ST KEW BANNS OF MARRIAGE

                                       1754 - 1812


                                               Transcribed from Parish Registers

                                                                                                 Christine Parker 2009




Groom's Surname Groom's  First Name(s) Abode Condition Year Bride's Surname Bride's First Name(s) Abode Condition 1st Date 2nd Date 3rd Date Other Register Notes & Trans Notes Wit 1 Fore Wit 1 Sur Wit 2 fore Wit 2 Sur
? Frederick  H.M.S ??? 1898 Roberts Martha Ann St Kew         One of handful of entry's slotted in after register ends.Only date 4 Dec      
Alford Nicholas St Kew   1769 Couch Martha St Kew   20-Aug 27-Aug 3-Sep   William Couch Ann Bulton or Button
Allen Joseph Sojourner   1777 Tearey? Elizabeth Lefton in Denvor 30-Nov 7-Dec 14-Dec Cert granted Dec 20        
Allen John St Kew   1805 Cock Mary Endellion         Cert granted July 27        
Ambrose John Sojourner in St Udy 1767 George Loveday St Kew   6-Dec 13-Dec 20-Dec Certificate granted Dec 21        
Andrew James St Kew   1773 Kellow Grace St Kew Singlewoman 27-Jun 4-Jul 11-Jul Married 13 July John Bate Richard Wilton
Andrew John St Minver   1780 Hill Jane           Married by Licence 7 Sept Thomas Curgenven Abraham Brown
Andrew William St Kew   1793 Cockens Honor St Kew   4-Jan 13-Jan 20-Jan Married 9 Feb Thomas L????? ? ?
Ascott Richard St Kew   1769 Reynolds Mary St Kew   15-Jan 22-Jan 29-Jan   Robert Reynalls John Thomas
Asket Richard St Kew   1792 Alford Martha St Kew   30-Sep 7-Oct 14-Oct Married 2 Nov John Beer Han?? Tickell
Aunger Thomas St Kew   1772 Lobb Jennifer St Kew Singlewoman 6-Dec 13-Dec 20-Dec Married 29 Dec Richard Wilton ? Morrish
Banbury Charles St Kew   1785 Couch Letticia St Kew Spinster 13-Nov 27-Nov 19-Nov Married 26 Dec Richard Fradd Walter Beer
Barden/Burden Richard St Mabyn Husbandsman 1812 Gattey Elizabeth St Kew Spinster 2-Aug 9-Aug 16-Aug Married 28 Sept Arthur? Barden Phillipa Bray
Barry Thomas St Minver   1771 Brown Barbara St Kew   13-Jan 20-Jan 27-Jan Cert granted 7 feb 1771.Rest of form crossed out & blank      
Baseley Michael St Columb Major Widower 1780 Helliare Mary St Kew         Married 1 July by Licence John Tregeare Ann Fradd
Bate Robert St Udy   1772 Roskilly Christiana St Kew Spinster 24-May 31-May 7-Jun Married 13 July   John Roskilly Richard Roskilly
Bate John St Kew   1785 Colemin Welthan St Kew Spinster 1-May 8-May 15-May Married 29 May Christopher Hambly Walter Beer
Bate John St Tudy   1803 Olver Ann St Kew Spinster       Married 2 June William Olver Thomas Grose?
