Christopher Whitmore Family Tree

This link goes to William Glover, born about 1745, the earliest known Glover of my family. The foto here is old cottages, School Lane, Upholland from about 1830.

Fotos from Maxine Meiklejohn of family members both living, and some no longer with us.

Christopher Whitmore Family Tree and Genealogy

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For all of our relatives and ancestors that are no longer with us



It is from small acorns that large oak trees grow and the same can be said about my family tree. From knowing very little about my ancestors I am making the effort to try to build my family tree and am enjoying the pleasure of watching it grow and develop with a life all of its own. This site started out as my scrapbook of bits of family information that I could find, as early visitors will verify. Now it has grown into a web site visited by people from many parts of the world. Hopefully this site may help other people find their ancestry.

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One thing of note is that due to the month that various censuses where taken, and the actual month of birth of the relative, there may well be a discrepancy of 1 year concerning dates of birth, and sometimes more due to illiteracy and lack of numeracy.

Having used various genealogy sites for research and such, they all left me cold when trying to bring my ancestors back to life. Names and dates seem meaningless when just listed or placed into a chart. I hope that by understanding the circumstances and times in which these people lived, then I will understand the hardships and ordeals that they overcame and survived.

I am often asked that "if one in the chain of my ancesters was broken, then what are my chances of my being here ?" And I always answer that if you are reading this, your chances of being here are most certainly 100%.

If you are making your own ancestry tree, then do check your own sources. As much I try to be as accurate as I possibly can...I am not perfect!

This is the story of my continuing journey back into history. Enjoy

Recent Developments

Since starting the building of this website I have had contact with several cousins, aunties and members of my family that through the years that I thought I had lost, plus a few that I didn't know existed. Thank you all for your help in rekindling old friendships.

This site is now twice the size that I originally thought, it is now over 100 pages (and growing) with over 300 images to download and enjoy.

Latest Updates

Due to the number of people returning to this site, it seems only fair to start posting the latest updates and changes.

  • May 10 Ruth Glover...Live in Lover !
  • April 10 Corrections and additional records added
  • 26/03/10 William Glover Parentage discussion page here
  • 29/01/10 Hughes Family here
  • Nov/ Dec 09 Extension to Glover Family back to about 1745 here
  • Sept / Oct 09 New and Old fotos from Maxine Meiklejohn here
  • Sept 09 Corrections and additions made to the Lomas Family
  • 02/06/09 Additional Tree Charts added here
  • 17/05/09 Matthew Whitmore here
  • 27/04/09 Farrimond families of Standish pre 1830 charted here
  • 24/04/09 Aldred family - Ashton upon Mersey 1780-1870 approx here
  • About this site and it's people

    There are however certain rules that I must obey here...there are to be no facts other than those on public record (date of birth etc.) about anyone still living as law suits and scandals are not part of this mission, not that there would ever be any of course!

    If any family member would like their records to be erased from here, then that is no problem at all as there is no intention to offend nor to provide info that assists in identity theft.

    For the more significant persons in my tree and where I can find information, I hope to have separate pages. Time alone will show how this develops.

    For those interested, all enlarged images, census records etc. may be saved to your computer by using right click and the "save as" function. Some of these images are quite large and may take time to open depending on the speed of your internet connection and computer.

    This is a forever ongoing project and pages will most certainly be added and changed over time and then possibly again, as more information is obtained. I make no apologies for omissions and I will do my best to correct any inaccuracies that any viewers of this site may point out. Credit is due and hopefully given to all the sources of my information.

    My sole objective here is to bring my history to life, not for you but for me. I hope that I succeed and you are most welcome to join me on my journey.

    Someone recently said to me that it doesn't matter about ancestry, but if it were not for the efforts and struggles of all of these hundreds of people then I, my family and my offspring would not be here today. I sincerely believe that we owe our ancestors something more than to be just forgotten.

    Although it is not possible to trace every member, I hope that I succeed in following the ancestry of the major boughs and branches of my tree.


    There are, and always will be, new connections to be made and improvements to be made to the various pages, regular visitors may actually see this process in action. As such this project will never be totally completed. As I said, a work in progres ! Then I may go about correcting spulling mistakes. Some pages will change now in the process of tidying up and improving layout.

    For those interested, the 1911 census is now available online.

    If this site helps anyone in compiling their family tree then do email me, better still...sign the guestbook and say hello... you never know, we may be family!

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    Site Last Corrected and Updated 15/05/2010