Stephen Paul Mumme

Stephen Paul Mumme

Stephen Paul Mumme is the son of James Mumme and Vida Robison. He is married to Valerie Assetto. They have an adopted daughter, Marika.

Both Stephen and Valerie are Professors of Political Science at Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado.

The faculty directory lists them as follows:

Stephen P. Mumme (Ph.D., University of Arizona, 1982). Fields: comparative politics, Latin American Politics, comparative environmental policy.

Valerie J. Assetto (Ph.D., Rice University, 1984). Fields: International relations, (international organization and international environmental politics), comparative politics (post-communist systems), and political economy.

Stephen Mumme's name is well represented in any Internet search as he is a prolific writer and has published a number of books, documents, articles, and reviews.

An example of his work is found at the following link:


Other Mentions:

In Focus: NAFTA and Environment
Stephen P. Mumme, October 1, 1999
In Foreign Policy in Focus, Stephen P. Mumme analyzes the challenges to the environment due to free trade under NAFTA. NAFTA's environmental institutions are insufficient to arrest rising pressures on the environment, and should be strengthened to serve as a model for future trade accords, Mumme writes.

Stephen P. Mumme, "Descentralizacion de Políticas Ambientales en el área Fronteriza," Raíces de Arena, Boletin de la Red Fronteriza de Salud y Ambiente (RFSA), no. 3-4 (Hermosillo, Son.: RFSA, verano de 1998).

Stephen P. Mumme, "Sustainable Development and Environmental Decentralization on the Mexico-U.S. Border: Some Insights from Sonora." Paper given at a Symposium on Economic Integration and the Environment: Promoting Sustainable Development Along the U.S. México Border, held at the Center for U.S.-Mexican Studies, University of California at San Diego. (February 5-6, 1999).

Title: The Militarization of the U.S.-Mexico Border 1978-1992: Low Intensity Conflict Doctrine Comes Home. (book reviews)
Summary: Reviewed by: Stephen P. Mumme, Colorado State University. If there was ever any doubt that federal administration of the U.S.-Mexico border has fundamentally changed in the past two decades, University of Texas sociologist Timothy Dunn has certainly laid it to rest.

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