Beer William St Kew Bachelor 1782 Lynam Jane St Kew Spinster 18-Nov 25-Nov 2-Dec Married 8 Jan Walter Beer Thomas Grose
Beer Thomas St Kew Yeoman 1788 Webber Jane St Kew Spinster 11-May 18-May 25-May Married 1 June Walter Beer John Beer
Beer William St Kew Shoemaker 1810 Pope Grace St Kew Spinster 14-Oct 21-Oct 28-Oct Married 29 Nov John Beer Nicholas Pope
Bennet Joseph St Kew St Kew Curate 1767 Grigg Jane St Kew Spinster       License,with consent of parents,8 june Honor Philp Edward Grigg
Billing Reginald St Tudy   1808 Hawken Elizabeth St Kew   27-Nov 4-Nov 11-Nov Certificated granted Jan 1809,whole entry crossed out etc      
Bishop John St Kew   1780 Morish Alice St Kew   9-Apr 16-Apr 23-Apr Married May 1 Walter Beer Abraham Brown
Bishop John St Kew   1786 Reynalls Philippa St Kew Spinster 2-Jul 9-Jul 16-Jul Married 4 Aug Robert Reynalls Walter Beer
Blaett? William St Kew   1794 Mitter Elizabeth St Kew         Married 7 Oct.IGI has Miller,but name has definete t's on the 3 of names. John Mitter John Beer
Blake David St Kew   1801 Colwill Dorothy St Mabyn         Cert granted 28 Sept        
Blake John St Kew   1804 Trelevan Elizabeth St Kew   15-Jan 22-Jan 29-Jan married 6 Feb William Worden John Beer
Blamey John Veryan   1800 Thomas Frances St Kew Spinster       Married 25 Feb William Thomas Mary Higgs
Bland Charles Non residary at St Austele Bachelor 1791 Netting Mary St Kew Spinster       Married by Licence 13 Mar John Beer Thomas Martin
Blewett Thomas St Kew   1771 Pope Lucy Egloshayle 21-Apr 28-Apr 5-May Married 12 May        
Bligh John St Kew   1809 Hocking Mary St Mabyn   26-Nov 3-Dec 10-Dec Certificate granted Dec 25 1809.form crossed out      
Bligh    Thomas St Kew Yeoman 1787 Calloway Mary St Kew Spinster 20-May 27-May 3-Jun Married 10 June Wm Bligh Abraham Brown
Bligh    William St Kew   1797 Doncaster Prudence St Kew   19-Feb 26-Feb 5-Mar Married 14 Mar Thomas Doncaster Thomas Bligh
Blight John Egloshail   1754 Oliver Joan St Kew Spinster 21-Apr 28-Apr 4-May   Richard Callaway John Callaway
Blight Richard Sojourner   1757 Taylor Joanna St Kew   21-Nov 28-Nov 5-Dec   Joseph Pope William Couch
Blight William St Kew Miller 1809 Fradd Ann Ede St Kew Spinster 12-Mar 19-Mar 26-Mar Married 10 April Richard Fradd Moses Ede
Bosccumbe Samuel St Kew   1805/1806 Tucker Ann St Tudy         Certificate granted,no dates or further details        
Boscomb William St Kew   1791 Harry Jane St Kew   20-Nov 27-Nov 4-Dec Married 27 Dec Richard Harry   John Beer
Branch John St Kew Labourer 1781 Inch Jennifer St Kew Spinster 24-Dec 31-Dec 7-Jan Married 8 Jan Hambly Inch Walter Beer
Bray Nicholas St Kew Carpenter 1788 Mitre Mary St Kew Spinster 9-Mar 16-Mar 23-Mar Married 1 April John Wilton Walter Beer
Brent Benjamin Advent   1776 Thomas Elizabeth St Kew Singlewoman 27-Oct 3-Nov 10-Nov Married 17 Dec John Thomas Walter Beer
Brent John St Kew   1800 Green Mary St Kew         NB: Soon after the banns were published the Woman being with child,&swearing Brent,Father,he absconded refused to marry her.
