The New Zealand Mummes

The New Zealand Mumme's

      The New Zealand Mumme family descends from the Christian Mumme family of Hamburg, Germany. Christian was born circa 1800 in Germany. He married Dorette Langewisch. They lived in Stolzenau which is located below Hanover beside the Weser River.

      One child born to Christian and Dorette Mumme was Carl Heinrich Andreas Mumme. He was born at Stolzenau on May 17, 1839, and was baptized May 27, 1839, at an Evangelist Lutheran Church in Stolzenau.

      Carl Heinrich Andreas Mumme married Catherine Magdalena Sohst. She was the daughter of Claus Sohst (Soost) and Christine Maria Ludemann who was born May 28, 1842 at Elmshorn, Germany which is located just above Hamburg.

      The New Zealand Mumme Family History is detailed in several chapters. Click on any of the following headings to view a specific page. In addition, a different view is included in the headings under Surnames and Names. Links under these headings lead to photos and additional information.

  1. Carl Heinrich Andreas Mumme
  2. Carl Hinrich Andreas Mumme
  3. Carl (Harry) Henry Albert Mumme
  4. William and Edna Mumme Howarth
  5. The New Zealand Genealogy Book (14 pages)
  6. New Zealand Surname List
  7. New Zealand Names

Source(s): Lorna Fay Howarth Wuthrich
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