The Pelt Family History

The Pelt Family History

      James Madison Pelt was born in Clark Co, AL on June 22, 1825. He married Lucretia Ann Merchant (born Jan 10, 1835) on July 4, 1847 in Simpson county Mississippi. James was the son of Asa and Mincey Langford of Jones County, Georgia.

      They had seven children: Columbus W., James M.( who died at five months), Anna Jane, William Jasper, John Asa, and Henry J. About 1862 James and Lucretia and five children left Mississippi in a wagon headed for Texas.

      The youngest child Henry, was born Jan 5, 1863 as they reached Trinity Co TX. For unknown reasons they then headed for Mexico. On Jan 18, 1865 Lucretia died in Camargo Mexico, probably of typhoid pneumonia. Her husband James then headed back to Mississippi. He reached New Orleans where he died, according to the family of a broken heart. He probably died of the same ailment that killed his wife.

      The six children were placed in a orphanage in New Orleans. Baby Henry died there of the measles on Oct 10, 1865. The oldest, Columbus left the orphanage to join the Northern Army and later settled in the Waco area. William Jasper after a time at the orphanage went to work on a Mississippi riverboat. Anna, Melissa and John Asa stayed in the orphanage several years and received excellent educations. Upon leaving the home, they reunited with their brothers near Corsicana.

      Eventually however, on Nov 7, 1874, William Jasper and John Asa left for the Sour Lake area in Texas. Jasper settled in Pine Ridge where he remained the rest of his life and married Ida Shaw.

John Asa Pelt

      John Asa also settled in the Sour Lake area. In 1879 he married Sarah Alice Waterhouse. Sarah was an Indian from Oklahoma. They had eight children: Mary Ellen, John Washington, Laura Hester, Annie, Christopher Columbus, Melissa, Isaac and Alice. At one time John Asa served as a Justice of the Peace and was from that point on called Judge Pelt. He also practiced law until his death in 1946 at the age of 86.

A typical Oklahoma Indian Woman

      Sarah Alice worked with her sons building their long horned cattle ranch. Portraying the rough life of the pioneer woman riding was her passion. Her skill and daring equalled and often excelled her sons.

Partial Family Genealogical Record:
1. Asa Pelt
   Mincey Langford

   1-A.  James Madison Pelt
            Born: Jun 22, 1825 - Clark County, Alabama
            Died: Circa 1865 - New Orleans, Louisiana
            Marr: Jul 4, 1847 - Simpson County, Mississippi
         Lucretia Ann Merchant
            Born: Jan 10, 1835
            Died: 1865 - Carmargo, Mexico probably of Typhoid Fever

         1-B.  Columbus W. Pelt

         2-B.  James M. (died at five months old)

         3-B.  Anna Jane Pelt

         4-B.  William Jasper Pelt
                    Born: Apr 9, 1854
                    Died: Sep 20, 1922 - Hardin County, Texas
                    Marr: Jul 12, 1888
                 Ida Shaw
                    Born: Abt. 1867
                    Died: Jun 17, 1938 - Hardin County, Texas

                 Ida was the daughter of Quincy M. Shaw and Elizabeth Jordan.

                 1-C.  Pearl Pelt
                          Born: Sep 2, 1889
                          Died: Dec 20, 1916 - Hardin County, Texas
                       James Laird

                       1-D.  Weldon "Cowboy" Laird
                                Born: 1910
                             Dorothy Faye Glaze

                       2-D.  Howard Laird
                                Born: May 26, 1912
                                Died: Jun 29, 1970 - Hardin County, Texas

                       3-D.  Jewel Laird
                                Born: 1912
                             ? McGill

                       4-D.  Maudena Laird
                                Born: 1915
                             ? Richardson

                       5-D.  J.W. Laird
                                Born: 1916

                 2-C.  Fannie Pelt
                          Born: Jan 20, 1891
                          Died: Nov 4, 1894 - Hardin County, Texas

                 3-C.  Albert Pelt
                          Born: Jul 23, 1892
                          Died: Jul 4, 1953 - Hardin County, Texas
                       Sarah Mittie Kelly
                          Born: Jan 13, 1891
                          Died: Mar 2, 1965 - Liberty County, Texas

                 4-C.  Soloman Pelt
                          Born: Dec 7, 1893
                          Died: Oct 20, 1911 - Hardin County, Texas

                 5-C.  Samuel W. Pelt
                          Born: Mar 5, 1895
                          Died: Aug 19, 1954 - Hardin County, Texas
                       Zula Read

                 6-C.  Elizabeth "Betty" Pelt
                          Born: Mar 1896
                       ? Griddin

                 7-C.  Charles Culberson "Charlie" Pelt
                          Born: Jan 8, 1898
                          Died: Jan 4, 1942 - Hardin County, Texas
                       Mirtie Rebecca Jacobson

                       1-D.  Charles Alton Pelt
                                Born: Nov 11, 1926

                       2-D.  Elvin Arnold Pelt
                                Born: Nov 15, 1931

                       3-D.  Kenneth Aaron Pelt
                                Born: Aug 27, 1940
                                Marr: 1963
                             Judith Ann Locklar

                 8-C.  Luther Pelt
                          Born: Apr 29, 1899 - Hardin County, Texas
                          Died: Aug 29, 1987 - Jefferson County, Texas
                       Emma Ila Patillo
                          Born: Apr 7, 1903
                          Died: Oct 5, 1928 - Hardin County, Texas

                       1-D.   Emmer Luther Pelt
                                 Born: Oct 4, 1928 - Hardin County, Texas

                 9-C.  Elvia Pelt
                          Born: 1902 - Texas
                          Died: 1988
                       ? Warren