Brent John St Kew Bachelor 1801 Green Mary St Kew Spinster       Married 27 May George Brent John Beer
Brewer Henry St Kew Husbandsman 1788 Bishop Mary St Kew Spinster 13-Apr 20-Apr 27-Apr Married 28 June Abraham Brown John Bishop
Broad John St Kew Bachelor 1781 Bligh Elizabeth St Teath Spinster 1-Jul 8-Jul 15-Jul Married 19 Aug John Thomas William Bligh
Broad Charles St Kew   1781 Wyatt Mary St Kew   2-Sep 9-Sep 16-Sep Married 16 Oct Cha Harris Edward  
Broad William St Kew   1788 George Mary St Kew Spinster       Married 14 Feb Walter Beer John Thomas
Broad Robert St Kew   1795 May Ann St Kew   3-May 10-May 17-May Married 23 May William Thomas John Beer
Brown John St Kew   1761 Buller Elizabeth Endellion   12-Apr 26-Apr 3-May Entry form within crossed out nothing added        
Brown Thomas St Kew   1766 Mathews Elizabeth St Kew   15-Dec 22-Dec 29-Dec   Abraham Brown John Brown
Brown Thomas St Kew   1766 Warne Joanna St Kew Widow       Married by Licence 12 April Samuell Philp Francis Philp
Brown William St Kew   1771 Philp Margery St Kew Spinster 2-Dec 8-Dec 16-Dec Married 31 Jan 1771 Francis Philp Samuel Philp
Brown Abraham St Kew   1771 Morris Susanna St Kew   20-Oct 27-Oct 3-Nov Married 14 Nov Joseph Pope Henry Elvans
Brown John St Kew   1773 Brown Barbara St Endellion 25-Apr 2-May 9-May Cert granted 9 May        
Brown Abraham St Endellion 1798 Hawken Jenefer St Endellion 24-Jun 1-Jul 8-Jul A certificate granted Sept 18        
Brown Abraham St Kew Widower 1802 Pinch Mary St Kew Spinster       Married 7 July G?? Carveth Grace Pinch
Brown Thomas St Kew   1806 Fradd Elizabeth St Kew Spinster 19-Jan 26-Jan 3-Feb Married 22 Feb R Fradd Abraham Brown
Bryant Henry Luxulian Labourer 1808 Prout Elizabeth St Kew Spinster 24-Jan 31-Jan 7-Feb Married 16 Feb Richard Phillips John Beer
Bunt Thomas St Kew Bachelor 1802 Stephens Mary Lanhydrock Spinster       Married 19 Jan Richard Wilton Thomas Jane
Burton John St Minver Widower,Yeoman 1807 Williams Ann St Kew Spinster       Married by Licence 14 Mar Humphry Williams Betsey Thomas
Buscombe John St Kew Labourer 1810 Green Susannah St Kew Spinster 9-Sep 16-Sep 23-Sep Married 29 Sept John Green John Beer
Button Thomas St Kew   1770 Jacob Elizabeth St Kew   11-Nov 18-Nov 25-Nov Has 17Married 12 Dec. Thomas Knight John Blewett
Button Thomas St Kew Widower 1787 Colliver Ann St Kew Spinster 29-Apr 6-May 13-May Married 22 May Abraham Brown Catherine Blamoy
Callaway Richard St Kew   1754 Parsons Elizabeth St Kew Spinster 7-Apr 14-Apr 21-Apr Richard,Labourer Jas Atkinson John Callaway
Callaway John St Kew   1756 Oliver Elizabeth St Kew   28-Nov 5-Dec 12-Dec   John Jeffery Charles Frad
Calloway Richard St Kew Shoemaker 1759 Frad Elizabeth St Kew Singlewoman 3-Jun 10-Jun 17-Jun   John Callaway Charles Frad
Calloway John St Kew   1784 Stone Jane St Kew Spinster 25-Apr 2-May 9-May Married 25 May Samuel Worden Walter Beer
Chapman John St Kew Yeoman 1787 Kellow Jennifer St Kew Spinster 4-Nov 11-Nov 18-Nov Married 26 Dec Christopher Hambly Walter Beer
