Albert Henry Mumme's Photo Album - Album No. 6

Albert Henry Mumme's Photo Album - Album No. 6

Harry Mumme's Wedding

Henry (Harry) Warren Mumme's wedding to Muriel Clarissa Lois Swan, on June 7, 1913, North Adelaide, South Australia. Back (from left): Horace Gladstone Mumme (Harry's brother); Albert Henry Mumme (Harry's father); Karl Swan, Margaret Swan, Will Swan and Harry Mumme. Front: Sarah Warren Mumme (Harry's mother); G. Lovely, bridesmaid; Muriel's mother, Sophia Swan and Muriel.

Harry Mumme - 1907
3 Mumme Generations
Leonard Warren Mumme

Henry (Harry) Warren Mumme, photo taken in 1907. The three generations included Harry Warren Mumme, Walter Alexander Mumme and Leonard (Len) Warren Mumme (baby), taken September, 1947. The photo on the right is one of Lance Corporal Leonard Warren Mumme who was taken as a prisoner of war by the Japanese during World War II, and who died on the island of Borneo while a prisoner. Leonard was the uncle of Len Mumme, husband of Fay Mumme who has furnished these photos.

Harry and Muriel Mumme's children

From left right: Walter, Helen, Leonard, Peggy and Mary Mumme.

Source(s): Fay Diete Mumme

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