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This page will eventually feature my family trees of both families from Virginia & North Carolina. For the time being, please visit my links for any help.

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VIA Resource Pages (http://members.aol.com/ssprad25/ViaPages/ViaMountain.html)

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The following is the history of VIA:

W.& S. Viar (Only initials known thus far)as of 1890 Nelson Co. Census
1. Nettie Via (age 12)
2. Ashley Via (age 6)
3. Charles Nicholas Viar
      b. 1850
      d. ???
      m. Cordelia A. Jones on 12.08.1875
           b. 1853
                     I. Sarah Jane Via
                        b. 09.06.1876
                    II. Margaret Via
                        b. 09.10.1877 (twin)
                   III. Mary Via
                        b. 09.10.1877 (twin)
                   IV. Thomas Nicholas Via
                        b. 09.26.1879
                        d. 06.05.1925
                              First Wife: Dollie Tolley - m. 11.20.1903 (1883-1904)
                              Second Wife: Blanche Ferguson - m. (11.20.1905) (1888-1911)
                                 SON: Howard Via (1911-1978)
                              Third Wife: Cora Marie Clay - m. (04.05.1915)
                                b. 02.28.1897
                                d. 08.08.1967
                                       1. Elbert Lee Via
                                          b. 05.14.1918
                                          d. 05.08.1962
                                       2. Dorothy Lucille Via
                                          b. 03.26.1920
                                          d. 09.16.1980
                                          m. 03.27.1942 Carl Gleen Lowe
                                                A. James Sherman Lowe
                                                    b. 05.10.1943
                                                    m. 09.14.1968 Karen Lee Waszak (b. 12.29.1946)
                                                             i. Christopher John Lowe
                                                              b. 12.31.1968
                                                            ii. Brian David Lowe
                                                              b. 08.07.1971
                                                B. Judy Gale Lowe (m. Donnie Miller)
                                                    b. 08.28.1944
                                                             i. Lane Clay Miller (m. Claudia )
                                                              b. 01.28,1971
                                                C. Sylvada Jean Lowe (m. Glenn A Causer)
                                                    b. 12.14.1946
                                                             i. Glenn A. Causer Jr.
                                                              b. 12.03.1966
                                                            ii. Lisa Gail Causer
                                                              b. 01.09.1970
                                       3. Beatrice Irene Via
                                          b. O7.19.1922
                                          d. 06.08.1923
                                       4. Jewell Loreen Via
                                             b. 12.31.1923
                                             d. 09.16.1997
                                             m. Eugent Trent 07.17.1943
                                                A. Brenda Trent
                                                   b. 09.24.1948
                                                  m. Harold Thomas on 12.18.1965
                                                           i. Angela Thomas
                                                              b. 11.29.1969
                                                           ii. Susan Thomas
                                                              b. 02.24.1972
                                                          iii. Christie Thomas
                                                              b. 08.28.1974
                                      5. Eugene Otis Via
                                            b. 04.26.1925
                                            d. 03.27.1997
                                           m. Jeanne Louise Soots on 10.05.1946
                                                A. Thomas William Via
                                                     b. 10.26.1951
                                                    m. Pamela Gwen Creasey on 06.09.1974
                                                           i. Jennifer Gwen Via
                                                              b. 09.26.1978
                                                          ii. Sarah Elizabeth Via
                                                              b. 05.29.1982
                                                B. Richard "Ricky" Eugene Via
                                                    b. 10.10.1953
                                                C. Linda Diane Via
                                                    b. 09.24.1959
                                                    m. Edward J. Boylan on 06.27.1982
                                                         i. Christopher Edward Boylan
                                                             b. 03.20.1986
                                                       ii. Peri Nicole Boylan
                                                             b. 07.31.1992
                                                D. Barry Scott "Scotty" Via
                                                    b. 08.06.1962
                                                    m. Mary Elizabeth Givens in 1991
                                                        i. David S. Via
                                                             b. 12.30.1993
                                                       ii. Eric M. Via
                                                             b. 05.27.1996
                                                      iii. William H. Via
                                                             b. 06.27.1997
                   V. Nettie Eva Via
                      b. 10.31.1881
                   VI. Stillborn Via
                      b. May, 1887
4. William Pleasant Via
   b. 1885
   d. 1942
   m. Annie Mae Mason on 09.29.1901
      A. Leona Elizabeth Via
         b. 1901
      B. William Nicholas Via
         b. 1902
         d. 1904
      C. Lillie Via
      D. Cynthia Cornedo Via
         b. 1925
         m. William Patrick Wood on 12.29.1945
      E. Nadina Via
      G. (others exist but are unknown)

Other surnames in our family: CLAY, JONES, MORRIS