Chapman William St Kew   1809 Prior Mary St Kew Spinster 28-Sep 5-Nov 12-Nov Form crossed out & not completed        
Chapman William St Kew   1809 Prior Mary St Kew         Married 27 Dec R Fradd Robert Broad
Charlick Francis St Kew   1754 Seccomb Dorcas St Kew   27-Oct 3-Nov 10-Nov .Married 23 Nov. William Goodman William Elliot
Claire Thomas St Kew   1778 Brown Philippa St Kew   24-May 31-May 9-Jun Married 17 June Abraham Brown Barber George
Cleave Richard St Kew   1757 Blewett Elizabeth St Kew   1-May 15-May 22-May   John Webber John Pope
Cleave Robert St Kew   1772 Higgs Philippa St Kew Spinster       Married by Licence 22 Mar John Higgs Thomas Cleave
Cleave Thomas St Kew   1778 Cleave Rebecca St Breock   23-Aug 30-Aug 6-Sep Nothing else on form not sure if event happened      
Cleave John St Kew   1796 Webber Catherine St Kew   20-Nov 27-Nov 4-Dec Married 12 Dec John Webber Ann Grose
Clemence Thomas St Kew   1757 Air Martha St Kew   5-Dec 12-Dec 19-Dec   Walter Beer Samuell Philp
Clemens John St Kew   1795 Boscanco Betsy St Kew         Married 7 April cant decifer cant decifer Sarah C?llis
Clements Walter St Kew   1769 Kellow Ann St Kew   2-Jul 9-Jul 16-Jul   John Blewett Thomas May
Clements John St Kew   1777 Pollard Mary St Kew Singlewoman 9-Feb 16-Feb 2-Mar Married 16 Mar. Walter Beer Henry Pollard
Clements John St Kew Husbandsman 1805 Philp Mary St Kew Spinster 10-Mar 17-Mar 24-Mar Married 16 April Sampson Cowling Moses Ede
Clemons Christopher Bodmin   1785 Pollard Ann St Kew Spinster 20-Nov 27-Nov 4-Dec Married 26 Dec Richard Fradd Walter Beer
Cock James Sojourner   1772 Reynolds Elizabeth St Kew Spinster 2-Feb 9-Feb 16-Feb Married 21 Feb Robert Reynalls John Guy
Cock James St Kew   1781 Jolly Mary St Kew   4-Feb 11-Feb 18-Feb Married 27 Mar Thos Dancaster John Prophett
Cock Edward St Kew   1791 Callaway Elizabeth St Kew   26-Jun 3-Jul 10-Jul Married 1 Aug John Phillipps Mary Callaway
Cock William St Kew   1795 Taylor Jenifer St Kew Spinster 27-Sep 4-Oct 11-Oct Married 17 Oct John Beer Samuel Taylor
Cock James St Kew Miller 1806 Goodman Jennifer St Kew Spinster 21-Sep 28-Sep 5-Oct Married 18 Oct George Ford John Beer
Collings William St Minver   1772 Soper Ann St Kew Spinster       Married by Licence 7 June Richard Williams John (B?)illings
Collins John St Minver Widower & Yeoman 1787 Grose Joanna St Kew Spinster       Married 1 Nov Thomas Grose John Grose
Colliver James St Kew   1779 Kendle Catherine St Kew   22-Aug 29-Aug 5-Sep Married 7 Sept Thomas Colliver Walter Beer
Cornish William St Kew   1766 Aunger Elizabeth St Kew   8-Jun 15-Jun 22-Jun   John Austin John Roskilly
Cornish George St Kew   1802 Gill Mary St Kew         Married 24 April Abraham Brown John Gill
Couch John St Kew   1755 Frad Letitia St Kew   5-Jan 12-Jan 19-Jan .Married 9 Feb. Charles Fradd John Jeffery
Couch William St Kew   1798 Skinner Ann St Kew   7-Jan 14-Jan 21-Jan Married 10 Feb Moses Ede John Beer
Couch James St Kew   1803 Webber Ann St Kew         Married 12 Feb Rd Webber Richard Worden
