The St. Charles trolley is the only remaining street car line in the City of New Orleans. The New Orleans & Carrollton Railroad began operation September 26, 1835 along the route of today's St. Charles line. On February 1, 1893 the Carrollton line was renamed St. Charles and became the first regular electrified transit route in New Orleans.

      St. Charles became the last NOPSI streetcar line when they shut down the Canal line on May 31, 1964. Residents of Uptown did not want their avenue ruined with a narrower neutral ground and more lanes of traffic. It would have changed the character of St. Charles to lose the streetcars and they have remained.

      During the summer of 1967, I rode the trolley on a daily basis to and from my apartment on St. Charles to Canal Street where my company's office was located. Click here to read about some of my experiences.

Charles H. Smith