Age: 21
   Husb: James A. Decamp           Age: 21
   Married Date: 8/1/1970                      Harris County
 Shannon C. Mumme                  Age: 22
   Husb: David C. Briggs           Age: 25
   Married Date: 8/25/1990                     Travis County
 Sheri G. Mumme                    Age: 18
   Husb: Terry G. Barnes           Age: 28
   Married Date: 2/14/1984                     Comal County
 Susan E. Mumme                    Age: 20
   Husb: Michael E. Masur          Age: 22
   Married Date: 8/17/1970                     Jim Wells County
 Teresa C. Mumme                   Age: 18
   Husb: Kevin C. Jester           Age: 24
   Married Date: 6/10/1988                     Ward County
 Terrie B. Mumme                   Age: 27
   Husb: Evan B. Hodgden           Age: 31
   Married Date: 8/8/1979                      Bexar County
 Terry C. Mumme                    Age: 20
   Husb: Robert C. Studer          Age: 22
   Married Date: 3/15/1980                     Uvalde County
 Tracy A. Mumme                    Age: 17
   Husb: Kenneth A. Beeson         Age: 19
   Married Date: 3/6/1976                      Bell County
 Tracy A. Mumme                    Age: 22
   Husb: Kenneth A. Beeson         Age: 24
   Married Date: 3/24/1981                     Bell County
 Tracy W. Mumme                    Age: 27
   Husb: Henry W. Wakefield        Age: 29
   Married Date: 8/16/1997                     Dallas County
 Vivien T. Mumme                   Age: 30
   Husb: Donald T. Frickman        Age: 47
   Married Date: 6/30/1980                     Bexar County
 Vivien G. Mumme                   Age: 19
   Husb: David G. Long             Age: 22
   Married Date: 7/28/1969                     Bexar County

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