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Mumme Book - Page 15


1860 - 1928

     W.T., the eldest son of Carl Theodore and Elise Mumme was born at New Braunfels, Texas.
     As a young man, W.T. had quite a bit of lung trouble and so spent a number of years in the warmer climate of Old Mexico.
     While helping his father put up a windmill on a nearby farm he met Miss Ella Margaret Essary. They married at Castroville, Texas in the year 1886, and moved to a farm at Big Foot, Texas. Here, their sons, Louis William and Theodore Howell Mumme were born.
     After several years of farming, a drought came. They left the farm, moved to Devine, Texas and opened a general store. The family lived over the store. This was where their only daughter, Bertha Tanner Mumme, was born. In 1900, the family moved to a home where William Francis was born, A month after William's birth, the home and all of their belongings were destroyed by fire.
     In 1905, due to a financial set-back, the family moved to San Antonio and started a small store on Austin Street. Later, this business was closed and the family moved to Sandia, Texas.
     Once again, W.T. opened a general store, and as an added service, he ran a bank for his customers. During cotton season, he and his sons bought and sold cotton.
     In Sandia, W.T.'s business proved to be very prosperous. Soon, with the advice and encouragement of their father, Louis William was able to open his own store in 1911, in Orange Grove, Texas, and Theodore opened his store in nearby Alfred, Texas in 1914.
     W.T. lived a rich and full life until his death in 1928.

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