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These records of people who were born in Cornwall but died elsewhere have been contributed from their descendants around the globe. Very few Cornish families do not include family members who left Cornwall for other parts of the world.  Some headstones in the Cornish Cemeteries index are in fact dedicated to people who died far away from their native land.

I hope that the records contributed to this site will help in bridging gaps that might have arisen in research as a result of the "emigration factor".

If you would like to contribute records, please submit them to me by e-mail.  I am always happy to receive and include additional information, although sometimes it takes me a while to update the site. I also reserve the right to abbreviate any information you might submit to avoid taking up unnecessary space on both my hard drive and the site.  

The records are sorted alphabetically by surname. Women are listed under their married name but their maiden name is included if known.  

I am no longer maintaining a list of contacts because of the time involved in doing so and the potential for it to generate spam. An image with a link to the email address for contacts is now being added to each record as an alternative measure.  These are people who have submitted and/or indicated an interest in or relationship to the entry concerned and whom you should feel free to contact concerning their entry.  WAPI indicates an entry in the West Australian Pioneer Index which is on-line and searchable.

Cornwall to New Zealand tells the story of the eventful voyage of my great great grandparents, Christopher Berriman & Elizabeth Ann MARTIN (nee BRAY), and their 6 children from Cornwall to New Zealand in 1879. It describes the conditions in which our Cornish Ancestors travelled at that time and the hardships they sometimes endured.




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