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Mumme Book - Page 5

Page 5

            Information just received from Germany,

                           May 16, 1962

Johann Heinrich Mumme
   His legitimate son

          Heinrich Wilhelm Christian Mumme (citizen)
               Married September 13, 1803 - Braunschweig
               St. Katharinen Church to

          Johanne Christiane Elizabeth Gehrbrecht
               (32 year old daughter of the citizen -
                Johann Friedrich Ludwig Gehrbrecht)

St. Katharinen Church - Braunschweig, Germany

Their children were: I. Johann Heinrich August Mumme Born August 6, 1806 Baptized St. Katharinen Confirmed - 1820 II. Heinrich Martin Theodor Mumme Born October 1, 1807 Baptized St. Katharinen Confirmed - 1824 III. Ludwig Heinrich Gottfried Mumme - (Head of One Texas Branch of Family) Born April 15, 1809 Baptized St. Katharinen - Jan 12, 1810 Confirmed - April 2, 1828 IV. Caroline Louise Marie Mumme Born March 17, 1817 Baptized St. Katharinen *V. Fredrich (Fritz) Mumme - (Head of One Texas Branch of Family) Born: Mar 13, 1822 Died: Feb 3, 1901 * Note: Mrs. L.W. Mumme's original book did not list Fritz as one of the children of Heinrich, however, a later addition to the book indicates Fritz is the brother of Ludwig. He came to Texas several years prior to Ludwig's coming to America.

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