Mumme Book - Title Page

                        T H E  M U M M E S

                            In America

                     1849      -        1962


                  Data Collected and Compiled By

                         Mrs. L.W. Mumme

                         Printing Done By

                     Mrs. John Kellogg Kight



                      Key To Compiled Data:

          Names in CAPITALS indicate those who came over as
          Numbers 1 - 2 - 3, etc. indicate 2nd, generation
          Numbers 1-A, etc. indicate 3rd, generation
          Numbers 1-B, etc. indicate 4th, generation
          Numbers 1-C, etc. indicate 5th, generation
          Numbers 1-D, etc. indicate 6th, generation
          Numbers 1-E, etc. indicate 7th, generation
          Numbers (1) indicate first marriage
          Numbers (2) indicate second marriage
          B. - Born      D. - Died     M.  - Married

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