The Texas Mummes

The Texas Mummes

     Many of the Mummes in America today are the descendants of Heinrich Wilhelm Christian Mumme and Johanne Christiane Elizabeth Gehrbrecht of Braunschweig, Germany. Two of their sons, Ludwig Heinrich Gottfried Mumme and Fredrick (Fritz) Mumme both emigrated to the United States of America, in 1849 and 1846 respectfully.

Fritz and Ludwig settled in Medina County, Texas, near San Antonio, and started their families. Their descendants are numerous in this area today and are cattlemen, ranchers, business owners and professionals.

     The Texas branch of the Mumme family was one of the first documented in genealogical records, specifically through the effort of Mrs. L.W. Mumme, wife of L.W. Mumme, a descendant of W.T. Mumme. Her book, "The Mummes In America" was published in 1962, and it has had wide distribution around the world.

     A branch of the Mumme family immigrated to Australia during the mid 1800's, and there are a number of descendants spanning the country. We have no record of a commonality of ancestry between the American and the Australian Mummes, but we believe there is a link at some time in the past. One genetic anomaly is evident in both the American and the Australian Mummes. A number of the members of the family have what W.T.'s family described as "Mumme Eyes," which are a striking yellow-green color that appears almost as golden eyes.

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