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     In September of 1961, I realized that my husband and I knew very little about the
Mumme family to pass on to our son.  With this thought in mind, I began contacting various
Mummes in the San Antonio phone directory.  Several trips to Hondo, Vandenburg, New
Fountain, and Poteet were also necessary.
     Mr. John Kellogg Kight had the Carl Theodore Mumme family Bible and record book
which he graciously loaned me.
     By this time, what started out to be a small inquiry had turned into a full time hobby. 
It is certainly a most fascinating hobby.  You get to be a detective, historian, tombstone
searcher, and also meet the nicest people.
     On November 12, 1961, the Theodore Mumme family reunion was held in Poteet at the
home of Mrs. Nellie Coble.  About 100 people attended this affair, with people from the Fritz
Mumme family and the Theodore Mumme family meeting for the first time.
     At this time, we decided to organize with the intention of later publishing a book on
the Mumme family.  The following officers were elected: Mr. John Kellogg Kight of San
Antonio, President; Mrs. Glenn Gooding of Hondo, vice-president; and Mrs. L.W. Mumme of
Dilley, secretary-treasurer.
     Due to my job and the time involved, we have only completed the Carl Theodore
Mumme family at this time, and part of the Fritz Mumme family.  But with continued help
from all of you, we will strive to have the Fritz and Ferdinand families complete by next year.
     I wish to thank all of you for your wonderful assistance in getting me the information
I needed. To Mr. and Mrs. John Kellogg Kight goes our appreciation for the printing of this
booklet.  And to my mother, Mrs. Leonard Howard of San Antonio, my thanks for the many
hours she worked in the libraries and courthouses doing research for me.  She also
translated the record book, kept by Carl Theodore, from German to English.

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