Couch William Royal Cornwal Malitia 1804 Jacobs Ann St Kew   25-Nov 2-Dec 9-Dec Married 24 Dec Jonathan Jacobs John Worden
Cowling John St Kew Bachelor 1777 Thomas Mary St Kew Singlewoman 22-Dec 29-Dec 5-Jan Married 11 Jan William Thomas Abraham Brown
Cowling William Sojourner St Kew 1781 Hicks Joan St Kew   19-Nov 26-Nov 3-Dec Married 4 Jan Abraham Brown Elizabeth Bishop
Cowling Richard St Kew Husbandsman 1790 Ford Susanah St Kew Spinster 6-Jun 13-Jun 20-Jun Married 29 June John Beer Thos Cleave
Cowling Richard Trewin St Kew Bachelor 1800 Roskilly Sarah Furnis St Kew   16-Feb 23-Feb 2-Mar Married 24 March        
Cowling John St Kew Husbandsman 1804 Prout Ann St Kew Spinster       Married by licence 9 Feb Sampson Cowling John Beer
Cowling Sampson St Kew Yeoman 1808 Prout Mary St Kew Spinster 13-Mar 20-Mar 27-Mar Married 16 April Samuel Cowling Moses Ede
Crarte James Sojourner   1798 Mitchell Dorothy Sojourner Widow 28-Oct 4-Nov 11-Nov Married 28 Nov John Jory John Beer
Dancaster Thomas St Kew   1772 Bishop Mary St Kew Singlewoman 11-Oct 18-Oct 25-Oct Married 27 Oct William Dancaster John Blewett
Dancaster James Sojourner   1773 Hambly Elizabeth St Kew Singlewoman 6-Dec 13-Dec 20-Dec Married 2 Feb with consent of parents William Dancaster Thomas Dancaster
Daves Peter St Kew   1802 Inch Elizabeth St Kew         Married 17 April Abraham Brown Richard Wilton
Davey Malachi Egloshayle 1785 Worden Elizabeth St Kew Spinster 13-Mar 20-Mar 27-Mar Married 7 Dec Samuel Worden Walter Beer
Dennis William St Tudy   1802 Lightfoot Rebecca St Kew         Married 22 April Jonathan Jacobs Samuel Taylor
Derrant Henry St Kew   1779 Symmonds Margery St Endellion Singlewoman 6-Dec 13-Dec 20-Dec Married 2 Mar Edward Grigg John Son? Pattar?
Derrent Harry St Kew Gardener 1807 Pooley Philippa St Kew Spinster 9-Aug 16-Aug 23-Aug Married 19 Sept Elizabeth Pinch John Beer
Dewstow William St Kew   1771 Ellery Elizabeth St Kew Spinster 9-Jun 16-Jun 23-Jun Married 25 June Thomas Grose William Grose
Dingle Richard St Kew Sojourner 1809 Callaway Elizabeth St Kew Spinster 10-Sep 17-Sep 24-Sep Married 30 Sept John Beer Ann Carveth
Dinner Thomas St Kew Miller 1809 Pollard Mary St Kew Spinster 16-Apr 23-Apr 30-Apr Married 1 May R ? Abraham Brown
Doubt? Christopher St Kew   1763 Cavel Margaret St Kew         Banns married 12 May ? Thondaft Azias Lang
Ede Moses St Kew   1797 Ede Sarah St Kew   15-Jan 22-Jan 29-Jan Married 5 Feb John Burco? William Fradd
Ede Moses St Kew   1811 Dancaster Sarah St Kew         Married by Licence 13 May R Fradd John Beer
Ellory John Egloshayle 1803 Smith Hannah St Kew Spinster 23-Oct 30-Oct 6-Nov Married 28 nov M Symons William Symons  
Emmett James St Kew   1768 Wyatt Joanna St Kew   4-Sep 11-Sep 18-Sep   Samuel Hockin Abraham Brown
Farnham Collins St Teath   1769 Lobb Elizabeth St Kew Widow 19-Mar 26-Mar 2-Apr Certificated granted 1 June        
Finemore John St Kew Husbandsman 1806 Allin Elizabeth St Kew Spinster       Married 15 Jan John Beer Robert Mitter
