Mumme Book - Page J1 (June 1966)

Page J1

                                             June, 1966

   Since the research on our Mumme family was begun in 1961, many
highways, weeded trails, cobblestone paths, and by-ways have been
mentally and physically traversed.
   The search for one's antecedents is a snowballing affair.  It becomes
so intensely interesting that one doesn't want to quit, and it is only
when you feel that you have followed the final clue down the last path
that you will concede on that family line. Alas, the snowball has
reached the foot of the hill.
   This is what has happened to our Mumme and allied lines.  The
certified data has run out and the rest seems buried in the dim past.
the years preceding 1600 will perhaps forever remain so for us - unless
perchance someday a moldy, forgotten book is opened and provides us with
a new glance into the years gone by.
   As you know, There have had several genealogists working for us during
the years since 1962.  They have been most helpful in tracing our family
back as far as 1600.  Through them, I learned of four books in the
Harvard Library on the Mumme families.  I had Nos. II and IV of these
microfilmed and reprinted.  These were written by von A. Fahne, who
worked on them for forty-four years.  They were published in Coln,
Germany, 1876-1878.  These volumes are written in German, Old Dutch and
Latin.  We have had only a part of these books translated.

   1. Urkundenbuch des geschlechts Meschede. 432 P.
   2. Urkundenbuch des geschlechts Momm oder Mumm. 502 P.
   3. Urkundenbuch des geschlechts Spede jetzt Spee. 272 P.
   4. Urkundenbuch des geschlechts Momm oder Mumm. 386.P.

   We have no proof, nor, have we tried to prove, that we are related to the people we have mentioned in these books, but I thought it might be
interesting to know a little about some people with the Mumme name who
go far back into history.

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