New Orleans Mumme Family

New Orleans' Mumme Family

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      The New Orleans' Mumme Family descends from Johann Christoph Mumme and Anna Margarete Sanneman. Johann was born in Osternburg, Germany which is a suburb of Oldenburg. Anna was born in Quackenbruck. Oldenburg is located in the northern "flat" or "low" area of Germany, near Bremen. Click here to see map.

      Johann and Anna had at least five children, including Henry, who emigrated from Oldenburg, Germany to the United States about 1862. Click the link associated with his name to view his history and his descendants.

  1. Carl Ernst Gerhard Mumme (Born 1821)
  2. Johanne Dietrict Martin Mumme (Born 1828)
  3. Christoph Johann Carl Mumme (Born 1831)
  4. Wilhelm (Henry) Heinrich Friedrich Mumme (Born Oct 6, 1833)
  5. Martin Wilhelm Albert (Alhert?) Mumme (born 1837)

      Stephen Mumme says there are many Mumme descendants in the New Orleans and surrounding area. His grandfather (Theodore) used to tell the children that Henry's brothers were sailors and all may have come to the United States to ports other than New Orleans (who knows?)

      Stephen provided the following information on another Mumme family:

"There is another group of Mumme's from the Mobile area. Their ancestor emigrated from Germany to Wisconsin, came down the Mississippi River to New Orleans, and then sailed to Mexico where he married and then finally settled in Mobile, Ala. His name was George John Mumme (born about 1840, died about 1925). The family has not been able to trace his origins in Germany".

Source(s): Stephen Mumme