Ford John St Kew   1773 Cole Jane St Neott   5-Dec 12-Dec 19-Dec Cert granted 14 Jan        
Ford George St Kew Bachelor 1792 Fradd Jenifer St Kew Spinster 12-Aug 19-Aug 26-Aug Married 18 Sept John Bar (Beer?) Richard Fradd
Ford William St Kew Labourer 1799 Webber Grace St Kew Spinster 19-May 26-May 2-Jun Married 15 june Nicholas Webber Thomas Grose
Frad Richard St Kew   1777 Cock Elizabeth St Kew Singlewoman 12-Jan 19-Jan 26-Jan Married 7 April Walter Beer Thomas Grose
Frad     William St Kew   1757 Moyle Elizabeth St Kew          With Licence & consent of parents John Lobb Thomas Lobb
Frad or Grad Charles St Kew   1754 Swain Jane St Kew Spinster       30 June.James Read Vic of St Kew.Published before the commencement of the Act.Groom a Cooper Charles Fradd Richard Callaway
Fradd Richard St Kew   1780 Ede Ann St Minver   9-Jan 16-Jan 23-Jan Cert granted 13 Feb        
Fradd William St Kew   1809 Henwood Elizabeth St Neot    2-Jul 9-Jul 16-Jul A certificate granted July 16        
Furnis John St Tudy Yeoman 1803 Moyle Ann St Kew Spinster       Married 20 Dec Susan Hambly,of Menhinniot J B Phillips,of Bodmin
George Joseph St Teath   1754 Brown Barbara St Kew Spinster       Married 28 May.John Shipmak.Published before the commencement of 4 Oct.With consent of her Guardian.  
George Thomas Sojourner   1778 Cowling Joanna St Kew Singlewoman 8-Mar 15-Mar 22-Mar Married 24 Mar Abraham Brown Mary George
George John St Teath Carpenter 1788 Thomas Joannah St Kew Widow 8-Jun 15-Jun 22-Jun Married 25 July Mary Harry,of Lower Ammell Elizabeth Ford,of Trewarne
Gill John St Kew   1770 Guard Elizabeth St Kew   24-Dec 31-Dec 7-Jan   John Blewett Henry Guard
Goodman John St Kew Taylor 1783 Clemence Catherine St Kew Spinster 18-May 25-May 1-Jun Married 28 June Walter Beer John Clemence
Goodman Richard St Kew   1793 Inch Mary St Kew   18-Nov 25-Nov 2-Dec Married 1 Jan John Beer William Inch
Greenway George St Kew   1784 Lobb Jane St Kew   11-Apr 18-Apr 25-Apr Married 23 May Richard Wilton R Soby
Grigg Edward St Kew Tobacconist 1759 Eplett Joan St Evall Widow       By Licence 13 Jan Francis Hellyan John Robbins
Grose Thomas St Kew   1771 Beer Jane St Kew Spinster 25-Aug 1-Sep 8-Sep Married 17 sept Walter Beer John Grose
Grose John St Kew   1777 Thomas Mary St Columb 29-Jun 6-Jul 13-Jul   Cert granted Nov 18      
Grose William St Kew   1779 Williams Pittronell St Minver         No date or any other details on form,not sure if event happened      
Grose Richard St Kew   1780 Soper Elizabeth St Kew Widow       Married 25 Oct by Licence Nicholas Grose Abraham Brown
Grose Nicholas St Kew   1803 Kellow Sarah St Kew         Married by Licence 2 April Abraham Brown John Scott
Grose, jun Thomas St Kew   1803 Olver Mary St Kew         Married 14 Mar William Olver John Wilce
Guy Thomas St Kew   1766 Gray Frances St Endellion 12-Jan 19-Jan 26-Jan   Mark Guy John Grose
Guy Ambrose St Kew   1767 Pope Hannah St Kew   8-Nov 15-Nov 22-Nov   Jonas? Phillip John Treg(ry?)