                 10-C. Lillie Pelt
                          Born: 1906 - Texas
                       ? Glaze

         5-B.  John Asa Pelt
                  Born: Jan 15, 1860
                  Died: Apr 10, 1946
                  Marr: 1879
               Sarah Alice Waterhouse
                  Born: Feb 27, 1862
                  Died: Nov 28, 1936

               1-C.  Mary Ellen Pelt

               2-C.  John Washington Pelt

               3-C.  Laura Hester Pelt

               4-C.  Annie Pelt
                        Born: Apr 15, 1887
                        Died: Sep 10, 1909
                     ? Smith

               5-C.  Christopher Columbus Pelt

               6-C.  Melissa Pelt
                        Born: Circa 1890
                        Died:                - Palestine, Texas
                     Ira Camp

                     1-E.  Ross Laidacker Camp
                              Born:  Jan 18, 1911 - Sour Lake, Texas
                              Died:  Sep, 1957    - Louisiana
                     2-E.  Iris Camp

               7-C.  Isaac Pelt
                        Born: Jul 15, 1893
                        Died: Apr 10, 1996 - Hardin County, Texas
                     Mary Reddings
                        Born: Jan 26, 1903
                        Died: Apr 7, 1976

                     1-E.  Gladys Marie Pelt
                              Born: Apr 23, 1922
                              Died: Jan 01, 1998 - Sour Lake, Texas
                           Roy Frank Herrington, Sr.

                           1-F.  Roy Frank Herrington, Jr.
                                    Born: Abt. 1944
                                    Marr: Sep 18, 1982
                                 Margarette Smallwood
                                    Born: Abt. 1958

                                 1-G.  Amber Gayle Herrington
                                          Born: Dec 27, 1979

                                 2-G.  Felicia Kaye Herrington
                                          Born: Oct 25, 1983

                     1-E.  Betty Lois Pelt
                              Born: Jul 26, 1928
                           Frank Standley Swain

                           1-F.  Mary Sharon Swain
                                    Born: Abt. 1950
                                    Marr: Jul 1, 1972
                                 Randell Joseph "Randy" Richard
                                    Born: Abt. 1950

                                 1-G.  Shelley Elizabeth Richard
                                          Born: May 10, 1978

                                 2-G.  Lesley Ellen Richard
                                          Born: May 6, 1981

                                 3-G.  Adam Joseph Richard
                                          Born: Nov 5, 1984

                           2-F.  Bonnie Gayle Swain
                                    Born: Abt. 1953
                                    Marr: Aug 12, 1972      (1)
                                 Glenn Stuart Withers
                                    Born: Jan 9, 1948

                                 1-G.  Brittany Leigh Withers
                                          Born: Oct 3, 1973
                                       Brian Wesley Johnson

                                    Marr: Oct 12, 1978      (2)
                                 Nelson Joseph Menard, Jr.
                                    Born: Jul 24, 1946

                                    Marr: Aug 13, 1988      (3)
                                 Stacy Hoffpauir
                                    Born: Abt. 1963

                                 2-G.  Dustin Colby Hoffpauir
                                          Born: May 27, 1989

                                 3-G.  Dylan Christopher Hoffpauir
                                          Born: Jan 8, 1991

                           3-F   Brenda Kay Swain
                                    Born:  Circa 1957
                                    Marr:  Dec 21, 1980     (1)
                                 Stephen K. Harvey
                                    Born:  Circa 1957
                                    Marr:  May 24, 1985    (2)
                                 William Lee Elliott
                                    Born:  Circa 1957
                                    1-G.  Christopher Blake Elliott
                                             Born: October 7, 1984 - Harris County

                     2-E.  Annie Laura Pelt
                              Born: Jun 27, 1930
                           Donald M. Guedry

                           1-F.  Teresa Ann Guedry
                                    Born: Abt. 1952
                                    Marr: Jan 2, 1971
                                 Michael Parish
                                    Born: Abt 1951

                                 1-G.  Jason Todd Parish
                                          Born: Apr 23, 1976

                                 2-G.  Kristy Michelle Parish
                                          Born: Jan 9, 1980

                           2-F.  Carolyn Sue Guedry
                                    Born: Abt. 1956
                                    Marr: Jan 7, 1978
                                 Larry Watson
                                    Born: Abt. 1954

               8-C.  Alice Pelt

               Another relationship with Anita Raymond produced one son:

               9-C.  Earl Acie Pelt
                        Born: Jun 30, 1908 - Sour Lake, TX
                        Died: Feb 1973 - California
                        Marr: circa 1929 - Lawton, Oklahoma    (1)
                     Naomi Theodora Betz

                     1-E.  Patricia (Patsy) Ruth Pelt
                              Born: 1930 - Lawton, OK
                              Died: Nov 15, 1987 - Houston, TX
                              Marr: Apr 11, 1949
                           Gilbert Franklin McBee, Sr.

                     2-E.  Elizabeth Blanche Pelt
                              Born: Nov 28, 1933 - Lawton, OK
                              Marr: Jan 31, 1953 - Seguin, TX
                           Charles H. Smith

                     3-E.  Faith (Faye) Pelt
                              Born: Nov 2, 1935 - Lawton, OK
                              Marr: 1957
                           Kenyon Franklin Wilkinson, Jr.

                        Marr: circa 1949                       (2)
                     Marie Haines

         6-B.  Melissa

         7-B.  Henry J. Pelt
                  Born: Jan 5, 1863 - Trinity, Texas

Source(s): Norma Karter, Mary Sharon Swain Richard, Laura Camp, Elizabeth Pelt Smith, Faye Pelt Wilkinson, Texas Public Records