Acknowledgement to Contributors

Acknowledgement to Contributors:

Mrs. L.W. Mumme:

     During 1961, Mrs. L.W.(Agnes) Mumme of Dilley, Texas began collecting genealogical information on the Mumme's. She then wrote a book named, "The Mummes In America." In truth, the book covered the Mumme's who originally emigrated from Braunschweig, Germany to Texas during the middle 1800's, and their descendants.

     Her research included interviewing many of the descendants who were in Texas during the 1960's, and also included the results of her trips to Germany and information obtained from researchers in Germany. Agnes Mumme made many additions and corrections to her original up to 1980. Agnes died in 1996, and while she may have had additional information, it has not come into our possession at this time.

     Agnes typed the manuscript using a typewriter, and then it was duplicated by Mrs. John Kellogg Kight of San Antonio, Texas. It was distributed to members of the family and a copy was made available to the Church of Latter Day Saints. For a while, people were able to copy the manuscript from LDS microfilm, however, the material is now restricted and is available only at the Salt Lake City, Utah library.

Other Contributors:

     Other contributors include Glenda (Mrs. Ross) Mumme who has been researching the Mumme name for 30 years.
Roland Mumme, Jr. of Odessa, Texas was of immense help to us in that he provided us with a copy of Mrs. L.W. Mumme's book. Julie Mumme of Gail, Texas is a member of the Medina County, Texas Mumme family and she has been very helpful in helping us make contact with other members of the family. Fillmore Spangler of San Antonio has provided information on his specific line. There are many others who have helped and who continue to help us in obtaining additional information on our family.

Request for Additional Information

     Please provide us with any new or additional information which you may have in your possession or which you may acquire in the future. All information, not considered private, will be made available to others as soon as possible.

Charles H. Smith and Elizabeth B. Pelt Smith
Contact : Glenda M Mumme - Australia
[email protected]

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