Hambly Christopher     1754 Perry Grace St Kew   30-Jun 7-Jul 14-Jul .Married 13 Nov Samuel Worden Richard Webber
Hambly William St Kew   1772 Anderson Grace St Kew   5-Apr 12-Apr 19-Apr Married 28 May   Rupart? George John Marshall
Hambly Richard St Kew   1792 Carveth Elizabeth Sojourner   27-May 3-Jun 10-Jun Married 7 July John Beer John Carveth
Hambly Joseph Sojourner   1803 Knight Dorothy St Mabyn         No other details at all,not sure if married        
Hamly Robert St Kew Labourer 1789 Jolly Anne St Kew Spinster 2-Aug 9-Aug 16-Aug Married 7 Sept Abraham Brown John Prier
Harden William St Kew Husbandsman 1804 Climents Tamson Endellion Spinster 25-Mar 1-Apr 8-Apr Married 16 April Samuel Worden John Worden
Harry Richard St Kew   1768 Brown Ann St Kew   15-May 22-May 29-May   John Blewett Richard Webber
Harry John Blisland   1782 Pinch Ann Sojourner   8-Sep 15-Sep 22-Sep Married 24 sept John Pinch Walter Beer
Harry Richard St Kew   1800 Thomas Philippa St Kew   6-Apr 13-Apr 20-Apr Married 29 April John Beer William Thomas
Harvey William Padstow Bachelor 1775 Dancaster Mary   Spinster       Licence dated Sept 15.Married 17 Sept John Dancaster John Thomas
Havey Matthew St Kew   1763 Benallack Elizabeth St Kew         Banns married 16 June        
Hawken Benjamin St Kew   1766 Cock Catherine St Kew   28-Sep 5-Oct 12-Oct   Robert Lean Mary Hawkens
Hawkey Anthony St Breock Farmer 1811 Cleave Grace St Kew Spinster       Married by Licence 5 June ? Hawkey Thomas Cleave
Hewett Thomas St Kew Widower 1798 Branch Jenifer St Kew Widow 13-May 20-May 27-May Married 31 May John Higgs John Beer
Hick Daniel Lanlivery Yeoman 1763 Moyle Charity St Kew Spinster 1-May 8-May 15-May   John Morcomb Henry Hick
Hicks Thomas St Minver   1771 Cock Philippa St Kew   21-Apr 28-Apr 5-May Cert granted July 20        
Hicks Thomas Sojourner St Endellion 1773 Brown Ann St Kew   28-Mar 4-Apr 11-Apr Cert granted 18 April        
Hicks John Bodmin   1782 Knight Jennifer St Kew   26-May 2-Jun 9-Jun Married 23 July John Knight Walter Beer
Hicks John Lobb St Teath   1893 Bassett Nellie St Kew   10-Dec 17-Dec 24-Dec One of handful of entry's slotted in after register ends      
Higgs William St Kew   1767 Richard Ann St Kew   13-Sep 20-Sep 27-Sep   John Austin Philip Richard
Higgs John St Kew   1781 Inch Catherine St Kew Spinster       Married by Licence 17 May William Thomas Thomas Hickes
Higgs Samuel St Kew Bachelor 1808 Lean Mary St Kew Spinster       Married by Licence 7 July ? Grose,jun Chris? Loan (Lean?0
Hill James St Kew   1769 Pannell Elizabeth St Kew   25-Dec 1-Jan 8-Jan   John Parnell Samuel    Burton
Hill Francis Egloshayle 1777 Hodge Elizabeth St Kew Singlewoman 20-Apr 27-Apr 4-May Married 19 May John Hodge Walter Beer
Hill William St Kew   1781 Bray Elizabeth St Kew   29-Apr 6-May 13-May Married 24 May Abraham Brown Joseph Hawken
Hill John St Kew   1802 Harry Margret St Kew         Married 17 April Richard Wilton Richard Tucker
Hill William St Kew   1809 Galloping Elizabeth St Kew Spinster 7-May 14-May 21-May Married 28 June Abraham Brown Clith Rowdon
