Carl Victor Christiansen

(Viggo Marinus Christiansen)

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Research into the above Christiansen family, Odense, Denmark

Research is being conducted into the family of Carl Victor Christiansen, who stated he was born in Svendborg, Denmark on the 11th January 1904, and it is this identity by which he was known to his Australian family and friends.  However, as a result of archive searches and DNA testing, it is submitted that this person is Viggo Marinus Christiansen, born in Odense on 11th January 1903.

At some time, Carl Victor Christiansen assumed the given name of 'Vic'.  He was known to his Australian family, friends and workmates, as Vic, and he will be referred to as Vic on this website.  Whilst ‘Vic' is a common abbreviation for Victor, it could also be an adaption of the Danish pronunciation of 'Viggo'.

Further information relating to Vic and his family are listed on the following pages.

This is an ongoing research project that can only be progressed with the assistance of any person who may have knowledge of Vic/Viggo, or any member of his Danish family.

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