Hitchens John St Kew   1782 Goodman Elizabeth     24-Mar 31-Mar 7-Apr Married 10 May Thomas Martin William Goodman
Hitchins John St Kew Carpenter 1807 Beer Ann St Kew Spinster 28-Jun 5-Jul 12-Jul Married 3 Aug John Webber Nicholas Grose
Hocken Hugh St Kew   1767 Pearce Jennifer Padstow   17-May 24-May 31-May Certificate granted nov 26 1768        
Hocker William St Minver Yeoman 1784 Bragg Hester St Kew Spinster 31-Oct 7-Nov 14-Nov Married 16 nov Cha Harris Walter Beer
Hocking Nicholas St Kew   1769 Williams Ann St Kew   8-Jan 15-Jan 22-Jan Register says Hawken but Nicholas signed Hocking Thomas Knight Catherine Soaper
Hocking John St Kew   1782 Knight Jane St Kew Spinster 25-Aug 1-Sep 8-Sep Married 15 Sept Walter Beer John Knight
Hocking Francis St Kew   1805 Philp Mary St Tudy Spinster 2-Jul 9-Jul 16-Jul Married 20 July William Thomas William Thomas
Honey George St Kew   1791 Clemence Mary St Kew Widow       Married 9 Sep Abraham Brown James Pollard
Hoskin Henry St Kew Husbandsman 1788 Cock Honor St Kew Spinster 19-Oct 26-Oct 2-Nov Married 1 Dec Abraham Brown Fra   Brown
Inch William St Kew   1759 Pooly Sarah St Kew Singlewoman 29-Apr 6-May 13-May   Robert Burton Jane Grigg
Inch John St Kew   1763 Rundle Francis St Kew   1-May 8-May 15-May   John Rush Matthew Harry
Inch William St Kew   1767 Inch Elizabeth St Kew   18-Jan 25-Jan 1-Feb   Robert Burton John Blewett
Inch John Sojourner   1775 Jory Ann St Kew   12-Nov 19-Nov 26-Nov No other details at all,not sure if married        
Inch John St Kew Mason 1788 Lobb Grace St Kew Spinster 9-Mar 16-Mar 23-Mar Married 24 Mar Abraham Brown John Knight
Inch William St Kew   1793 Higgs Mary St Kew   15-Sep 22-Sep 29-Sep Married 26 Oct John Beer William Worden
Jacob John St Kew   1764 Allen Margarett St Kew   22-Jul 29-Jul 5-Aug   Joseph Pope John Tregear
Jacob Jonathan St Kew Bachelor 1781 Broad Catherine St Kew Spinster 24-Jun 1-Jul 8-Jul Married 13 July William Brown John Broad
Jacob Jonathan     1787 Sloggett Mary           "A Cert granted",no date or other details        
Jacob Joseph St Kew   1792 Prophet Elizabeth St Kew   2-Dec 9-Dec 16-Dec Married 26 Dec John Beer John Mitter
Jacobs Samuel St Kew   1781 Miller Elizabeth St Kew Spinster       Married 17 Nov by Licence Abraham Brown Nicholas Thomas
Jacobs George St Kew Mason 1797 Inch Catharine St Kew Spinster 13-Aug 20-Aug 27-Aug Married 5 Oct John Beer Abraham Brown
Jacobs Jacob St Kew Mason 1798 Knight Philippa St Kew Spinster 10-Jun 17-Jun 24-Jun Married 8 Aug John Jeffery Christopher Smith
Jacobs Samuel St Kew Mason 1803 Trefry Elizabeth St Endellion       Married by Licence 29 Jan Abraham Brown Thomas Bron?n
Jacobs Jonathan St Kew Mason 1809 Higgs Catherine St Kew Spinster 19-Feb 26-Feb 5-Mar No other details,or witns etc        
Jacquet Thomas St Kew Bachelor & Husbandman 1800 Kellow Priscilla St Kew Spinster 17-Aug 24-Aug 31-Oct Married 13 Sept Nich   Grose John Beer
Johns John St Tudy Yeoman 1807 Westlake Prudence St Kew Spinster       Married by Licence 9 Feb Mart West Mary Lilly
Jory John St Kew Miller 1790 Hocken Hester St Kew Spinster 14-Feb 21-Feb 28-Feb Married 1 Mar Nicholas Thomas John Beer
Jory John St Kew Bachelor 1790 Beer